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  1. Cool, I thought "Tonnura" was some random name that never got used again, lol. The Japanese version is a lot more religious than the American version - the Save guys are priests with crosses in their hands who mention God's blessing, the old man who asks you for the time is wondering if you believe in God (and accuses you of being Hargon's servants if you answer no, lmao) and so on. It is also more "dark" in certain contexts, like for example "Hork" is simply "Rotten Corpse", and Jena's boyfriend is wishing that Jena could forgive him for something, so he was possibly unfaithful to her.
  2. I usually play these games in Japanese, and one thing that I always found slightly annoying was that Prince and Princess will often get names with the so-called dakuten and handakuten markers (which are basically symbols that are similar to " an ° and are placed on the upper right of a Kana character in order to turn them into voiced sounds etc). The reason why this is annoying is because they take up their own character space, rather than being part of the character that they modify, which they should be. So I actually decided to figure out exactly how Hero's name affected the characters' names, largely with the help of this site, which unfortunately seems to not exist any longer: http://sutton-kyouwa.com/cgi-bin/dq2.cg Anyway, that site allowed you to choose the Kana characters for the Hero's name, and this would show you the names for Prince and Princess. I sat an played around with this for a couple hours, and eventually I started to notice a pattern; I believe it had something to do with the Kana characters having certain multiple values that were added together or something like that, and certain total values resulted in certain names for Prince and Princess - it was something like that. I also managed to figure out what four-character name you should pick for Hero in order to avoid those pesky dakuten symbols: Nakarai This name will give the names "Tonnura" and "Airin" for Prince and Princess, which are names without dakuten markers and also contain exactly four characters, so they fill out their entire name windows as well. The name "Nakarai" actually even kind of makes sense, because "naka-rai" can be translated as "center-thunder", which could mean that Hero has the spirit of thunder dwelling inside him and that this spirit is brought forth in the Thunder Sword, his most powerful weapon. Obviously this interpretation is a bit far-fetched, but it is at least somewhat logical. Anyway, I am not sure if anyone else has even been thinking of this, but if you ever found those dakuten markers annoying, then choose the name "Nakarai" for Hero.
  3. I am not a very big fan of random encounters, since I find them quite annoying. I generally prefer when the monsters are visible, and a few examples of games that in my opinion pulled this off very well are "Zelda 2: The Adventure Of Link" and "Secret Of Mana"; "Chrono Trigger" also handled this pretty well most of the time, although that game also had occasional "random encounters" since some enemies would hide at set locations at ambush the player - however, you can memorize those places so that you know exactly when they will happen. Still, several of my favourite RPGs use random encounters, like "Final Fantasy 6", "Dragon Quest 5" and "Star Ocean: The Second Story".
  4. I am aware that you can turn a Goof-Off into a Sage without the Book of Satori, but how good will such a Sage actually become? I mean, the Goof-Off's stats are pretty terrible, and the only strong point about that class is Luck. So, what does this mean for a future Sage's strength potential?
  5. Ah yes, you're right about it being 25 in the NES version. I also found it somewhat irritating that it didn't protect against the barrier floors; there are lots of floors like that in Hargon's Castle which are very annoying, and having to cast Stepguard like 3 times at the very beginning just because it stops working every time you enter a new room always bothered me a little bit. Sometimes I don't even bother casting it if there are only a few barrier tiles, and heal myself with Shield of Strength during the next battle instead, lol.
  6. I just started a new game in Dragon Warrior 3 for the NES, and as always, I just picked the standard party of a Soldier, Pilgrim and Wizard. However, I am going to change these guys into other Classes after I have learned all the useful spells etc, and this is what I have in mind right now: Soldier > Fighter Pilgrim > Soldier Wizard > Pilgrim ...and then I will arrange the new party into Soldier/Fighter/Pilgrim, and possibly also change the final Pilgrim into a Sage later on. Do you think all of this is a good idea?
  7. Another thing that makes Prince's inability to equip Sword of Erdrick even more ridiculous is that he is even a descendant of Erdrick - heck, all the characters are closely related to Erdrick, so it would make sense if they were able to use his equipment, at least Prince, who is supposed to be some kind of fighter. I always thought that at least the sword should be kind of like the Masamune in Final Fantasy 1 - that is, a sword that could be used by any character. But at least the Magic Armor was a decent upgrade from the Chain Mail, since it did provide a significant increase in Defense (from 12 to 35) and also protected against fire floors.
  8. I actually finished the game this morning (my Levels were 30/28/23, I think), and I found Prince's attacks to be somewhat alright at that point (I had bought a Falcon Sword for both Hero and Prince), although he was still rather pathetic against the final boss. My Hero would at least deal frequent damage in the 30-40 DMG region when I had reduced Malroth's Defense as much as possible, but Prince was still dealing pathetic single-digit damage, so I had him throw Increase a few times instead and then just stand around and throw Shield of Strength all the time and basically absorb damage. It turned out that Hero's attacks and Princess' HealAll was all I needed in order to survive and win.
  9. I agree that Prince and Princess had horrible equipment selection; however, I don't feel it was too bad, I usually found good ways to use them in most situations. Obviously Hero will be attacking pretty much every round and is definitely the most physically powerful character, but Prince and Princess can be quite useful in most situations. I like to use Prince for finishing off weakened enemies, and also for regular FireBane-spamming - and I actually always thought Prince got a lot of useful spells. He can use Heal right when you first get him, and then he learns Antidote a little while later, and both of those spells are highly useful at that point, while you are most likely still training around Leftwyne. And he is also the first one to learn Stepguard, and at the end of the game he is very valuable for his Return and Revive spells. Princess' main job is usually to keep using Staff of Thunder, and of course heal people whenever necessary. And at the end of the game she rocks with HealAll and Explodet.
  10. Thanks, yeah as far as I know the Cloak of Evasion tends to be a very good piece of armor in this series (my experience of Dragon Quest is chiefly the first five games, from DW1 to DQ5, plus a few hours of DQ6). I remember it being a pretty big deal in Dragon Warrior 3 as well, at least when you first get it. Kind of a pity that the Mink Coat isn't more useful though, the price sort of indicates that it should be a fantastic armor with many beneficial effects and whatnot, but it's pretty much just some random armor with slightly better Defense and no special effects at all. One effect that could have been really cool, and that would have certainly justified the horrendous price, is if this armor restored some MP if you used it as an item - kind of like a permanent Wizard's Ring. This may seem like it would make the game too easy, but I think the game would still be quite challenging, and you almost deserve a special effect like that if you are expected to pay 65,000 Gold, especially in this already super-hard game.
  11. I believe my first DW game was the Japanese version of the first game (Dragon Quest 1) maybe 10 years ago, and I checked it out because I knew that the series had been an inspiration for the Final Fantasy games (one of my favourite series), but at that point I quickly lost interest in it because I didn't like how all the characters always faced the player, and I definitely didn't like that you actually had to specify a direction whenever you wanted to talk to a character (for example, "West" if a character was to your left, etc). But then I found the American translation and found that one more appealing, and I quickly got hooked since I have always found the kind of level-grinding that you do in the beginning of the game kind of addictive (collecting money, learning new spells etc). Then I went back to the Japanese version and got used to that one as well, and after that I kinda wanted to check out all the games, and then I started playing them in order, continuing with Dragon Warrior 2 and then working my way up, and so far I have finished DW1, DW2 and DW4, and made it very far in DW3 and DQ5. So far, I think DW3 and DQ5 are the best games, and DW4 would probably be my favourite DW game for the NES if it wasn't for the annoying AI system in Chapter 5.
  12. I am aware that the Magic Armor is widely considered his best armor that can be obtained by "normal" means (I don't count the extra Water Flying Clothes since getting two of that armor is considered a glitch), since it protects against fire floors and apparently also reduces the damage from certain spells; but is there ever a point when the Mink Coat is more useful? What about the bosses in Hargon's Castle, for example? Do they ever use spells whose damage can be reduced by the Magic Armor, or is the Mink Coat more useful there? I kinda want to find a good use for it, since it is so brutally expensive (65,000 Gold, wow).
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