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  1. South Park didn't need to be particularly clever to at least be funny. Iggy is right that going through this repetitive drama of a season is pretty painful, not because the SP guys are not choosing the "right" targets as some want to think, but that it isn't even trying to be funny anymore. Humor is subjective but this is terrible. Even when I thought their global warming position was ignorant I at least liked the episodes. Their focus now seems to be to stay topical enough from week to week to stay sort of relevant I guess. Whether it works or not. But if you don't like it, don't watch. Best advice on how to deal with it. And of course the video game looks better than the show at this point by a mile. Go buy that.
  2. RIP 3DS 2/DS 3. The beauty of your design was too great for this world.

    1. gooieooie


      Nintendo confirmed back in June both the 3DS and Wii U will continue support after the Switch's reveal.

    2. En Garde

      En Garde

      I am not lamenting the lack of support for the 3DS, I am lamenting what could have been, but never will be.

  3. I would say more annoyed that the "they make fun of everyone" meme is still the only thing that is often said about the show when it doesn't apply at all in this case. Tray and Matt can be Clinton supporters if they choose, or at least against a Trump candidacy, but they can't be impartial and "above the fray" at the same time. Ignasia7, have you stopped watching all together? You are noticeably absent. I wish I knew how to tag people.
  4. If that were the case, why is Turd Sandwich nothing but her real life self while Giant Douche is still being played by Garrison in the most over the top manner? Even going as far as to repeat the same media spin that Giant Douche has no idea what he will do if he became President and should purposefully lose the election. They make the choice as stark as possible without outright saying it, but Randy is obviously in the right. They don't give you much room to draw your own conclusions. Previous election themed episodes used school elections as allegories to make their point. Last season I could appreciate what they were doing even if it meant a softer, gentler South Park was on the way, but I can get this kind of Giant Douche parody from any of the late night hosts, but with more psychological nuance. This is just trite and boring.
  5. It is odd that the show is all but outright saying we should eat the turd sandwich this time. Which is different from their previous stance to stay out of divisive presidential politics and kind of goes against their overall message that not choosing between two evils is a perfectly rational decision.
  6. So this season we are two episodes in, and it is terrible. It's as if they are trying to repeat the suspense of last season's mystery but with a much weaker troll story for the entire season. Continuity between episodes the last few seasons has been great but this is the wrong way to go about it. The dramatic twists last episode were not only obvious but not even kind of funny. Meanwhile, PC Principal is off on the sidelines and not involved in these events. Why keep him around if you aren't going to use him for comedy? Whether you liked last season or not, I think it is safe to say this one just took a major nosedive it may not be able to recover from.
  7. If they mess with the classic soundtrack I remember, I'm not sure if I want to buy it. That's how important it is to me. I'm on the fence if it happens, would have to listen to the new soundtrack first.
  8. If you're good enough to stand out from the 100s of thirsty dudes messaging any somewhat attractive woman on any given dating site, you are probably good enough to get dates in the wild outdoors. I'm not saying it can't work for people as we have a living anecdote right here, just understand the odds are very much against you.
  9. I've never seen what's necessary about the Zelda lore personally. The same people reincarnate hundreds of times and the games subtly connect to each other if you really stretch things like how different the geography of Hyrule is portrayed. Telling a great story that stands on its own is more important than having the right amount of easter eggs.
  10. Online flames will rage across every internet forum to decide if Wolf Link is considered canon to this game or not.
  11. I know Nintendo has had many troubles lately so I'm not going to pick on them too much, but doesn't this strike you as less of an exciting feature to advertise the new game and more like something that should have been patched into the other 3DS entries? Even if it took a few months before being implemented, people paid enough for these quick ports and the Pokemon Bank to at least give them the most basic of functionality.
  12. What is so exciting about the same game you already played with tropical backgrounds?
  13. I can't wait to find out how long they are delaying the Wii U version for a launch title I will never buy.
  14. Not to be against new things, but I don't think that VR is where it needs to be to become more than an extremely niche market. I don't doubt that as the technology improves and the price of the equipment goes down it will gain traction as people get bored of gaming, which is already happening to a degree. But being an early adopter sounds like it will be a bad time once the games dry up, and the games that are released will mostly be simplistic as we have seen signs of with the cockpit simulators. Remember when motion controls were a necessary thing or 3D was going to be standard outside of a movie theater add on? VR combines elements of both.
  15. I don't think it was perfected honestly. Spider-Man doesn't swing back and forth at such sharp angles or constantly crash into buildings. I think the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle where the player feels like they have control over where Spider-Man goes and his speed but the animations during swing transitions feel like Spider-Man and not a ragdoll physics simulator.
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