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  1. the thing is that I want to start a new game, but the online content worries me a bit, my brother also has the game and i have a flashcard, so getting another game for tagging is not a problem and I've heard you can unlock all the online locked quests if you play with another game that already has them, is that true ? can you unlock the other online stuff like that ? I know the shop is dead, but maybe the special/historical guests or something...
  2. images would be great. You have to upload them first to imgur.com or other image hosting site (even facebook) and then copy the url on the image tab. Anyway, it sound pretty fake-y to me...
  3. OHHH That's it !. but... what was item exchange ? using the dracky friend to exchange 2 items for a new one ? Anyways, i'll figure it out, thank you A LOT.
  4. that's a lead, i guess...
  5. So, I finally managed to play this game, it's pretty good ! and quite easy, like the ds and gba games. i even got half thru the game without even knowing japanese, but then, the ninja metal slimes (from the previous games) give you "missions", and if you want to continue you have to complete them. And I dont know what they want me to do because I dont know japanese.(I barely know english, lol) actually got one down, beat the first boss again, but i cant do the other 2... anyone know what these tasks are ? i even got screens of the game in japanese if anyone know how to translate th
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