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  1. if you teach 4th graders thats awesome .... just teach better than my 4th grade teacher ... he was HORRIBLE worst year of my life
  2. so does merc. thrust hit wildcard without activating counteractivist
  3. btw khalamari has stas that are better than many giants but he has no double trouble or tg or tt
  4. Mage moves his wisdom is almost 900 And I don't want wildcard to kill me
  5. Thanks So considering my options my skills will be Khalamari - bang & zam3 or thunderwind slashes - champion - whack ward - uber attack - über health For the rest I don't know for sure
  6. well rhapthorne has the best healing stats in the game 999 wisdom, mp, & agility and i didn't say he was bad but in other forums people aren't recommending him so it seemed like a lot of people thinks he's not worth it.
  7. good point -hargon seems overlooked bcause he makes zoma and other good stuff -dhoulmagus also seems overlooked because psaro and alabast dragon are considered "better" and rhapthorne form 1 is way better
  8. i finally got sagittar

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    2. CoarseDragon


      I think Sagittar is better than Aquarion.

    3. Destructor526


      Double Trouble makes up for that. I was going to make overkilling machine an attacker, but decided to make him a healer.

    4. Alextachiba


      test it with my canzar!!

  9. exorsus is a good idea uber dark dynamiter is not very useful compared to uber mage and zapologist for leonyx i'll wait till i can tag my captain crow again (though now i have 5) and i still don't have the pm
  10. oh i didn't know that so i'll use empyrea instead
  11. omniheal is costlybut with magic regen it works +miracle slash & steady recovery i might replace crusader with empyrea then for megaheal+comeback kid
  12. i kinda unsure about his skill tree i think -crusader -abilerator ward -whack ward -uber mage -uber wisdom whack ward is better than uber health in my opinion so that's what i fixed where's the pm w/ estarks skills?
  13. i know i love the duel duelers skill tree
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