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  1. And yet the controls are terrible to handle on a device that small. You practically need a tablet to not feel overwhelmed while playing them.This is why I don't really care much for mobile ports. Sent from my XT1528 using Tapatalk I play one-handed, easy peasy.
  2. I tried them on an iPad Air 2 and I ain't impressed. You can move the control pad to make it more usable, but the written text in IV/V/VI is pixelated and kinda ugly. These games look good on iPhones and the like, and that's it. Also, portrait only on tablets too.
  3. Bluestacks works really well with the Zenithian trilogy. With VIII, it suffers a bit, though. My PC got really hot when I tried.
  4. We'll have something to do every Thursday from now on, I believe. Or is it time to make Japanese accounts?
  5. It's not really made of water, but my favourite is the Strongylokrotaphus from DQV. I mean, what the hell is it?
  6. Another interesting way is what they did for Chrono Trigger - visible monsters, but you can't really avoid them.
  7. The Dread Lair in DQ6. The whole continent with Argonia in it in DQ8. Knightmare Towers in DQ5. The Royal Crypt in DQ4, for the liquid metal slime bonanza. The isle of Luzami in DQ3.
  8. You can find Kingoo in the Stairway to Zenithia, but low encounter rates make him a difficult catch, even with Musk. You could also try to snatch some metal king swords at the casino.
  9. There's slimes in both series, you know. (Slurp). But those in DQ are better.
  10. In DQ6 I put Curie the slurping Cureslime in the lead, and the main hero isn't even in the main party, because I used the AI-controlled tactics for class grinding to save some time. In DQ8 it's Jessica because she's worth looking at. In DQ5, especially in the 2nd generation, I make a second party with characters equipped with Poison Needles for metal hunting, usually with the wife in the lead, or maybe Gootrude.
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