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  1. Woo I am finally subbed to DQX!! Now I can finally get back to working on my English quest guide, along with having tons of awesome fun!
  2. Just completed the Tutorial area of the offline story and have uploaded it to YouTube. I'll be streaming and uploading the rest of the extended offline campaign later today and in the coming days/weeks. Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I am playing it!
  3. I can most definitely do all of the above, and I hope its satisfactory to anyone who watches it. I'm going over the ReadMe a few times just so I don't miss anything crucial. Better safe then sorry right?
  4. When I get through the ReadMe of this awesome translation project and and apply it, would any of you be apposed to me streaming this translation patch on Twitch? I thought it would be best if I asked for permission before going off and doing so without thinking.
  5. Woo I can now stream Dragon Quest X ! I had an issue with my OBS having some kind of graphical error that would appear randomly and quite frequently in combat. I found out that running OBS through steam(to let my friends know I'm streaming) was what was causing the odd graphical error. Not sure why that would cause the errors, but meh at least I know how to fix it. During Kid's Time last night I went back to Tote in the Weddie town to increase my inventory to 40 slots. I also was streaming the game and letting people see how I go about completing quests, since I don't know a lick of Japan
  6. I've decided to make some separate Google doc links to make navigating to certain quests a bit easier, sorted by a certain Theme, like Classes, Story, Inventory and the like. There might not be very many links for now but, I'll be adding more as I get around to those quests, so I hope everyone enjoys the shorter more focused guides along with the much bigger more complete guide above. Story Extra Story Classes Inventory Misc
  7. I'm having a blast on so far on DQX !! Yesterday I got some help from Clare( you are ) in unlocking the Superstar job, along with unlocking the Magic Labyrinth(and the one thing not to use while in there ) .Thanks again for all the help everyone gave me yesterday. as the night was winding down I decided to travel on over to the 2nd Weddie castle town and start the next Emblem story line while picking up the Magic Knight class along the way . I'll be finishing those up either later today or tomorrow.
  8. N'cha everyone! I was suggested by MKVarana that i should see if I can't join you guys on the Team . My character info in the game is: in game Name : ã‹ã«ã = Kaniki and my ID is : QG016-470 I Play as a Female Dwarf, and I'm currently a level 42 Item Master with a very trust worthy Mettapi
  9. Just got a 7th Emblem today O.o I thought there was only 6! The 7th Emblem I got was the Red emblem from Gartland. That fat ogre knight made me laugh so much! I also just hit level 42, and now I'm decked out in all level 42 gear(minus the helm)!
  10. Just recently hit level 42 today and outfitted myself with some new gear!
  11. Well I did a ton of stuff today in DQX !! I went from level 20 Item Master to level 38. I got all 6 Emblems, increased my inventory to 30, and got Monster Tamer unlocked. so all an all I got a lot done
  12. While I was fiddling about on the DQX trial I was wracking my brain on the bad google translation engrish while completing quests. So I thought it might be useful to others if there was a guide that shows how to do quests from start to finish in a step by step fashion with English text and in-game pictures. I made a Google Doc recently and added the Quests# I remember completing to it. I'll be slowly updating the Guide as I progress through the game. I may have quite a few incomplete quests in the guide at times, but that's mostly due to not knowing what to write or forgetting to take so
  13. Strange, cause I don't get that error when trying to do the older All-in-One bundle with just Ver.1 and Ver.2, should I grab what I get with that as well? Edit: Never mind I get the same error on that version too now
  14. 下記ã®æƒ…å ±ã‚’å…¥åŠ›ã—ã¦æ¬¡ã®ãƒšãƒ¼ã‚¸ã¸ãŠé€²ã¿ãã ã•ã„。 ã¯å¿…é ˆé …ç›®ã§ã™ã€‚å¿…ãšå…¥åŠ›ã—ã¦ãã ã•ã„。 本人èªè¨¼å®Ÿè¡Œä¸å¯ã€åˆã¯æœ¬äººèªè¨¼å¤±æ•—ã«ã‚ˆã‚Šæ±ºæ¸ˆãŒã§ãã¾ã›ã‚“ã§ã—ãŸã€‚クレジットカードå–引ãŒæˆç«‹ã—ãªã„ã®ã§ã€ä»–ã®æ±ºæ¸ˆæ‰‹æ®µã«ã‚ˆã‚‹æ±ºæ¸ˆã‚’検討ãã ã•ã„。 (GE12000000000000) I hope that helps
  15. As I was trying to pre-order the new DQX All-in-One I keep getting this error after I hit the Check Out button. Can anyone tell me whats going wrong?
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