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  1. Sorry if posting in this thread again causes any kind of problem. I had some questions that would have been a bit too long to type in the in game chat and I didn't want to make a new topic just for these few questions. 1st. Is there any kind of guide or map to where items and resources can be collected in the fields? I've given up looking for any kind of map on areas in the game with google since most every link or answer is for dragon quest 9. 2nd. It may seem simple but I wasn't able to get it, how do I take any kind of screenshot in dragon quest x pc? I've tried the printscreen button with
  2. I'll probably do that. I'm still trying to figure some things out by going through the menus, but not being able to read them isn't helping much. I might not be able to chat with anyone ingame as I'm still trying to figure that out.
  3. Thank you for the information. I am probably starting the online part now. I'll probably need help, but I hope to be able to play with everyone.
  4. When I get to the online part and make my character I want to be a martial artist and use a staff, but what does each one say for picking a class to start?
  5. Hooray! I got things to work and am now starting the offline part. I'm at the character creation screen without much of a clue about what everything says. I can use google translate to get Almas in japanese for the name, right?
  6. It is logged in with the black text box where I log in. The launcher doesn't seem to work when I have proxycap on with the rules on. I'm trying to see how to get proxifier to work right now. Also, this might not have anything to do with this but I've tried the check proxy option in proxycap and every check failed. Edit: OK, proxifier seems to work. Now I can log in but it shows some text then closes it out after it get's past the log in to a new window. I'll see if I can get a picture of it if it will help. As I can't take the picture right from my files and post it here I'll try logging i
  7. Whenever I have the boot.exe checked in the rules then it shows a popup in japanese whenever I try to start the launcher and it just closes it out. When I have the launcher.exe checked it won't show the log in thing when the launcher is open. Just where did I go wrong here?
  8. Hmmm. I think I set everything up right. I have the putty program and proxycap, but for proxycap I'm not sure which programs to add to the rules and which ones not to. That could be the reason I keep getting some yellow message in japanese whenever I try to log onto the game through the launcher. It might be something else too if I missed anything. Can someone tell me which programs to add into the proxycap rules or help me find out if I messed up somewhere?
  9. The tutorial used in the guide is for proxycap, but what about one for proxifier? Or should I just use proxycap instead to go along with the guide?
  10. Alright, I've got the account and the game so now I'll try to get the vpn. After that I'll do the entering game keys and adding a subscription and whatever else I need to do. I'll probably ask questions about the vpn stuff.
  11. The game seems to have finished installing and updating. I'm now going through making a japanese square enix account and with the address, I can just use the address of a hotel that I found on qoogle right? Also, for google translating a name to japanese, I can use the same text for both name input areas or is there a different way for each? Sorry for all the questions.
  12. OK, I can install it then and get rid of the popup message. Just wondering though, which program do I run first? It has 3, one named setup, the ver.1 installer, and the ver.2 installer. Also, do I need to change any settings on my computer before running any of these? Like switching to Japanese local or anything. Edit: OK, never mind about the program thing. It seems that the setup just shows which one to install first. Once the install things are done I'll try to make a jp square enix account and then the vpn.
  13. Well, I was able to buy it and download it and now it wants to know if I want to install it now. Should I do that or do I need the vpn or jp square enix account for it? The tenso thing didn't seem to matter much as I was able to get it, but maybe it's only for when something is actually shipped to me. I just hope no problems come out now.
  14. Thank you for all the information, but now I'm unsure on where to start. I'll likely have more questions about the AWS and proxifier but I'll leave that for after I can get the game and a jp square enix account. For the digital download thing on amazon.co.jp, I have a tenso account with an adress, but will the new need for identity verification that tenso has be any trouble for a digital download or will I need to do that first?
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