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  1. I found the truth to what Prince Charmles really is... He is the Pre-Curser to death!
  2. Have a few fans to add to the list for Red: Steller Fan = Rainbow Fan + Highly-Strung Cheese + Silver Tiara Lunar Fan = Steller Fan + Full Moon Ring + Gold Rosary Solar Fan = Lunar Fan + Flame Shield + Magma Staff
  3. I found a very nice helmet for Yangus: Dogsbody's Helmet = Coral Hairpin + Tough Guy Tattoo + Bandana There is also some late game upgrades to claws with Ethereal stones
  4. I try to think of what the puns might mean, but they make no sense at all. It makes me wonder if they are localization mistakes that they just never corrected/updated cause its such a small obscure thing.
  5. Hey Hey Platty Your resident speedrunner here, just checking in with my proof of beating the game. I've finished three times so far, but I'll post a video of my first complete speedrun as proof. The ending credits is at the very end of the video. Linking my twitch.tv profile as usual! -Highspirits -https://www.twitch.tv/videos/118144502 Thank you!
  6. There are randomizer hacks of Dragon Warrior 1 through 4. Some of them just swap things like chests and enemies, others like Dragon Warrior 1 even randomizes the world map.
  7. How long did your initial run of DQ7 3DS take? I'd see some people retweet some of your tweets about hitting milestones in the game. I finished my 1st play through around 34 hours, and finished all content about 45. I was taking my time reading dialogue lol. I've begun looking into the speedrun already, I hope to have something to work with in he next couple weeks.
  8. I honestly don't know which game I've beaten the most. I have speedrun all of the main games over the past couple years, so I've beaten each game dozens of times, if not hundreds of some of them. dragon Quest 7 will always be my favorite, and probably the one I spent the most time playing overall, since the game is so long.
  9. Thanks, I almost remember all of it lol. I'm gonna attempt it again in 6 months after I've had time to learn the fast ways to beat 1 and 3 Especially since I know I can last almost 3 days now
  10. I've never seen a twitch, I'll have to check it out. 3DS? Did you capture card or just video camera or what? Twitch is a video game streaming website. I have a 3DS with capture card installed, so I can capture video/audio from it. Kinda pricey to do, but considering what I stream its worth it for me.
  11. Oh sure I'll get into this! I completed the game a couple days ago. I'll post a link of my twitch highlight of the final area. https://www.twitch.tv/highspirits/v/90823335 If you want to speed to the credits, they take place about 1 hour in. The twitch channel name is Highspirits, which matches my Dens username. Can also verify myself @highspirits_1 on twitter if need be!
  12. I'd still buy it if it came out on PSX, gotta collect 'em all!
  13. As someone who speedruns 10 Dragon Quest games, I can honestly say the RNG is insane in all of them in different ways. The problem with DQ7 is the shear length, its hours longer than the next DQ game, and almost the entire run hinges on surviving through Dharma... and the final boss. I don't really know how the remake is balanced yet. Awhile back I looked into the 3DS version a little, but not much. All I noticed is they basically changed all the exploits we use in a speedrun and made the game several hours longer. That turned me off a little from wanting to speedrun it, but later this
  14. This is the 2nd year we've done it, so I'd expect another one next April again
  15. Sneaky sneaky sneaky. Cool hope all goes well. I'm working on my notes now to kill the 4 spirits in about 22-24 hours. Gonna try that run in the next couple weeks
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