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  1. I never found them that good early on in the original, except for Poisoned Needle abuse against Bomb Crags. That trick won't work in this hack, though. It's a matter of opinion whether early game Wizard is worthwhile, I suppose. But they were definitely super good later on in the original game. I'm really only referring to the Blaze to Bang range for Wizards, once they have Firebane they remain strong for the rest of the game. Blaze and Bang always felt pretty weak to me, and Fireball seemed like it was learned pretty late. Anyway, hope ya like it!
  2. Fighter -> Soldier is still a solid approach. The time between Kanave and getting the boat was the period in the game (in vanilla) where using Soldier felt particularly weak compared to Fighter, so I did move some of their late game strength and vitality growth to that level range to compensate. Full Plate Armor is also drastically improved compared to the original. I still tend to prefer Fighter or Merchant, myself, just for the gold saving, but Soldier definitely works fine. Merchant's advantages in this same level range are being able to use the Wizard Staff, which is a free cast of Fireball, and being able to wear Flashy Clothes, which has 1/4 evade compared to 1/5 on Cloak of Evasion, along with slightly better defense. They also have their traveler perks, very high luck, and serve as a middle ground between soldier's HP and fighter's agility.
  3. 2*level would have probably been a bit much. Aside from the bonus defense, Soldier gets some really nice endgame gear (albeit much of this gear is unique, so additional soldiers won't be quite as good), so they hold up pretty well. In the original game, there wasn't really much reason to take one over a Fighter, imo, so they needed a bit of a helping hand.
  4. Ah, I meant "defense" in a more general sense. They get a bit less HP than in the original. Though actually their expanded EQ selection means they have more access to defense, evasion, and resistance than in the original game, so I guess it's misleading to suggest that they have lower defeses than vanilla. But the defense on heavy armor has been upgraded substantially and Soldier now gets a level/2 defense bonus, so it isn't like this EQ boost put them ahead of other classes defensively, either. So I guess basically: fighters will *feel* frailer than the original game, because the increase in difficulty makes their defensive weaknesses stand out more. Edit: I re-worded the Fighter description to be more accurate.
  5. Yeah, they are a pretty formidable combatant now, with traveler perks to boot! Heyhey, Saigan! Hope you get a chance to check it out! Though I could see how you might need a DW3 break after this past Memorial Day. Addendum: I changed the class/eq/item list links to spoilers instead as it seemed more user friendly.
  6. A childhood favorite that I have modified to suit my present day tastes. This hack has been around for about a year or two, but only recently received the last update I see myself making to it for awhile. In general, it increases the game's difficulty, re-balances classes and equipment, and adds some new features. Here's a breakdown of some of the game's bigger changes: Additional Info: Class Changes: Weapon Changes: Armor Changes Item Drop List Download Links can be found in either of these locations: http://www.insanedifficulty.com/board/index.php?/files/file/73-dragon-warrior-3-hardtype http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1738/ Youtube Videos from a playthrough of the hack can be viewed here:
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