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  1. So... Will we actually fight humans in this, and not just monster versions of them like the Gittish Empire in DQ9? Has that ever happened before in one of these games? The PS4 version looks great! If they decide not to bring it over here, I'll fly over to Japan to personally kick the CEO of Square Enix in the balls
  2. Talos, Skeledoid and Octurion are the best IMO. They beat A and S in one try when I did it.It looked a little hairy at some stages, but Octurion's Full Heal let them roll over all the other teams.
  3. I'm 16, so I guess I'm not that much older than you. DQV is my favourite too (I played it for the first time recently), I even made a thread gushing about the game (it really is the king!). My first DQ was IX, and I think I would have been 9 or 10 when it came out. Since then, I've played I-III , V, VII and VIII, and I've loved every minute of it.
  4. It's full price in America? I just ordered it from Amazon UK for £33. DQVII 3DS was £35, and AAA games usually cost £50. Minecraft still is pretty much half the price though, and Terraria's even less, so I can't argue with you on that.
  5. Lots of characters before I found out they were just generic models in the next tablet. I thought Hadid was going to join me for sure.
  6. Grottos are far superior IMO. From what I've seen so far, tablet bosses are just big versions of an enemy in the tablet, whereas DQIX had tons of grotto bosses. They also seem to be made up from parts of the game (I'm not sure what's going on there, but I could swear one of my tablets is just Rainbow Mine, it even has the one room with 4 paths from the middle), so I feel like it'll start to grate on me as I play more and more of them, because I'll just end up feeling like I'm playing the same dungeons over and over again.
  7. I'm honestly not too confident. In fact, my confidence in a western release is so lacking that I'm actually considering importing it, which will be the first time I've ever done that for any game. It's a real shame too, I think it looks awesome, and it seems to have a better cast than the first (not that DQH had a bad cast, it's just that Maribel is my favourite character).
  8. I've decided to pre-order the game, so I'll be getting it on Friday (it releases on the 14th here). I'm kind of looking forward to it now, and I really want to support support the series so that they'll release DQXI. I initially thought it was just a minecraft clone, but after watching some reviews and learning that you have to do things like put up defences and arm the villagers, I'm pretty excited for it.
  9. I picked up a little game called Dragon Quest V for the DS last week, and I'd like to say... This is the best DQ I've played! I've played I, II, III, VII, VIII and IX to completion, and this is definitely my favourite one. Granted, I haven't beat the game yet (I'm just about to fight the final boss), and nothing short of the cartridge leaping out of its slot, spouting legs and kicking me in the balls could ruin my enjoyment of this. The monster taming mechanic is one of the coolest things I've seen in any traditional JRPG, and is something I hope to see more of in the series' future. It effectively allows for all types of combinations of party, with an infinite number of characters to level up (grinding is, oddly enough, my favourite part of JRPGs). The story is way more powerful (imo) than the more lighthearted ones in DQVIII and DQIX, which makes the game, in my experience, far more gripping. I feel compelled to avenge Pankraz and Mada, and kill Nimzo far more so than defeating Corvus or Orgodemir. The addition of the marriage options and the twins gives the game a more personal feeling, and the idea of leading my wife and two kids into hell to slay the devil is a really cool one. Just simple things like naming the kids, and the kids having different hair colours depending on what wife I picked (I picked Debora, and her party chats have been awesome) really helped me to feel a connection to this game, which was something I felt was somewhat lacking in VII, which was the last game I played. The game found new ways to surprise me at every turn. I was shocked by the death of Pankraz and the selling of the hero into slavery, things I previously thought would be too brutal to include in a Dragon Quest game. I was shocked again when the hero's wife was kidnapped just as the kids were born, and again when they were turned to stone, as I naively thought they might finally give the hero a break. The appearance of Bjorn was really cool too, and seeing him burst out of his prison and advance towards you across the sea was probably one of the most memorable moments I've had in a Dragon Quest game. The modes of transport were great too. I thought the magic carpet would be the final one, so I was surprised to see you could fly an entire castle, and again when you flew the Zenith Dragon (Dr.Agon!). The death of Pankraz really aided my connection to this game later on, and I took great delight in slaying Kon, Slon and Ladja, particularly after their taunting. I felt a hatred for Ladja that I've never felt for a villain in a JRPG, and the twist of Nimzo murdering Mada makes me want to destroy him too. Are the other games in the Zenithian Trilogy as strong as this one? I was thinking about ordering DQIV and DQVI for the DS too, not only to finish off the main series (I would have gotten around to doing that anyway), but to see if they can stand up to DQV, seeing as I've seen lots of people on this site swearing by IV. Regardless, I'm somewhat doubtful that any other DQ game (or perhaps any other JRPG for that matter?) can stand up to this masterpiece. If I were to assign a numerical value to my enjoyment of this game, it'd be sure to get 10/10.
  10. Personally, I'll likely go for the 3DS version if/when this comes to Europe, just because it would make it easier for me to fit in time to play. If the two versions actually turn out to be different, I'll probably grab the PS4 version too.
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