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  1. I was under the impression before I started that I'd have some regular players, or at least more than two people trying to come in regularly. What I've gotten so far is like half an hour of actual play every few hours; mostly, I've ended up doing a lot of waiting; there are long periods of absolutely nothing happening. It's boring, and I could be doing Mario 3 runs or something instead of waiting for hours for someone to decide they feel like coming in and playing. I said I was going to do this, and I'm darn well trying, because I'm a man of my word. But the fact of the matter is that hardly any of you are actually making your way in and playing. Erdrick and Baramos are in periodically, and I appreciate that, but I can't expect them to shoulder 100% of the burden of playing this game. Woodus himself was even in last night and actually played some; I wish I could have showed him that others were active, but they just aren't for the most part. So the thing is, if play doesn't pick up sometime in the next 24 hours or so, I'm stopping the run and streaming something else. The general lack of activity is boring for both me and any viewers, and isn't helping the reputation of either myself or the Dragon's Den any. That's the situation. Hopefully we can get some people in and actually get some real playing done. As of now, the hero is level 3 (yes, that's all, after 12 total hours of available play-time), and still no real progress has been made aside from that. I'm hoping I can look forward to more players tonight, because right now, absolutely nothing is happening.
  2. Sorry it took me so long to crawl out of bed today. Well-rested though! Now streaming - part 2 is underway! Stream will be up until I'm too tired to continue and once again need to go to bed (probably like 5 in the morning EST or something; it's about 5 PM here right now, so you've got about 12 hours today, give or take some).
  3. I am set up and ready to go. Just waiting for people to arrive for the next half hour, then I'll give the explanation and we'll start!
  4. Cool. It's not a difficult task at all, really. I'll see you guys at around 8 PM EST then. So you know what to expect when you waltz in/before we actually start: I'll probably be streaming something or other before 8 (whatever it is won't be DQ-related though), so if you're early to the party, you might see some Mario 3, Teleroboxer, Tirkiss, some random NES games, or something else until it's time. Don't worry though, I'll not have forgotten about DD Plays DW. I'll probably do setup about 20 minutes or so before. I'll verbally explain the commands chat will use to control the hero when 8:00 hits (since there's the "wake-up" period when first issuing map movement commands - which also get held longer than menuing commands, which is why I used different command sets), and after that, I'll ask if there are any questions before we start (again, still verbally). Then, of course, I will turn things over to you guys and you can start!
  5. @Erdrick the Hero: My parents didn't get it at first either. I explained "I watch a lot more games than I'm willing to play myself, some people can do really impressive things, and watching others play something I do can help me see how to do things I wasn't sure about," and they kinda got it, but they only really got how entertaining watching someone on Twitch can be when I started quoting streamers on my Facebook. XD Yours sound a bit more difficult, since they're actually trying to keep you from watching/participating. Personally, I'd literally tell 'em to sit down and watch with you when you're watching one of your favorite entertaining streamers. Yeah, it's awkward; I'd have to lie to say it isn't. But it tends to get the point across much better than trying to just explain it yourself. If they refuse to sit and watch with you some, then you get to legitimately pull the "then you don't actually get it" card because they're refusing to do all they can to see it from your point of view. Thankfully, though, my dad gets it nowadays. He's the one who decided to buy a Wii, and he wants to help me find games I want to play. He also understands that I'm good at some games and that others watch me play; he and my stepmom (with whom I live) understand that I stream - and what that actually means. They even get the concept of what a capture card is, and my dad wants to make sure I get one. We're talking about a guy who has a reasonably large flat-screen LCD and wants an even bigger one, and has surround-sound systems installed in his living room and finished basement, so he loves his tech. My stepmom, although understanding of what I do, does complain from time to time though that I get loud when I stream games, or about keytapping noises. She's the relatively easily-annoyed type; luckily, my father keeps her in check when he's around. If you do manage to get yourself into a situation where you can participate though, I'll be happy to have you.
  6. Far's I know, the plan is still on for starting at 8 PM EST on Saturday. Just letting everyone know, since nobody said anything about that being an awful start time/date.
  7. At the moment, I'm thinking we start on Saturday, June 6. (I run the Mario 3 Weekly Warpless on Friday nights, and I still want to participate in that.) Time...somewhere around 8:00 PM EST, perhaps? So the west-coast people have a chance to be there at the start of the event? What do you guys think?
  8. Sure, you can do that Woodus, no problem man. Just let me know what kind of response you get. I'd also want to figure out if we would want to start next Friday or next Saturday, which would be better for people.
  9. So that's 3 interested so far, and I suppose a weekend seems best-suited for the start (say, starting on a Friday or Saturday). Since there's only three interested people at this point, so I'd like to allow some more time for people to say they'd like to participate; what would you guys say about starting next Friday or Saturday (June 5 or 6) around probably 4 or 5 PM EST? I think that's the plan for the time being, at least, at this point.
  10. It's awesome you guys are interested, but I also asked when a good time would be, when you'd be free for large periods over the next two weeks. I want to try to put together a date & time for starting the event.
  11. This seemed the best/right place for this thread, but I wasn't 100% sure where to put something like this; if a mod feels it should be moved, they should absolutely move it to the right place. So wait, what am I talking about, you ask? The concept here is similar to "Twitch Plays Pokemon;" people come into the stream's chat, and type in commands that essentially are parsed as key presses by software that reads the chat, and the game reads them as inputs, thus playing the game. Any number of people can play simultaneously, attempting to collaborate (or sabotage) each other, as TPP holds testament to with thousands of players daily. The interest is in the fact that it is not just a single person playing, but that everyone in chat is capable of participating. So what I'm proposing, hoping that this would be the right place, is at some point probably within a week or two, I can hold a "Dragon's Den Plays Dragon Warrior" stream where as many Dragon's Den participants (and other people who randomly visit my stream) as would like can come in and attempt to collaboratively clear, in this case, Dragon Warrior. Here's what you'd be looking at: Game: Dragon Warrior 1 (US) [NES] Starting Date/Time: Saturday, June 6, 8:00 PM (Tentatively) Location: My Twitch Channel (AceOfArrows) Chat Command Parsing Software: Open Twitch Plays (Latest Version) Timing/Control: Starts from a reset and clean RAM; you guys gain control at reset and have control all the way until the Dragonlord is dead, the epilogue is finished, and the credits roll. I will end timing after the last line of dialogue in the epilogue (since you still need to talk to the king after returning to the castle). Rules: You may use any FAQs or maps you like, and can collaborate however you wish (that includes coming up with a name for the hero for desired stats, if anyone lets those who'd do that think about it first after timing starts). Me: I'll be there as often as possible to watch over the event. Insurance: Just in case anything unforseeable goes wrong with the stream, the game, the chat, or the playing of the game, I will be save-stating once in a while just to make sure huge chunks of the game don't need redone in the event of an emergency. However, I will not load a saved state unless it becomes absolutely necessary due to something going majorly wrong: you guys will be responsible for saving the file, and any deaths the hero takes will be your fault. If the event is a success, I may do another with some other DW/DQ title down the line if you guys would like. So who would be interested in participating, and when would you be free to do so within the next two weeks or so? I think if we could get enough DD people in on this, it'd be great fun for all of us. If there are any questions or concerns, I am always available on Skype when I'm awake (AceOfCharts), and/or you can PM me here.
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