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    I am interested in music chiefly, including composition, sound tech, and performance; the latter of which I can't indulge in currently.
  1. Shallie is far inferior to the earlier two Dusk titles if you ask me, but as always, mileage can vary with a niche series like this. I have been scouring the web (English, Japanese, and Chinese sectors) for more disclosure on it, but to little avail. What I do find I will likely put on the English Wikipedia first. Keep in mind that it's set to release in late September last I checked, so there's plenty of time. edit: Yeah, September 25th.
  2. Playing back through Marie no Atorie for different endings. Some of the characters are way too fragile no matter what you give them. I was thinking of giving the Tales series another chance; any suggestions? I've played Tempest, Innocentia (I hated both), Vesperia (Fun, but the English voices suck and the stereotypical JRPG plot and character interaction can get nauseating), Abyss, and Phantasia (I really loved this one!). I'll probably pick up Symphonia now if it's cheap (Or just opt for a Japanese copy), but I've heard that it's pretty bland.
  3. I remember messing with a lot of themes from VIII on Sekaiju (MIDI software) to test out some soundfonts I made, particularly Battle in the Heavens, and I've been meaning to finish Come to Our Town from IX. I haven't fiddled with 8-bit in at least a year; what is some good software besides FamiTracker?
  4. How was the first one, including the 3DS port? I have a younger relative who is filling out their Nintendo library and they turned to me for advice. I haven't heard a shred of negativity about the series, but I owe some of this to be it having such in inaccessible price tag (For the Wii, anyway). Can someone outline its strong points so I can give a satisfactory response to this person (Along with suggesting this new one) and possibly become motivated to pick it up myself once my studies calm down? edit: The only reason I haven't played it already is because I don't keep up with Nintendo consoles very much.
  5. Yeah, the combat is nearly identical, with random encounters everywhere outside of towns and visible FOE's wandering the maps. Some of the party possibilities are really nice, and I felt a lot less constrained with experimenting than I did in the EO games.
  6. In response to something way earlier, there are numerous spin-offs on the DS, with Atelier Annie being the only one localized. I haven't played it, but I expect it to be pretty low quality. And yeah, I don't understand how I went from a hardcore Atlus and WRPG fan to this. My mind might be crumbling.
  7. 7th Dragon basically has the same party-building and skill setups as an Etrian Odyssey game pasted over a more conventional JRPG setting, with numerous towns, dungeons, an expansive overworld, and, most importantly, FOEs.
  8. There are 16 in the main series, five of which haven't been localized. The PS2 ones weren't my favourite (I see you played the first game in the Mana saga), but they probably have a slight edge over Rorona (11) in terms of RPG-style combat. As far as crafting, artwork, and music go, the PS3 ones are definitely worth a try (They were cheap as dirt last I checked, and both the English and JP ones can be purchased on English Amazon), especially if the mood of the series sits well with you. I can't speak for Shallie, as I haven't played it yet and from what I've seen it suffers in a lot of departments. I'm also unsure if you can enable Japanese voice-overs in the English PS3 titles (I know you could in Iris 2), as the English voices suck suck suck in my view. Full List: - Marie no Atorie (JP) - Elie no Atorie (JP) - Lilie no Atorie (JP) - Judie no Atorie (JP) - Viorate no Atorie (JP) yes, "Viorate" - Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana (The one Platty mentioned) - Atelier Iris 2: Azoth of Destiny - Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm - Mana Khemia: Alchemist of Al-Revis - Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy - Atelier Rorona - Atelier Totori - Atelier Meruru - Atelier Aasha - Atelier Escha & Logy - Atelier Shallie - Atelier Sophie (Coming out in September) *Grouped by sagas; each saga occurs in a different setting in my understanding, though there can be references to other games' worlds in later titles. The following have received ports, which have generally been rated higher than the initial titles and include additional content and some fixes in most cases: - Totori (PSV) - Meruru (PSV) - Rorona (This was initially ported to the PSV and also released on the PS3, and a weird chibi port was released this month on the 3DS) - Aasha (PSV) - Escha & Logy (PSV, hasn't been released outside of Japan yet but it *WILL*, because people really love this one) Basically, if you own a PSV, those are nice, otherwise ignore them. Also, of great relevance to the topic: http://gematsu.com/2015/06/atelier-sophie-announced-ps4-ps3-ps-vita, wow wow wow. Courtesy of my friend Benlisquare on the English Wikipedia for having put new titles up in a timely fashion. I'm a bit of an Iguchi Yuka fan, so this seems promising. OH, not to make brash assumptions about your taste in games, but you might enjoy Escha & Logy, the second most recent one that's been released on the PS3.
  9. I'll definitely play it again at some point, but the structure of some of the dungeons, a lot of modern renovations (I'm not an obnoxiously retro gamer, but they still don't sit well with me), and also the music (I won't say it isn't musically-minded and clearly done professionally, but I'm an avid Koshiro Yuuzou fan and some of the "remixes", particularly Scatter About, really put me off). Short dungeons in particular really changed the gameplay experience for me, what with how masochistic and time-consuming some of the earlier ones were (I think the 4th Stratum stratum of the first game involved half a million FOEs that basically start respawning by the time you kill them all to start the stratum boss, and my excursions into the fifth stratum with all of the dead-ends was mind-numbing). As a side note, have you ever played 7th Dragon? You're evidently a huge EO and Megami Tensei fan, and if you don't have conflicts with emulation there are fully patched versions of the original and the first 2020 I think. Star Fox was a series with few entries that mustered a lot of claims of ruination; I guess there were the first two-and-a-half (Unfinished roms of SF2) before the weird Zelda-esque Adventures was released; people have railed on this game, but it was received well commercially and plenty of others have cited that it's a fine Zelda-esque adventure game, even if it's a 100% departure from the series in regards to gameplay elements, plot, and setting.
  10. Interesting to hear this, since that game was pretty well received in the states from what I've seen, but I agree. While I really enjoy Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (3), I don't think it holds a light to the previous two and it was an unneeded addition to a finished series. I pretty much agree, especially with the second one. Regarding Castlevania...I've been extremely disappointed with probably 50% of the titles, with the other 50% being excellent; there are a few recent ones I enjoy, but yeah, I think there was a turning point somewhere along where they started becoming extremely average games. A more controversial claim: Etrian Odyssey IV was a negative move for the series. I've played through the first three (All three of them; I don't agree with people's claims that the second is a repaint of the first and not worthwhile) more than any other games, but I didn't enjoy IV. I've kept away from the first game's "remake" like it's the plague, and I don't expect anything enjoyable out of that franchise in the future.
  11. Haha. I did not realize there was a topic for this series. I'll admit (and I'm not ashamed of it), I love the Atelier series faaaaar more than any other, even Dragon Quest and Golden Sun. Rorona and Aasha were very, very enjoyable, though, as cited in most reviews, the combat is inferior to Totori and Escha & Logy respectively. Some general criticisms I have are against the surplus fanservice involved in titles like Meruru; the reason I obsess over this series is because it's so cute and innocent, and blatant fanservice pretty much contradicts those qualities. Please add the unlocalized ones to the poll! Marie is a gem. Nakagawa Ken (who composed all of Rorona, most of the rest of the Arland trilogy, and contributed a ton to the Ar Tonelico series) and Achiwa Daisuke (Founding member of Gust Sound Team, having contributed to nearly every title) are my favourite composers from the series, and consequently they're up there in my favourites with Sugiyama and Sakuraba's non-Tales works. I really want to get more familiar with the less popular PS2 titles, since most of my playing and fanaticism has been directed at Marie/Elie and the PS3 games. My favourite tracks in the series: Nakagawa *Devil's Tango *Noise Raise!, a cute remix of a tune from earlier in the series. *Atelier Rorona, ã‚ã‚ã‚ã‚ã‚ã‚, this tune gives me all kinds of diabetes. Yamanishi *Come Out! Urchin Warlock *Sad Vampire Achiwa *Red Lucifer Rising, this one is pretty well-known. *Salamander, my favourite battle theme in the entire series. *Undine Yanagawa *Slag Toccata Shimoda *Close to the Edge, I think I like the Aasha version more, but the one in Escha & Logy is very nice as well. *Love the Dragon -Don't Kill the Dragon-, cute. If anyone wants to talk about any aspect of the series (Especially the music; I have all of the full OST's up through Shallie and I'm messing with the mp3 files of the vocal collections, so they aren't quite permanent fixtures in my library), shoot me some text (As much as you want, as often as you want); I check Wsewolod207@mail.ru the most, but I'll definitely respond to anything spammed at me on this site. Anyone want to name their favourite alchemist (Not necessarily game) or the title they enjoyed most?
  12. Glad to be here. As you can see, I always respond in an extremely timely fashion.
  13. Currently developing an elixir of eternal youth to finish my backlog of replays through the DQ, Atelier, and Ar Tonelico series.

  14. Just realized he has an app for it; thanks for bringing that up (though I use Android). The UI is very nice and it has the same orderly, user-friendly content as the website; I'll get some use out of this.
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