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  1. The game calculates a score for each team based on their level, stats, traits, and skills. Is that what you are referring to? Or do you mean the points you earn during battle that decide the winner after 10 turns? For the former I found a formula for DQM2 on a Japanese site a while ago, but it's probably outdated for joker 3. It did not take rank into consideration however.
  2. You have to warn him before Warubou gives you the desert key, so it's unavoidable. He starts selling items after you beat limbo. He doesn't sell anything too special iirc but his prices are low.
  3. I've never had that problem. Are you playing on an emulator? It might be a glitch.
  4. Monster families have been swapped around a bit throughout the series. I think they wanted to add a "legendary" monster to the slime family just like they did to all other families, and Trode fit the best. Trode moved to the nature family in joker 2, and to the boss family in later games.
  5. Joker 2 is the odd one out with stat caps based on ranks (along with joker 1 jp) so that doesn't surprise me. There is plenty of variation in the 3DS games. Sure, some monsters are more popular than others, but it doesn't come even remotely close to what you see in pokemon. Pokemon VGC 2015 looked like this: And that's doubles. Mega kangaskhan is even more OP in singles. So what did gamefreak do when they released OR/AS? Oh right, they gave her EVEN STRONGER MOVES. I'm not making this up. Gamefreak deserves a prize for this. But to get back at dragon quest monsters, I think it would be nice if the star rank-based matchmaking would be introduced in the pokemon games. It's the least they can do in the disaster they created. Also I don't really like the final bosses of the recent monster games. Joker 1 was fine, from there on they kept adding some random generic badass monster who is not revealed until 5 seconds before you fight it. At least joker 2 had a theme of the zodiac going on. DQM2's "Nameless king of darkness" is just random lovecraftian monster #4368. Now it's a robot with massive hips. Eh. You run out of ideas after designing well over a 1000 monsters, I guess.
  6. I'm having really low expectations for Sun/Moon, now. Gamefreak is seriously incompetent and as long as people keep buying their rehashes they will never change. I don't know why people keep buying them either because I always hear the same complaints every game. "It's just like every other pokemon game! Get 8 badges, beat the evil team, then conquer the elite 4! There are not enough new pokemon/the new pokemon are ugly/the new pokemon suck in battle! Why did they take out feature X!?" Yet they have no problems buying the next pokemon game on day 1. Are people that dense? It's a pity Joker 3 turned out to be a huge disappointment as well. At least the servers for DQM1 and DQM2 are still online. But I'm still yearning for a monster catching game that has balanced gameplay. The dragon quest monster games are the closest I know. Pokemon is absolutely horrid. I believe last VGC the top 10 teams consisted of 9 different pokemon in total. Out of the 700-something possible choices. At least that will never happen in DQM. I meant the blue Crabid (called Crabber Dabber Doo or something equally stupid in DQ9). I don't believe Canzar, or any of the other Zodiac monsters are in Joker 3.
  7. There is nothing hardcore about DQMJ2 pro. It's the equivalent of pokemon's "third version" if it had more pokemon, more moves, and better balance. They were either lazy or wanted to cash in twice by releasing the pro version after joker 2's success.
  8. Keep in mind that some traits also affect monster stats. The AI ones are the most common, but there are a couple more. The non-HP stats boost are minor, going from mega to ultragiga is 1.15/1.05 ~= 9.5% increase. The biggest advantage to sizing a monster up is a damage boost equal to % HP lost (megabody only), and a team wide attack and a 30/40% damage bonus for non-slash skills for giga and ultragigabody. Use the extra skill slots to buff up a monster's stats instead.
  9. The scouting system has ups and downs. The biggest advantage is being able to choose which monster joins you instead of it being the last one you defeat. I agree that focused too much on physical attackers/psych up/oomph/sap users and made everything else too. The 3DS games bring meat back which gives you very decent % of scouting regardless of your team. I think a combination of both is the best. Also, monsters sometimes join you randomly in the remake of DQM2. Skill trees I'm not a big fan of because of how many "useless" trees there are. IMO all skill trees should be competitively viable. I don't know about joker 3 but this hasn't been the case in all the other games, with some trees being clearly better than others. The super/ultra guard trees in DQM2 are some of the biggest offenders of this. Very hard to get (you must scout a street passed monsters since they are event-only skill trees) but a must-have for wi-fi play. There are dozens of regular ward skill trees, but there is simply no reason to use any of them as long as the rare guard trees exist. Same thing goes for many offensive skill trees. And having to gather the scrolls to access the uber skills is pretty annoying too.... The old skill system on the other hand meant that every monster used the same 8 skills, more or less. It was flawed in its own way. You could also look up what skills your monster learned in the library. Only joker 1 had 'surprise' skills since it only listed the first four skills of a skill tree. As for the names, I grew up with the ones from dragon warrior but it's hard to defend names like "explodet" and "healmore". And don't get me started on the translation errors. NiteRich? Rayburn? WhiteKing? WindMerge? ArcDemon? Octoreach? Did nobody proofread the names? The new translation can be a little confusing at times, though. For example the old skill called "kamikaze" is now called "one on one" (or something, off the top of my head), and the old skill called "sacrifice" is now called "kamikaze". There is a monster in DQ9 that is called "leviathan", though it is not called so in the japanese version, instead there is a different monster in DQM2 that is called "leviathan" in japanese but its English name is something entirely different. Keep in mind that this is a series that has received different translation "reboots" like four or five times. You can mention one monster and it has like four different names that all refer to the same monster. Whyyyyyy?
  10. It seems to be about 200 base monsters and then 300 palette swaps. Now that's a lazy way to raise your monster count.
  11. You guys work fast. Wouldn't it be cool if the 3DS supported custom translation scripts for games? Without any hacking, I mean.
  12. Updated the list with the monsters from the script. Thanks, Z6n4! I was doing a translation effort too, but there's a lot to do.
  13. I have a really hard time believing that, which is why I want to be proven wrong. I could copy only 486 monsters from the wiki, which means that it is incomplete. Also, some of the monsters on the list are still there like king squid which is now under a slightly different name. Mortamor is definitely in as well except his head and hands are no longer separate. I can't imagine estark being taken out either. Either way, I didn't mean to be a buzzkill or start a panic. It could also be that some of the bosses are given out as wi-fi rewards just like the previous 3DS games, so if a monster is on that list it's not a 100% guarantee it was removed. But it does appear that hundreds of monsters from the previous games were not included.
  14. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: NOT ALL MONSTERS ON THE LIST ARE EXCLUDED. Some monsters have had their name changed during their transition from DQM2 to DQMJ3 like King Squid. I did a vertical lookup in excel to filter out the monsters that are present in DQM2 but are not found in the monster name table in the game data. It resulted in a list of nearly 600 monsters. In the spoiler tags below are the monsters I could not locate, with the google translation of their name next to it: Below is a list of monsters that are found in both DQM2 and the DQMJ3 data.
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