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  1. All right, officially, the Russian translated only two games of the series, and it is only in the last year or early this. You can count how much time has passed since their first release. Okay, a little off topic forum, sorry for the flood. I think I should answer. Relatively wide popularity in Russia FF got in the late 90's. Then replaced SEGA in our country came PS1. She was sold with a chip that allowed you to play games without a license. Then began to appear and the first translations, which were largely automated. Programmers using the PROMT (or something similar) translated the text, edited it a bit and put in the game. Because of this, some of the game is impossible to complete, there were bugs. For example, in Final Fantasy Tactics hangs one battle (translated from the Studio Kudos). Appeared relatively good translations, for example from RGR team. Some of these companies (Akella on PC) then began to work with the license. And at that time took all pirated copies, sometimes ridiculously - official games were in English, which most did not understand and was worth four times more expensive than the pirated discs in Russian. More detail in the film "the Curse of the gray elephant" (ПроклÑтие Ñерого Ñлонёнка) from Pavel Grinyov, it says to famiclone Dendy (in fact, with games NES or famicom). Are there English subtitles search on youtube by name (copy-paste).About FF - began to appear group romhackers and translators, who are very well translated this line of games. The most famous - Shedevr. But if in our country and know about FF, something about DQ know much less. Oldschool gamers only, the youth of today are practically not interested in these games. Youths drool on FF-13/FF13-2, but these games, in my opinion, terrible.
  2. Speaking of mobile games. Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: After Years came out on IOS and Android. Then they got the translation into Russian language. It was the first game in the series, OFFICIALLY translated into Russian language. You never know, maybe DQ7 will get updated translation and on IOS and Android will be ported to the 3DS game, not PS1. Then it will be quite possible. There were precedents with similar improvements of translation, for example the re-release of Shin Megami Tensei on IOS. The game got updated and official translation.
  3. Hi. Long ago I read this forum, but only registered now. I'm looking for Dragon Warrior VII Official Strategy Guide by Prima, as well as various Japanese guides for this game. All links on the forum don't work, rapidshare does not exist, and depositfiles file is deleted. Search on the Internet to no avail. I promise if you give me a working link to this guide, I'll make a mirror on dropbox. Please help! UPD1: Dragon Warrior VII Official Strategy Guide is a link to DW7, as I promised. Thanks for the help, KZ!
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