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  1. As I was in Chapter 6 carrying on through the countryside, I had a white-washed encounter where I gave someone named Honey the Rebirther a drink of water. She was "healed" by the water, but said she couldn't help or join me. I haven't encountered anything like this before or since. What's the deal with her? 😮
  2. Awesome, yeah, that seems like it's totally the thing! BUT!! 😞 Like her other download, the link from this no longer works. Any chance she can re-up it somewhere? Great job tracking this (and her) down! 🙂 🙂
  3. Nope. Capture2Text is nice, and does a job, but it's not *THE* job. It requires manually clicking and dragging over a text area, then clicking again to get the text translated. It's not the same tool as whatever is being utilitzed to automatically do the text scraping without having to specify how and where.
  4. Once again... not really sure if the tool she made is indeed the tool the guy is using in the video. If it is -- then it would be great to get access to it again. If you really would reach out to her, just refer her to these forum posts 🙂 Thanks!
  5. Thanks for responding. Like I said though, it could be something completely different than that... he made those streams in 2016, well after the time that the chat monitor was made available and taken down (based on what I could tell). If someone could just take a quick look at his video and try to ascertain what he meant, that would be a super-huge help! ❤️
  6. Any idea how I can get the gameplay experience that this guy has : He has a couple of tools going (Atlas, TranslationAggregator), and "Dragon Quest 10 Dialog Clipboard copier", the latter of which I cannot find. Does anybody know what he is referring to? I'm thinking it might have been this : But obviously the download link for that has gone by the wayside. It could be something completely different than this though. I think that if I could achieve the experience above, I would be MORE than happy with this game. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated!
  7. Hi Wonderful Community... About to try and get started with DQX today and see if I can tolerate the free trial with Capture2Text enough to move on to the real thing. (on PC). A couple questions : 1) Is Capture2Text still the method of choice for translating in-game text; 2) Any other advice for a complete noob to this kind of stuff 🙂 Basically just starting by following the guide here : http://dqx.wikia.com/wiki/Account_Creation Thanks... -RDarkfire
  8. Yes x1000 yes! I want in :-) Looking forward to it.
  9. Hi there... So I'm sick & tired of grinding for grotto maps trying to find blight knights or seaverns. I'm hoping someone or someones might be available for a tag meet-up in the Toronto / GTA area who could help me out. In return for your time, I also have the kawasaki locker map, metal-king-slime-only floor map, and a couple other goodies I believe. Cheers! PS. I apologize if this is not the right board for this sort of message.
  10. Hi everyone, long-time fan of the series here. I made an account on DD literally just to say thanks to all those putting in the effort into making this happen. As a reasonable competent developer, if there are any tasks out there to be had not involving direct translating, I would be more than happy to join the party! Cheers... -RDarkfire.
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