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  1. Cool! This is a lengthy post, so pay attention class! Okay, Primrose subbing Scholar we've covered, but make sure she has Second Wind from her own skillset equipped. Scholar is expensive SP-wise, so this helps her not lean too hard on your supply of Inspiriting Plums so much. If you want to make Prim a physical powerhouse instead, I've heard Thief is a good choice. It only adds one weapon to her list (the sword) but it adds two double-hit knife attacks (steal HP and Steal SP), plus her high speed rating enables her to effectively use the thief's Divine Skill (an AoE Knife stab tha
  2. I've got a few hints, if you want them. I gathered a couple from online arenas and filled in the blanks myself. It might also help to cross-train a few members in a few different classes for Passive skills. You can only use 4 perks at a time, but they can be from any job you've got experience in to that point. Did you know if Olberic boosts his Defend command (being the only character who can do this) he can block lethal single-target damage for another character? If he had enough dancer training to learn" Eye for an eye" (which is the first perk learned by a dancer, at 4 skills in),
  3. Prim is my main as well, and Alfyn and Therion are perennial MVPs, though I rotate party members frequently. I have done up to ch. 2 for Prim, H'aanit, Cyrus Alfyn and Ophilia and am about to do Tressa's. I just fought an optional boss near Quarrycrest and got a kick-awesome sword which I gave to my Olberic. In terms of jobs and skills Prim is a Dancer / Scholar, with all skills mastered for both. I may experiment with other classes with her to get more perks, but subbing Scholar on her has been awesome so far. Great nuker.
  4. I'm not much better: I've fought none of the side bosses. Still, I made it a point to track down the shrines. Which is your main?
  5. You can take it's location as some kind of clue as to the locations of the remaining 7. Once I sussed it out I sought out every single one of the basic job shrines before continuing. It opens so many doors, gameplay-wise.
  6. Thank you very much Demo! I'm glad to have some positive feedback on this! I know my art has a lot of work that could be done with it. I have potential yet unrealized. Hearing someone approve of it helps keep me motivated!
  7. Finished Alfyn's Chapter 2 last night, and H'aanit's today. I'm going to do Ophilia Chapter 2 next, so she stops being so underleveled. Also planning to shuffle some subclasses around some, as I don't like what some ended up with.
  8. I suppose if Primrose didn't exist in this game ( which thankfully she does) I would've considered Therion as a main instead. From his snarky attitude down to his obvious ability to steal items in fights, He's a party member I just want in there most of the time. Alfyn would also be a favorite of mine. His concoctions have come in very handy, and since most monsters carry concoction ingredients anyway, he synergizes well with Therion. I've just found the job shrines for the subclasses. Once you find one it shouldn't be hard to deduce where the others are. I've got some good advice on
  9. You mean Primrose is your 4th character, or is your first, and you're working on someone else for a 4th. Who's your main?
  10. So heartening to see the game faring so well, and being so good!
  11. Impressive sales... I feel bad for those who are now waiting months for this. It's awesome. I finished Primrose chapter 2 last night. Wow. No spoilers, just... wow.
  12. At Exactly 12 hours of gametime, at the stroke of Midnight last night (I kid you not), I finally finished all 8 chapter 1s with the end of Ophilia's debut in Flamesgrace. I like her backstory better than I thought I would going in, but I still favor Primrose's story over all. Can't say I've found a story I "hate", but like the least? Maybe Olberic's, 'cause I've been a disenfranchised knight in RPGs before already Looking at FFT and maybe Tales of Vesperia... Yuri used to be a knight, right? I KNOW Jack was one in Wild ARMs on the Playstation. I've been the wandering warrior with the tra
  13. When I got Cyrus in, I temporarily subbed Alfyn out, but when I make my way to Ophilia's town, I'll see what I need. I understand the importance of keeping characters at high levels of experience for this game, especially H'aanit or Olberic, 'cause they're path actions require them to fight alone. One of those two will always be with me, too. In preference, I probably like Prim, Alfyn and H'aanit the best so far. H'aanit especially has interesting capture / summon mechanics.
  14. Same basic path I've taken so far. Starting with PRimrose, I went northwest to get Alfyn, Therion and H'aanit, then began to circle northeast from Sunshade to get Olberic, and Tressa. Cyrus and Ophilia are next. I've just arrived in Atlasdam so far. So far my faves are Prim and Alfyn. item-mixing classes are great in these kinds of games if you experiment with the ingredients and explore each option to find the best combos. I'm grateful the game reminds you what mixture is which as you mix, if you've made it before, too. My party is usually Prim and Alfyn and whoever has the weapons
  15. Not bad! I might have to actually do this! Excellent spritework. One of my early favorites is H'aanit's snow leopard partner, Linde. You get to see her when H'aanit summons her (which she can always do, other creatures have limited uses).
  16. What do you call a Platinum Slime, a King Slime, and a Metal King Slime in command of things? A Trigumvirate.
  17. Congrats, Yangus! that would be a funny add-on to your signature
  18. The criticisms I've seen is they really don't quite come together. That is what I was driving at, yes: They just sort of come together by chance, no looming common threat or anything.. they just pursue their own aims with each other's help, and the interactions between the 8 are not so robust as we might have hoped. Still looking forward to it though!
  19. Yeah, I've seen a review or two, but trying not to beat myself over the head with the hype hammer too much on this last day. Don't want to burn myself out on it y'know. What I have learned from the reviews and articles is there is no real uniting force in all these character's lives. They just kinda come together and pursue separate goals together. I still think this is okay though. I'm still very excited to see where these stories are ultimately going... and looking forward to the fun on the way as we get them there.
  20. My secret surprise is here! I've done some tasteful pencil sketches of the Octopath Traveler cast as anthropomorphic (furry) characters in the art and music forum! If anyone wants to kindly glance at my mad lunatic scribblings, the link to the thread is here. https://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?/topic/37901-octopath-traveler-fanart/
  21. I've done it, Denizens!  I've posted some anthropomorphic fanart of the Octopath cast (tasteful, of course) in the Art forums!


  22. Arf! As a furry fan, I often take it on myself to put animal traits to video game characters, or to put my own personal character into video game related costumes. Submitted here, then, is a line of pencil sketches of every member of the main cast of Octopath Traveler as an appropriate animal! Forgive the hugeness of the posted images. Also, I'm not even the best furry artist in the world, and i'm woefully out of practice, but here it is anyway. Be kind, please! First is Ophilia as a German Shepherd 'cause clerics are "shepherds of their flock". Ne
  23. For those with an itch for more info on the game, here: https://kotaku.com/how-octopath-travelers-structure-actually-works-1827478495 My secret surprise for the Octopath fans on the Den is almost ready. I'll post info here soon!
  24. Got something fun and clever in store for the den the night before launch. It ought to amuse folks here, I hope.
  25. Additional info: here's another article, this one written by Nintendo Life. Nothing much of us didn't already glean from the demo, but here it is anyway: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/07/hands_on_taking_the_path_less_traveled_in_octopath_traveler Perhaps this video, as well. It gives more specific info on character actions and uses. One week to go!
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