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  1. Question: If a metal slime family monster fights another metal slime family monster, who DOES win? Do they both stand there whiffing all day until one runs off? family monster
  2. Not trying to butter up the user of the same name, but I gotta go with Yangus, as well. From the first moments I played DQ8 I liked that bloke. "Awright, let's 'ave ya!"
  3. Making a new thread to promote an obscure RPG series poised for a revival, a worthy comptetitor to Fire Emblem https://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?/topic/37966-langrisser-warsong/&tab=comments#comment-517055
  4. Greetings Denizens! Any RPG fan who had a Sega Genesis should surely have heard of the Tactical RPG Warsong. Known as Langrisser in it's native land, It's like a larger-scale version of Fire Emblem. You have a small retinue of commanders you can deploy, and you use your in-game money to buy not new weapons, but to hire 10-man units of mercenaries to fly your banner and fight for you, up to 8 units per commander. Each commander is the equal of many mortal mercenaries, and most trash mobs fall hopelessly to the lords if they lack the terrain or type advantage needed to win. commande
  5. I, as well: both my parents. You've still got your friends here, though. Let me know here or in PM if you need anything.
  6. I love Rapp, especially when he casts his fire spell: "Hundred Million Degrees! Take that!"
  7. I still have PlayStation and Dreamcast copies of Grandia 1 and 2 respectively, and the remaster for Steam of 2. Can't wait for this! Hope it'll be in a single Switch card.
  8. Well, I finally beat 3rd Stratum, and am moving on to the 4th! Curse broken, momentum regained.
  9. DQ1: I watched the old Nintendo ad for the original game, shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qL5_3EhqK8 After that, and a few articles from Nintendo Power, I rented the game at my local small-time video store. Later that year was the Nintendo Power promotion where I got the game as a gift from my parents. DQ2 and DQ3: I rented this from another video store AFTER I found Dragon Warrior 3. The video stores I got each from were different, and one didn't have part 2. So I ended up playing DQ3 before DQ2. DQ4: This came out around my 13th birthday, so I got it a
  10. * tucks tail between legs in shame * Seriously sorry I forgot you don't like that abbreviation, Yangus. Anyway, I'm up to 15F now, and going strong in the game, at long last again. Also pondering ahead of time what I should use as my latest and last iteration of my self-insert name for EOX. I'll make the final call when teh game is in hand months from now, I suppose. For now I should be focusing on the now, gaming-wise. In the now, in EO5, I'm trying to fulfil the sidequests and thus level up for the Strat 3 boss. Frankly even the Grand Spriggans and Flame Tempresses
  11. Whoopsie. Sorry Yang, didn't mean to rub a sore spot. Especially on a bad day. Yeah, I get why the game was originally titled as it was, and the meaning of the western rename. EOX it is! One less letter to type anyways. I can totally see how Gladsheim ruins the plot twist of the 5th stratum. Makes me glad I had played most of EO original first before Untold. I frankly wish Gladsheim wasn't even a thing in EOU1. I'd almost say the premade characters and revamped dungeon should've been enough. So yeah, back to EO5 I go! Arcania needs my heroes to join the legions! Still gott
  12. Finally returned to Arcania to get my guild out of the Fetid Necropolis.  They've got to be bored, maybe a little batty, after several months chilling with Jenetta...

  13. Going to New Jersey in 10 days to visit mother-in-law with my husband, and going to play EO5 in the time on the road and in between hangouts with her. She's a kind ol' lady, never any BS. Her sense of humor is still working just fine, too. Very glad to have me as a son-in-law, she is. She sees my potential as a man, and wants to do what she can to bring it out. I'm honored she feels I'm worthy of her son, and is kind and patient enough to make me more so.
  14. I'm coming back to the game this month (finally), and going to finally get the WoodStars off of 13F! I've been waffling from game-to-game after Octopath Traveler, and now it's finally time EO5 got it's long overdue conclusion for me. I'm also going to New Jersey with the husband from the Aug. 26-29 to see his mom, my mother-in-law, and EO5 will be perfect for whatever times I'm not spending with him and the in-law. Yang, sorry I've been away from it so long. Your prodding and the impending launch of EONX is finally spurring me on! l'll be a good dog! PS: EONX good abbrevia
  15. I promise to preorder this, and to finish EO5 well before the time this comes out. The 3rd Stratum Curse be hanged!
  16. At 68 hours, I've completed all Chapter 4s, gotten all finales, all 12 subclasses, and tied up two sidequest chains vital to post-game content. Now it's a long grind for levels and resources for post-game stuff. I'm happy with this so far!
  17. At about 64 hours in, and all but two stories completed. This game is amazing, and I'm proud to have stuck it out all the way through so far!
  18. Very sorry to hear this. My mother-in-law had a small stroke this week, too. Not a great week it seems.
  19. Solid tip, thanks Platty! He's saved my bacon on the Chapter 3 bosses since you mentioned him.
  20. and now I've done both Primrose and Ophilia's Chapter 3s. No spoilers, but S*** GETS REAL for every character on their third chapter, it looks like.
  21. That's awesome! Are the launching a DVD or Blu Ray set of the whole series? Also, I just showed a friend Summer Wars. Ol' softie that I am, I always cry near the end... won't spoil for those who've not seen, but suffice to say when all seems lost near the end, a rare show of kindness and support for the heroes from the onlookers brings a tear to my eye.
  22. Yeah, new equipment sounds good. To get more money, bring Tressa and have her collect from monsters when their HP is low, like stealing. You'll get almost as much out of a single collect than you will out of the fight itself, tripling your income, basically. It's money and equipment that's needed more than XP grinding in this game. I've started my Chapter 3s with Primrose's. Hot damn.
  23. I've finished Chapter 2 as everyone so far, at about 42 hours, give or take, and lest I forget him again, I gave Cyrus the last job left, Cleric, because his stats support it, and even though it doesn't give him any new weapons, it gives him plenty of utility magically. He can be the red mage, if you will, while Prim is the more effective magic DPSer in my group, even though technically he still has higher E.Atk. Also, in case I didn't mention yet, even if you change subclass, the passive perks you've earned in other jobs can still be used. I gave Prim SP Saver from Merchant, Elemental e
  24. D'oh! My mistake. I put her as thief so she could acquire everything an enemy party has to offer, and to add more weapon types to her repertoire. Plus, with Share SP and Donate BP, and Steal SP, and her innate perk of Endless Items, she becomes a decent supporter. Sorry!
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