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  1. If they'd make it a remake of DQ4, I'd throw money at it.
  2. I agree! Chrono Trigger can be played through main story from start to finish in 20-30 hours, and it's' considered the pinnacle of it's era in design. We simply don't have time in our lives for every video game to take 60-100 hours to finish. I also like that you'll be playing Alliance Alive. I left that game aside early due to distraction ( happens a lot to me, as you well know), but would gladly go back to it, to buddy up and compare notes. Know that I'll likely be splitting time twixt that and DQ11. (rambling post incoming) If you can stomach the random stat and skill gai
  3. Am going to split my game time between DQ11 (of course) and the PC Version of The Last Remnant. I wish I'd actually played the game months before it was doomed to be unlisted from Steam tomorrow. It's a bit of a mixed bag, but I like it. I'll enjoy it at least. Just wish I'd discovered it before so I could tell others about it in time for them to grab it if interested.
  4. That's a relief, thank you so much. I was worried for a bit.
  5. Picking up my physical copy in store tomorrow morning around 10-ish, and going to love it!
  6. Has anybody seen the spam post on the Chit-chat forum? It looks dangerous. How and to whom do I report it?
  7. How did we get a spam post to the Chit-chat board?  looks dangerous.

  8. I love The Wizard. It's so bad. (lol)
  9. I've been on vacation with my husband at the mother-in-law's most of the week, but I finally entered the latest batch of photo quests, as you will see if you look there. Sorry to hear folks around here losing people and otherwise stressing while I've been away. Platty, sorry to hear about your cousin especially. Democrobot, I know the pain of job searching, I've been doing the same as well. Also, sorry to hear Yangus was without power for such a long while.
  10. I've made the post, and pinned it to my Twitter account, @Iffy_Jottere. Here's the link to the page, the post is pinned there. https://twitter.com/iffy_jottere And here's the direct link to my Photobucket page with the image: Hope this is sufficient! Also just realized I forgot to include my copy of DQSwords for the Wii
  11. I've been on vacation half the week, but here I am nosing in my entry!
  12. I have no idea what the rest of my party will be, but I know I'm using a Pugilist sub-Hero as my self-insert, 'cause I spent the better half of my teen years taking karate, and I love martial arts.
  13. Langrisser remakes are due out February 2019, as this article outlines: http://www.siliconera.com/2018/08/29/langrisser-i-ii-remake-launches-february-7-2019-with-new-scenario-new-heroine-and-more/ No word yet on plans for a western launch, but that would make a great birthday present if it did happen.
  14. I like to pepper in some pun humor in my posts. The Spice must flow.
  15. And what ABOUT Erdrick / Loto for DQH3? DQ3 always was a favorite of mine, and I'd love to see the main hero of that game come back... the game's ending even says he "mysteriously vanished". To where? Why, to here!
  16. There is still the other half of the casts from DQ6 and 7 to use, as well as spinoff characters like the knight from DQSwords. Could also make proper named characters out of the generics from DQ3. Parsley the Sage, perhaps? * chuckles * *gasps * OOOH! Speaking of DQ3! What about the literal granddaddy of all DQ Characters!? What about Erdrick / Loto!? Would be an amazing addition to what may be the final DQHeroes Spinoff!
  17. Welcome to the Den, friend! As for playing NPCs in DQH3, I'm frankly pleased any time I get to play Psaro in DQH1 and 2, so maybe bosses could be playable? Dragonlord could make a good Maya clone (Similar powers, with some variation). I just started to play DQH2 myself today, so I'll play more until DQ11 comes out, and learn more to discuss what I'd like to see in a possible 3rd iteration.
  18. Hey, I have to decompress somehow. Welcome, both to Family life and to the Octopath Traveler Family. I still need to finish the grand finale, maybe this week I can finally clean it up. BTW, Nerevar, who's your main?
  19. It's a good site for RPG info, I chat with the host of that show quite often as he's from where I live and we have many retro likes. Sadly the website editor passed away from cancer this morning. I'm actually applying to write for them. We'll see how that goes. Yeah, I just put my notice of condolences in that thread. It does seem like a nice site. Hope you get the writer job, Platty.
  20. How many movies were there? 2? Three: "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" was the last one.
  21. Dude, it's Charmles, no need to run. Walk normally for the hills. Casually saunter for the hills. He'll still be out of breath by the time you're across the valley.
  22. thank you! I gave it a listen for a good half hour so far. I've also made an account on that site, now, as well. It's DogOfZahan no spaces, with my retro-screencap pic.
  23. I'm a little late to the party, but I decided to preorder the standard edition PS4 version, and I'm really happy to be getting it soon!
  24. I'm a little late to the party, as I was waffling between the Switch and PS4 versions. My husband convinced me sooner was better, and he wants to play it, too, so I preordered the regular edition nearby. I'm excited, too!
  25. I briefly put down my vote earlier in a hurry. Let me clarify my fanhood for Yangus further, with more time on my hands. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the reformed thief and/or the rogue who breaks the law to serve justice. Your classic Robin Hoods (not "Robbin' 'oods", the axemen of DQ), or even Malcolm Reynolds, or more recently, Ant Man in the movie. Yangus hits that mark just so. A streetwise fella with a hidden warm heart, wrapped in a hairy jovial belly and a cockney accent. He may not be successful as an RPG thief, but he delivers on the reformed crook theme ve
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