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  1. Recently began World of Final Fantasy Maxima Edition for Switch. It's... about what I was lead to expect. It's good... and I love when it nods to the past of the series, like starting you off in Cornelia after the tutorial quests, By far the worst thing about it is Tama's speech. Her voice is fine, but her the-habit of inserting "the" in her sentences at the-every opportunity (like so), oi... makes me want to stop wagging and growl. Nearly everything else is fine by me, even the chibified versions of everything. the pokemon-style mechanics of catching classic Final Fantasy monsters c
  2. Got a few minutes before my weekly D&D to peek in and say I'm haven't rolled over and died yet! I've been playing a gnome sorceror, level 3, named Warren Pibble, but goes by "Pebble". He drinks like a fish, usually seen with a fireball in one hand and a stein in the other. He's 4-foot-someodd, blond with a ponytail and got a shirt like Willow from the 80's fantasy movie. 'round his neck is a magical focus device, an orb on a gold chain. Seems every other session I end up setting the enemy on fire somehow.
  3. I'm sorry Demo... I'm sure I know the feeling somewhat. I lost both my parents this year, one in Feb, one in June. It's depressing.
  4. Awesome! So glad you're enjoying the game, too! MopTopMo is a neat name for the guy. I'm just a little bit ahead, just a couple hours and a location or two.
  5. Woo! good on ya, Glaceon Mage! Kudos for surviving another spin around the sun! Happy Birthday!
  6. For reasons I hesitate to explicitly name (but should be apparent), I enjoy them too, and the comedic interplay between the three is excellent. I love how involved Tiggy and Vivian get in their smart talk, leaving poor Ignace befuddled and frustrated. Plus, I can now confirm where and when you get full power to edit your formations. Past a certain point, your options go wide open, a adegree freedom I've reached, and almost find frightening after so long with the leash on. This sometimes happens... when a game opens it's options too much at once, it can leave one at a loss as to which
  7. I'm hoping for 3 things: A) A US Release date. B) Most of the game's original systems kept intact (specifically the large scale of the battles, with as many as 24 units per side). C) Quality remixes / remasters of the original music for each game.
  8. From launch day to today, I've put in about 6-7 hours, thanks to a lot of social events on my calendar intervening, plus a brief pause to try out Spider-Man ( which is good, BTW). *ahem * "I've just reached Hotto Village, Interesting theme we have here. Everyone talks in haiku." I see Veronica has joined the running with Maribel for "Most arrogant party member in a DQ game".
  9. My two bits on the matter: I don't mind the midi synth versions of the music, being from the OG DW generation. It's the quality of the tunes themselves I find issue with. Ever since DQ8, Sugiyama has had trouble rebottling his usual lightning, to the point where many of DQ11's songs are actually straight up airlifted from previous games in the series. I'm not talking about the expected borrowing of the church theme, the save jingle, the level-up fanfare... no i'm talking about songs like the Siege of Moonbrooke from DQ2 for chase scenes, and the reprise of Zipang's theme from DQ3 in Ho
  10. Will have look up the tunes, or have to take your word for it, I only played the demo of the first Spyro, long, long ago, and can't remember the music. I remember Spyro 1 featured the Police's Stuart Copeland as composer, that's all. Where this game shines over TLoL is in worldbuilding, character developement and character design. The team refined what worked in the proof-of-concept TLoL and reiterated with TAA. Liber, Eloise and Meurs were my party in TLoL, My current party in TAA is Galil, Azura, Ignace, Vivian and Renzo. Still working out how you fine-tune your formations beyo
  11. They do go to great lengths to hide the fate of that character in promotions, so I took the same care. My favorite music is the intro theme ( and the very similar battle theme ) as well as the Guild Tower theme. Hamauzu did some more unique things in TLOL though. The use of backmasking and those odd silent pauses in the forest theme for example. Really conveyed some mystery and danger on your first trip to the wilds of Avalon. I also do agree, the Gearsrock theme was rather overplayed at that point in the game. I do enjoy the Rain Realm theme though, quite a bit.
  12. I know, right? Swan Song is hilarious, and gets funnier as time goes on. A mech designed to look like a cygnet, that...doesn't look like a cygnet... eccentric genius indeed. Robbins his funny and cute, too Little Mr. Penguin Knight. How do you like the music, and such and also... I'm putting my next question under a spoiler tag, 'cause this time it's about something you have seen already, but other Alliance players may not have. (Me taking caution for spoilers? You CAN teach an old dog new tricks...)
  13. If I remember, there should be no problem with scaling when you get them back. I like the Vivian and Ignace party, and I also agree Barbarosa is a great guard. I get what you're saying about the chapters, but the chapters are so tiny, they'd need to be longer in order for them to be better defined. Otherwise, you'd get a new title card and fanfare every 5 minutes or so.
  14. I'm there, too. You mean when the entire ensemble unites at last? I just got there tonight.
  15. Yeah, sorry, when Bururian messaged about the game, I blurted it out. Yeah, that was the thing I meant to mention. It helps when deciding what to attack whom with, instead of blindly hoping for the best.
  16. I have a formation in which Azura is the defending member up front, and the formation is named Daredevil, for reasons those sufficiently versed in the game will know. Haven't used Greatswords yet, except maybe with Barbarosa long ago... I'm close to getting him back. Also, have you noticed if you press Y when selecting a target for your attack, you get a breakdown of how your formation and enemy defenses will affect the damage? Helps out rather than hacking without prior information at all!
  17. It's gooood. Having put in about 14 hours in (2 of them this week ) I think I can safely say you'd like it. If the randomness of your HP / SP gains and skill awakening doesn't bug you, the game is much more compelling than TLoL, 'cause it has a more coherent narrative and a more appealing, more connected ensemble. Parties are 5 members large at maximum, out of a cast of 9, allowing for a diverse set of tactical options. Given each character has their own innate proficiencies which can be improved with talent points, and a wide array of equipment to choose from, the game is very customi
  18. Happened to my PS2 Slime controller, too! I may strip the rubbereized coating with dish soap and let the bare plastic underneath stand. it seems the rubber surface was made to keep it from slipping in one's hand, but only made dust and grime stick to it after all. Poor design choices in the long run. My tech-savvy roomie says a gentle dish soap like Dawn can be used to make it at least presentable as a bare plastic display piece. your thoughts, folks?
  19. Awesome! I'll get back into that too, during the times I can't play DQ11 (have to share the PS4 with my SO). Keep me posted!
  20. Sorry to hear you're getting it late. What game did you decide on in the interim?
  21. Thank you Platty! Here's my purchase proof, receipt and all! I even flipped the reversible art cover!
  22. Hey, look what the dog dug up! I'd love to get back into this game alongside ya, swap notes on things. I can slip between this and DQ11 pretty easily I think. Especially since I've got a busy week this time, and the PS4 may be unavailable to me for long stretches. You in?
  23. As far as I understand the contest, not being the guy running it? The games are the main thing. Don't hold back for fear of not having enough to show off. Go for it!
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