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  1. * brings it in * No problem. "Sorry" was all I could think to say when I was so disastrously misinformed. I'm glad you weren't upset after all. I can see where hearing that rumor represented over and over would get tiresome though. And yes I LOVED Dragon Warrior. I rented it several times, and when it went to giveaway status, my parents made the subscription and game a Christmas gift that year.
  2. Quite so, and even though the first installment sold so poorly it had to be given away with Nintendo Power, that only makes it's success greater. IT was a humbling misstep, but it was a small start to a big series. A series present on several systems since the NES in several genres. "Sic Parvis Magnum". Sad to see a fan leave the series behind, RedDragon, but everyone's got to go their own way. Happy trails, if you go through with the departure.
  3. Which game, might I ask? Also, I'll be spending time with the ghost of the 3DS, in February, with Etrian Odyssey Nexus.
  4. Hope you're having a great birthday, Platty! May you, the missus, and all the little droplets have a great day!
  5. About Star Wars... It's true; it's hard to reconcile the fact that the "later" earlier episode 4 had weaker lightsaber fighting than the rest of the series. Externally the adult audience knows it's because better tech for lightsaber effects made more dramatic fights possible in the following movies than could be done with the first film in 1977. Darth Vader was shown in top form, despite his extensive surgeries, in Rogue One, and Yoda was 870- 880-ish in Ep3, so the idea that Obi and Vader are aging and no longer in top fighting condition in Ep4 doesn't exactly hold much water. Just an irr
  6. Adventure Bar Story on 3DS. It had nearly identical gameplay and a similar story, but was not as polished. I have that one. Maybe I should get this game you have on Switch, if I liked the ideas in Adventure Bar Story, but not the execution?
  7. Awesome! Happy birthday and happy new year!
  8. I care! Here's mine! Ni No Kuni 2 / Lost Sphear / Dark Souls Remastered / Monster Boy: Have not played these. I'm interested in and own Ni No Kuni 2, but that's about it for these. Octopath Traveler: I've done all but beat the grand finale, and I will attempt a few more times before the year is out. It really does look the way old games "felt" like they looked. Like that's what was going on in my head when playing FF6 or Chrono Trigger. Radiant Historia Perfect: Loved the original, and this is the definitive, best version I've seen so far. I love it, but had not finished
  9. The fella you're referring to is Luxord, and he was a favorite of mine, as well. The World That Never Was is pretty awesome.
  10. Two Phantasy Star games down, 2 more to go. Unfortunately one of them is the under-budgeted and sloppily executed Phantasy Star 3: Generations Of Doom. This was the first Phantasy Star game I actually got around to playing, after reading so much of the first two in gaming magazines at the time. It... still holds value, especially in nostalgia, for me, but it's the odd one out of the series for several reasons.
  11. After Phantasy Star came out on Sega Ages lineup on Switch, and the Sega Genesis collection came out on same, I decided I'd play the entire Phantasy Star series from start to finish, all 4 games (no, as a matter of fact, I don't like or count the online installments, sorry). Phantasy Star Ages has a lot of QOL enhancements. So does the Sega Collectiion Genesis sequels, but... not as many and not as good. Phantasy Star 1 Ages has a fast forward button that speeds up everything EXCEPT the music, and that's amazing. Beat the game in less than a week, thanks to the fast-forward and the en
  12. I've got this in my head, since this is a game my roomie got me into recently on Switch:
  13. I've made a OLD Year's REsolution that I will finally complete Journey's End by the end of this year. I beat first half of the final boss yesterday, which I'd never done before, so that's a good stepping stone into final victory.
  14. No. Just... no. All the no. DOCTOR No. Tactical no on my location. A year away? There's still time to stop this from happening, Sega. This is a BAD IDEA.
  15. Fandoms, by and large, are becoming infected with entitled behavior and growing vocal populations of "bad seeds" that give the rest a bad name. I see it everywhere I go, except perhaps here in DD. It seems to be a symptom of the times we live in. We have more, and can get it faster, than any generation of fans before us, and that just feeds the fire too fast, it flashes and explodes. Look at all the hoopla over the Avengers 4 trailer, or the other Marvel trailers, and the Star Wars trailers, and so on. It's a growing problem. Even my own furry fandom, which, to be fair, had a bad n
  16. The worst movie I've ever seen and loved for it being so bad was Mortal Kombat Annihilation. This does not count MST3K or RiffTrax features, as my list would balloon to absurd proportions. Also doesn't count certain cult hits I've seen and loved, whether they were defensible on grounds of "so bad it's good" or not. I also give props to the Street Fighter video game adaptation. It's Raul Julia's last performance, and he kills ever scene he's in, despite dying of cancer. Best of all, he did it for his grandson, who loved seeing him in the movie, I'm told. While I'm at it, I might u
  17. Awesome stuff! You and she are a great team!
  18. Coincidentally, I also own an original launch disc of Suikoden 2, and haven't beaten it yet. Perhaps after Vagrant Story I can make the first 3 Suikodens a priority ( i recently collected all the PS2 ones as well). If you want to play Vagrant Story, be prepared for a rollercoaster: It's a shorter-than-average RPG which I've just begun to scratch the surface of. Like Metal Gear Solid a couple years prior, it stars a lone operative in a brief but thrilling adventure through a secluded area. It's also a game where you get scored and rated, and the game invites multiple plays. It also ha
  19. Yeah, I gathered. No one is as bad as the Robot Chicken Unicorn. How's Suikoden 2 going so far? Also, did you ever try Vagrant Story? I don't recall.
  20. Clearly you haven't watched enough Robot Chicken. C. George Lowe (Space Ghost Coast to Coast) voices a really pervy unicorn in there! Anyway, I've been inspired by a friend to play my copy of Vagrant Story on PS2 for a while. Aside from one unfortunate Game Over just 20 yards away from a save room, I've been liking it a LOT so far. I admit 21 year old me wouldn't have enjoyed it so much, but fortunately, present-day me does! Pretty valid challenge here, Living and dying by the strength of my timing and skill, to a Hitoshi Sakimoto soundtrack. Any other VS fans out there?
  21. Here's my entry to the "Smash trailer goes with everything" meme making the rounds on Youtube.
  22. Hey gang! I posted this to Youtube, and hope you all enjoy!
  23. The swallow may fly south with the sun, or the housemartin or the plummer may seek warmer climes in winter, yet these are not strangers to our lands!
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