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  1. Hold the barking phone, here: there's a plush Zoma?! Dragonlord?! Hargon?! I must look into importing at least one of these myself someday! That's like, my fave unholy trinity of DQ villains there!
  2. I know, right? What point is there in the final bonuses once you've beaten the last optional boss in the game anyway? Give you the collest way to beat the game, when there's.. nothing.. left to do. I dunno...
  3. Proud to say, I started from the very beginning, with Dragon Warrior on NES. I rented it from a videostore (back when there was such a thing, and then, every one thereafter. I received the frist Dragon Warrior to own from my parents Christmas, when it was being given away with Nintendo Power subscriptions. I've played all 4 NES versions, all 3 ports of the Zenithia Trilogy on DS, DQMJ, DQMJ2, DQ7,8, and 9, and DQSwords on Wii. LOVE that game, despite it's flaws. Yeah, I'm an old DQ dog.
  4. Hmm.. DQ4 or FF4? For a multi-genre dog like myself, that's a tough call. Still, I don't think I'm just "saying" DQ4 was better than FF4 just 'cause I'm on a DQ / DW fan forum. I say it because DQ4 had a great story, for those who give it enough time. that story is told in quite compelling fashion, through several different people's perspectives across four whole mini-adventures. No one had done this in video games before, and few have done since. For the record, my favorite chapter ( besides the finale ) is Princess Alena's, because it bears the most similarity to the multi-member par
  5. Shall I repost mine here, or you got it from the place I accidentally misposted to? ( and again, sorry for that * whines softly, embarrassed * )
  6. The impetus behind this someone is probably the perceived lack of profitability more than anything more malicious. Not defending it, by any stretch, mind you. The result is the same; we don't get 3DS DQ7 or DQ10 no matter what the reasoning. I'm frustrated too. Still, I'll be grateful when they throw us that DQH scrap. What? I'm a dog, I'm all about tablescraps.
  7. Let me make one more post here to the others who were so kind to welcome me here, before I forget. Hope I dont miss any. Moldrafin: Diverse interests I see there! I took several years of Karate, myself, reached black belt at 21. Keep up that track team! Plattym3: Nice to know the line of Erdrick continues, though not as storied as it was in it heyday. redneckpride4ever: Howdy yerself. Let's wrangle some bullfinches! Yangus the legendary bandit: Cor, it's a right honor to meet ya! thanks fer greeting wiv open arms full o'boxers. Tesla: Woof woof. * noses teh buried key a
  8. Thank you all. Gooieooie, despite my canine persona here, I acknowledge we're all human. It's all good.
  9. I thought this was the project thread for some reason. It was the first one I found. Despite my calendar age, I'm new to this particular forum. Be gentle. If you'll forgive my error, I'll forgive your frustration.
  10. I just started Sword Art Online on Crunchyroll. Seems pretty good so far.
  11. I been out of work for three days with a cold, but otherwise doing okay. can't wait for DQ Heroes on PS4 this year!
  12. Indeed, I fear for the future of our beloved series. DQ10 is the one MMORPG I'd consider playing, of all that exist today, and the remake of DQ7 for 3Ds would be just the shot in the arm the series needs to get traction back in the states. Here's hoping DQ Heroes turns out good anyways. It sure shows promise to me.
  13. Hello everyone! New around the Dragon's Den forums, but an old dog when it comes to Dragon Quest and Dragon Warrior! As my forum name, I've chosen to represent that scrappy little pooch who points the way to the Golden Key in DW2, mostly to show my age as a gamer, and wear my old-school roots on my sleeve. I've been playing DQ games ever since the first Dragon Warrior was available for rent at my local video store ( anyone remember those?! ), and later when they gave the surplus copies of same away with subscriptions to Nintendo Power magazine ( anyone remember that, too? ) this all w
  14. Dragon Quest, or Dragon Warrior, as I knew it in the formative years of my life, means my introduction to a new type of video game, a type of game I grew to love more and more through the years. If not for Dragon Quest, my time in my favorite hobby would have been far different. The early games sparked my imagination in ways not even the action RPGs like Zelda of the day could do. The game's initial limitations were it's strengths to me. the text descriptions of actions of still characters left me to fill in the gaps. The quasi-shakespearean dialog of the first two games of the series
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