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  1. I've said it on the DQ83DS board: This news could only possibly get better if you got a free Puff-puff with it.
  2. So let me see if my dog ears are hearing this right: DQ8, with an additional boss, and new playable party members, on the 3DS? and it is probably coming to the US now in addition to DQ7? Plus, DQ7 has Stella ( Edit :No she's not there ), and new jobs, a translation that does not suck, and fresh new gee-whiz graphics for 3DS? Beats the hell out of my usual dreams, if it's not real. These announcements could only get better if the games each came with a free puff-puff treatment.
  3. Or a dog digging up keys in people's backyards?
  4. Hey! SMT! One of my favorite series (besides DQ)! Awesome! Been playing Devil Survivor 2 lately, and also have a good amount of experience with SMT IV and Persona Q. Sweet! In SMT IV I have just refused to destroy the Yamato Reactor (which I'm sure Walter will be glad to do instead). In Devil Survivor 2 I'm on Wednesday. Yangus, and/or Platty, have either of you ever played Devil Survivor 2? (I'm playing the 3DS "Record Breaker" edition, by the way)
  5. DWM 2 (Cobi's journey or Tara's adventure, as they tried to do the pokemon red & blue thing) actually DO work on original Game Boy. They were, in fact, the last GB games that were compatible with original GB. I think playing on an Advance SP would be the way to go, as you have lighting and color there. Kudos on having an intact original GB though! Also, yes, DQ Swords is fun. You may wish all the while that they'd incorporated nunchuk controls at least, but you should have a good time. Especially if you were a hyperactive kid like me playing the original Dragon Warrior / Dragon Quest
  6. Ohh eagerly looking forward to it, Yangus Do keep us posted o how you do. The first game has it's translation flaws, that make it not quite mesh as well with the rest of the series, but it's solid fun for dungeon crawling. It also has a very DQ-esque overworld. The latter three drop the 1st person dungeoneering, but the series still mostly has a charm to it that keeps you going. PhS3 just gets a little.. well.. weird.. with the overarcing plot, is all. Still, for fans of Dragon Quest 5, it might be worth at least one run through. It has four different endings, a big deal for it's
  7. Wow! Phantasy Star, Yangus? Awesome! I've mourned for this series since it went online and kinda crappy after part 4, which closed the original story arc and changed the series fundamentally. Phantasy Star 2 and 4 are among my favorite RPGs outside of DQ, especially PhS4! Good luck, friend, and enjoy!
  8. Sorry for double posting, but I'm still getting used to these things, including the editor and the uploader. Here's the new post with the proof on the page itself.
  9. Arf! Here you go! Took a long time to get around to registering for the contest, but here it is! <a href="http://s356.photobucket.com/user/chri7293/media/contest%20proof_zpsmqosxoxt.jpg.html"target="_blank"><img src="http://i356.photobucket.com/albums/oo10/chri7293/contest%20proof_zpsmqosxoxt.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo contest proof_zpsmqosxoxt.jpg"/></a>
  10. My favorite is DQ4, either on NES or DS, but the "best" games are DQ 8 and 7. the discrepancy is that I have the most fond memories of DQ 4 and I have always respected it for it's unique chapter based story, but I have to give a hand to DQ7 for it's vast ambition, and DQ8 for it's technical proficiency. DQ 4, as I just mentioned, is my third place choice for best in the series, because of it's unique framing device. It's a fun twist, with every party member in the ensemble taking a lead role in a short story before you receive your protagonist for the epic finale. DQ 7 is second plac
  11. See? It's comments like that which make me happy to be here, with a nice, respectful, if troubled crowd.
  12. I for one have found my so-far-short time here to be full of positive influence. This is a WAY happier place for me than GameFAQs, with it's constant bickering and "Great bait mate, I rate it 8/8" replies to ANY dissenting opinion whether it was legitimate antagonism, trolling, or even a legit dissenting opinion. I hear what you're saying just the same, Red, we all should embrace what we're getting and hope for brighter times. I know I've said before "I fear for DQ's future, but am appreciative of DQ Heroes", but you know? That fear and annoyance is fading because I see so many passiona
  13. Wow... impressive, as are so many of the wonderful fan games out there. How does one even get started on something like this? I'd love to make a fan game. I have VXAce, but i'd be doing things on a far simpler scale, having not made anything yet in it.
  14. Ahh, yes, thank you, Yangus. I know the pain of not having access to your full typing faculties. Myself, I am missing one computer desk. I'm in between desks as of this week, assembling a new one, and until then, my main computer is on the bedroom floor. In response to your response, thank you for the info. In-game hunger and limited inventory are things I also had to juggle in Nippon Ichi's Zettai Hero Project and Guided Fate Paradox, which share many mechanics of Mystery Dungeon games, just on an isometric 3/4 plane as opposed to a top-down view. Nice to know at least only the leader h
  15. I currently have Xenoblade Chronicles and Etrian Mystery Dungeon, so my gamingn time will be sufficiently filled for months Yay!
  16. Just collected this to play after Xenoblade Chronicles. I figured I'd best pick it up before it vanishes, while I still had the spare monies to do so. Any advice for a vet of the Etrian games, but newb to Mystery Dungeon? Edit: I've played the DS cut o fMystery Dungeon a little tiny bit, and a little bit of Izuna the Unemployed Ninja, plus I've played lots of ZHP and Guided Fate Paradox, which is the same game in anisometric view.
  17. Unfortunately when I played the GameCube a lot, and the games were cheap, I had no idea what harvest moon was at all, had never seen it till my DSLFor a while now I've been thinking of buying one of the GC games (can't remember which one), but I never get around to doing it (one day, I promise), though I should do it soon. @Mattcraft Are your greetings like Democrobot's, or am I just missing something here? He's another weirdo. Yes, but well meaning, as we all are around here. None so kind and as weird as our ringleader, though, which leads me to this... Some reason this came
  18. Welcome to the club, rchpweblo. Do you prefer the full screen name to Ryan? Most folks around here just call me Dog or Zahan. I am very impressed with your collection of games and game systems so far. You've got a diverse set of interests in this little hobby of ours, and diversity is always a good thing. Arf!
  19. "Dragon waaaariors... come out and plaaaayaaaay!"
  20. Yes, I'm aware through browsing other forums (please don't hurt me!) that Shulk and Melia's AIs are sorely lacking in I. I'm not sure what favors I'd be doing myself playing as any other character over the main one, especially if he has no situational awareness under computer control. I'm totally enjoying the game though, and I left Platty some words of wisdom if he should choose to get the N3DS for it, above. I loved the game on Wii, but my biggest problem is I dont generally want to tie myself to a TV for long periods of time throughout the day anymore, nor do I often have that luxu
  21. As far as upgrading goes, Platty, if you like the system and the enhancements it has, then acquire a sizable MicroSD ( the New3DS only accepts micro) And preload your old stock of digital games onto it. The New3DS allows you to transfer the software licenses to a card loaded with the matching software. Check with your game store of choice to see if they'd allow you 10 minutes with the old model and the use of their wi-fi, 'cause all system transfers have to be veryfied on Ninty's servers before they can go through. Yeah, they dropped the ball years ago on the idea of upgrading/replacing
  22. I downloaded it to N3DS last night, and have been enjoying ever since. Anyone else play this, or the original Wii release? I owned the Wii disc, but when I learned this was available for N3DS, I loaned my disc to a good friend across the country (shipped it to him) so he could share the experience without shelling out over $70US (!). Long story short, who's really feeling it? Who's pressing on and on and on? Who knows what time it is? (hint: It's Reyn time)
  23. If I hadn't been so intent on collecting Xenoblade Chronicles, I'd have gone with Etrian Myster Dungeon, especially since I already have Persona Q. The fellas above are correct. You'd be missing out on a lot of the humor of Persona Q unless you play the games they draw their cast from first. Persona Q is Etrian gameplay through and through, but the humor is pure Persona. Yeah, I'd recommend Etrian Mystery out of the two. Out of all games out now, I recommend Xenoblade, if you have the New 3DS. If you have an original model, it'd be a moot point, and I'd revert back to Etrian Mystery.
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