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  1. I'm very interested in this game, and will be investing some Steam $ into it as soon as I have real $ to do so.
  2. to Yangus: Nope, no trouble at all, really. I had Metatron, Vishnu and Huang Long at high levels. Vishnu spammed Salvation, while Metatron and Huan gLong ( and an occasional pinch-hit from Odin ) Kept the damage on, while I amped us all with Luster Breath. Now Beelzebub, that was a tough fight. In the end I had to keep spamming debuffs and Megidolaon to keep him from Luster Candy-ing and Megidolaon-ing us to death Kept the Lord of the Flies in a perpetual buff and wail loop, by stripping his buffs, and whittled him down with a wide range of almighty hits. Even threw a few Megido Stones
  3. Forgot to mention, I finished SMT4 a couple days ago. Got the Netural ending after an extra 6 or so hours of gameplay after the lock. Worth it all the way. Now I'm back on to Stella Glow, and also playing the Phantasy Star Generations 2 Fan translation.
  4. Glad to hear from you and other SMT fans among the DragonQuesters here. Yangus: Yeah, I managed neutrality pretty well on my own for most of the game, but somewhere slightly before the 1st alternate world I started using a cheatsheet for some replies, but lost track of my numbers in the intervening months, leading me to fly blind, again, until the last decision before alignment lock. I breathed a great sigh of relief when I got the neutral path, upon choosing the chaos answer. That means my ailgnment was no less than +2, and no greater than +18 when I reached the lock. Probably a +2 a
  5. Update: Returned to Shin Megami Tensei 4 after months of absence,and am on the verge of getting the neutral path ending. Just 6 more bosses to go, according to my information. Been a hell of a ride, and my signifigant other is just starting his SMT4 journey as well, so I'm in a great spot to help. Anyone have any thoughts on SMT4?
  6. Hey! Granstream Saga! Nice! I loved that game, despite the no-face models and the rampant translation inconsistency. The music and combat were amazing in it's day. I admit, I've been tempted to take a step back from modern games and replay that one after the several years since getting both endings. Good one!
  7. Playing Stella Glow, mostly. I'm currently about 7 hours in, on Chapter 3, and enjoying greatly so far. It's only getting better as time goes on and more options open up. It begins rather samey to other tactical games, but opens up on a slow burn into something more different.
  8. I just read on GameSpot a huge list of upcoming RPGs for PS4, and 3DS. PS4 is getting an interesting game called "Ikenei to Yuki No Setsuna", which, I've read, translates to "Setsuna of the Snow and Sacrifice", and is being compared favorably to an oldschool JRPG like early FF or Chrono Trigger. It involves a young maiden in a snowy village about to be sacrificed to appease nearby demons, and her attempt to avoid that fate. Also, for those who, like me, enjoy Valkyria Chronicles, a PS4 remaster of the first game comes soon, as does a fourth game ( the third was for PSP and we never got i
  9. Over 18 hjours of gameplay later, I'm still on Chapter 4-ish in this game, and feeling remarkably satisfied, despite having gotten very little actual story done. It's just so easy and fun to get lost in this place. You set off intent on doing some missions, and then get lost dropping probes, picking up loot, and salvaging. My character is a joker male with a thin Riker-style beard/stache, whom I happen to enjoy playing very much. Even if he does look like Cmdr. Shepard and sounds rather generic, acting-wise. At least that generic voice is speaking some neat quips I seem to like.
  10. ... and now proudly adding Xenoblade Chronicles X to the list of games. It's great so far.
  11. I'm four hours in thus far, and I'm impressed. The wildlife feels like genuine wildlife, and I find i actually avoid engaging them unless they attack me first. This does not happen often, and I am pleased with this. My character is, as near as I could make it, a mid-30s male, like myself, with the facial hair and the rebel voice ("So you like knockin' people around, huh?"). He's pretty cool so far. As characters go, Lin is pretty funny, Col. Elma works as the stoic vet trope, Cmdr. Vendham is my favorite so far. The battle theme is passable. Reminds me in it's way of Mass Destruct
  12. Hmm... release in 2 days. Yep, time for The Dog to unbury this topic! I have played roughly half the first Xenoblade game, and given that this one has an unrelated story (supposedly), I'm willing to give this new iteration a shot, blow the dust off my WiiU. I'll get it as a "christmas present" for my signifigant other, as he finished and loved Xenoblade 1. And he's getting me Stella Glow for 3DS, so I'll have the perfect counterpoint to this game while I'm waiting for my turn on the WiiU.
  13. I'm currently wavering between fire Emblem Awakening, Vandal Hearts 2, and an NES RPG called Destiny of an Emperor. It was one of my favorites as a kid, and felt the need to revisit it. For a gross oversimplification, it's kinda like a DQ game set in Ancient China. Instead of fighting monsters though, you're fighting rebel armies. Your HP is how many soldiers your army has, and instead of spells you have "tactics" which include cannon fire, river ambushes, and general assassinations. A tactics list off GameFAQs may be needed, as the tactic names are all in romanized Chinese; your
  14. Psaro's looking pretty awesome, especially the high tension special. Also Yangus' special. "Awright let's 'ave ya!"
  15. Kiryl's ready for one of the biggest the holidays in Springfield... Whacking Day. Love Alena's multiples, too, and Maya's high tension "Puff!" magic.
  16. Also, Luceus and Kyril should get along famously, as two worrywarts with royalty in their care getting way too involved for their liking. Take heart fellas, and know that at least you'll never be bored.
  17. Oh yeah, totally. A story's been passed on in my world about a king who tried to give his throne away to Erdrick. Doric is way better.
  18. Oh, totally. Doric is The Man! Most DQ kings are doddering fools only good for handing out quests, or occasionally tending the crafting shop (lookin' at "Granddad", Yangus. ), but this guy's A-OK, for going on the quest with you, and having the muscle to back up his own kingdom. I love this guy.
  19. I've been following this game for a couple months now, and have my preorder 75% paid off already. Comparing it to Hyrule Warriors (the only other game it it's kind I've actually played), it seems to have thinner hordes of stronger individuals, and better boss battles. Not to mention, it hits my nostagla button harder than the Zelda musou, 'cause of my personal tastes. Always did love DW / DQ more than Zelda. Also kudos to King Doric! He's The Man! Where most DQ kings are doddering fools only good for handing out quests to us working stiffs, this one's a boisterous hands-on, take-charge b
  20. Arf, fellow questers! I'm starting a topic for this awesome, if rough, game for PS3 which will help hold me over 'til DQ Heroes for a while. So.. what is Lost Dimension? As basically as I can put it, it's a tactical RPG with a dramatic and powerful twist. Your squad mates could be traitors to the cause, lurking in the shadows, and you're forced to kill a teammate every step of the way. Let me Explain. A being known as The End ( and that "The" is a part of his name, like The Cheat of HomeStar Runner fame ) has built a huge tower in New York, and threatens to destroy the world i
  21. Lost Dimension is my game until I get at least one ending, then I may return to Etrian Untold, and prepare to play Untold 2 at a later date.
  22. Currently shifted to Lost Dimension on the PS3. Anyone else playing that one? I'll elaborate for those who haven't heard of this latest Atlus gem.
  23. To The Mystical One: I think Gooieooie's question is "Why have the 2D graphics on the 3DS lower screen and not something more practical, as was the case in DQ9 on original DS?" To Gooieooie: Am I correct? Also nice to see you around again, been a while. In general. Dragon Quest XI, in the 30th anniversary year of the series. Yes, yes, emphatic yes. If I could have any more yes to give, Chris "The Fish" Squire would need to still be alive today. 2016 could be our year, everyone!
  24. Woo! DQMJ3! Thanks Platty! Pardon my late thanks, but doggie's been on vacation
  25. I could swear I saw her in the Japanese trailer months ago, on Youtube. Hold tight, I'll dig into it. Edit: Nope, total mistake on my part. Still, awesome if it does come here finally.
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