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  1. Is there room for a certain forum-lurking, key-digging canine to build a martial artist and join in?
  2. Woot! About time we made a return to Alefgard! Kudos to the team for remembering their roots! Alefgard and Torland was my favorite setting for the games for years. I had doubts when DW4 dropped the line of Erdrick into history, but I'm glad we get to go back there with this game! Won't be able to afford it on launch, due to a trip I need to take in October, but I will throw my chips in on it over the holidays. I can call it in as a holiday gift from my Signifigant Other, for example.
  3. Also worth noting, you don't level up in 4 Heroes of Light in the traditional "Bash beasts, get XP" model. Each crown must be adorned with the jewels that drop from enemies and bosses, as well as found in your travels, to be upgraded to the next stage, where more jewels need to be slotted. It's hard to get just the gems you need sometimes, I found.
  4. Sorry to hear of the losses of family on this board. I, myself, lost a great friend with whom I'd been having nightly online contact for 3 years, this past february. I live in Connecticut, and he lived on Oregon, but we talked every night online. He and I would meet in an online field of our choosing and watch movies on netflix streaming at the same time, or share music, and chat about them as we go. He got me into Alan Parsons Project, Rush, and Yes, all the awesome progressive rock I'd heard OF, but seldom heard. I still miss him, over half a year after the fact. Thought it w
  5. " o/` You've been hit by... you've been struck by... a smooth criminal! o/` "
  6. Here's a question that undoubtedly was not covered in the DQ Heroes contest, as it was not exactly an issue there. I have DQ7 prepurchased and preloaded on my 3DS directly from the Nintendo eShop. They deliver a digital receipt that is visible on the 3DS screen. If I took a photo of that screen. with a label of my screen name appended to the system, would that do? Do pardon the question, as it wasn't necessarily an issue for the last contest, it being on PS4 and all.
  7. I played the original and clocked in at least 130 hours into it. I can't do that again, and still have time for the new one, which I'm assuming will be almost as long. I do hope I'm sane enough to resist the temptation.
  8. I'm not sure. I can't forgive the original DW7 on PS1 for it's clunky font and blurriness, but on the other hand, it might be fun to revisit again someday, if only the game was not so lengthy to begin with. I played the PS1 version and loved it, but now that a (debatably) better alternative is in reach, I will always keep it and hold it in high regard, but to play it over again? Not likely.
  9. On PS4? Grand Kingdom is very good. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is amazing, if action RPGs are your speed.
  10. I tried a couple months ago, but I 'm afraid I just can't get past how shoddy the translation and fonts are for the PS1 version. As soon as I have the DQ7 3DS version unlocked ( went digital for the bonus theme ), I may never look back. DW7 was fine when it was 2001 and I was starved for a new game since DW4, but this new version is just the kind of fix this game needed ages ago.
  11. Looks good to me! I love the idea that Kiefer and the hero both refuse to believe that Estard Island is the only land in the world.I think that was not touched on in the PS1 days. Also, it grates on some folks around here, but I, for one, applaud the retranslation of Gabo's name to Ruff. If I understand right, "Gabo" is just "Bark" in Japanese, anyway. Ruff makes a better translation than the literal one from the poorly written PS1 release. The graphics here are a far cry from the flat and smudgy PS1 versions. Even the PS2 or PS3's texture smoothing made things worse, not better. It
  12. Sorry I'm late to the party! Been sneaking in Birthright playtime on a digital copy in between major events. A weekend full of work, and my partner had a kidney stone related operation, and been taking care of him. Still on Chapter 10 of Birthright, and I have Conquest available as well. Will do first one then the other, then hopefully, ready for the third path when it's out.
  13. Feel for ya, Eal. Deadpool IS A good movie. I remember waiting all day for a game in a game store, only to find it was not in the days' shipment. 'twas Sands Of Destuction. Sometimes it just gets agonizing and harder and harder to find distractions form the waiting. T- 3:28 by the way
  14. Yet how much patience did it take me to wait around Zahan all that time for the royals to show up for their key? Seriously, though, I'm like this with almost every new RPG. It's crazy. Old as I am I can't shake those pre-game shakes, like a kid on Christmas Eve.
  15. Just about that time. I got Birthright preloaded on my N3DS, to be unlocked at midnight the 18/19. Plus I've got enough eShop credit to get the other two paths ( though I know the third isnt out for another 3 weeks). These will make a nice holdover until Bravely Second, which, in turn, will keep me busy until DQ7 and 8 on 3DS.
  16. I do believe he meant Wrought iron Happy birthday! If you were here, I'd give you a bone! Arf! The dog thanks you!
  17. Today's my birthday, going to dinner with my SO and generally going to carry on happily.
  18. Update on FEA: Lost Libra at chapter 17 tonight.
  19. To date, chapter 17, with at least 6 casualties, on Classic Hard. My casualties are Ricken, Maribelle, Tharja, Kellam, Kjelle, Frederick ( wounded) and I think that's all for now. Sometimes I just have to accept a less than optimal outcome in a fight to progress, hence the fatalities. Panne is my wife, and I've paired Sully and Virion, Miriel and Stahl, Lissa and Vaike, Chrom and Sumia, Gaius and Cordelia, Nowi and Gregor and Tharja and Libra. I'm working up other support pairings such as Morgan and Yarne, Donnel and Lucina, and a budding buddyship between Sully and Miriel. My main scht
  20. Also replaying Awakening until Fates arrives. I'll get baack to Stella Glow and beat that when I can. AWakening as sat unfinished for years. Stella Glow can wait a little bit. Need to train my brain for the challenges ahead.
  21. I am very excited for Fire Emblem Fates. I'll be getting the Birthright edition. As I understand, the other paths can be downloaded for $20 or so, Conquest right away, and Revelations 3 weeks from release. I loved Awakening, and look forward to loving Birthright as much. Conquest feels daunting, having struggled so with older FE games like Path of Radiance. Shadow Dragon was easier, but still not as user friendly as Awakening. I've played Fire Emblem Awakening to Chapter 16 so far, on Classic Hard. I'm going to attempt to finish it before the 19th, on that save.
  22. Am playing Stella Glow and Dillon's Rolling Western on 3DS 'til fire Emblem comes out this month
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