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  1. I hope so, too, Fates. Everybody's gotta work somewhere, sometimes more than one place.
  2. Those abilities sound amazing. What if Torneko has a kind of Lucky dip ability like in DQ4? Random effects that usually benefit you? Like tripping and accidentally scoring a triple critlcal? How about using Carver as a damage tank, including a Roundhouse that drives away surrounding hostiles, or the Knuckle Sandwich? He could also fabricate a quick healing shack? He IS a carpenter as well, after all. Shout out to Yangus, and the ability to steal, as well as befuddle enemies with the underpants dance, to say nothing of his axe strengths!
  3. "Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack thwack thwack thwack! Grrr.... Be gone away!"
  4. At a small sci-fi con in Massachusetts in 2003, I bought my first import CDs. They were "World of Final Fantasy: All sounds Final Fantasy I~II", and the symphonic suites of DQ 1 and 2. I sadly didn't realize how important it is to keep the spine sleeves, but I have the CDs to this day. Heck, I listen to the Symphonic Suites often, when I check this forum!
  5. Greetings, Solutus! Do pardon my lateness to the welcoming party. I've been absent from the forum a few months, but this and next seem to be a year for a DQ Renaissance, so I'm popping back in!
  6. I've been absent from the forums for a couple months, so, sorry I didn't welcome you, myself. Better late than never: Welcome to the Dragon's Den! I can hope your experience with Dragon Quest games includes parts 1 through 3, so you know where I get my screen name from!
  7. @Ganan, Jay is correct. You haven't had any plot spoilers for DQ7 yet. Zenithia and the Master Dragon are part of DQ4 through 6, not at all related to 7. DQ7 is it's own matter entirely. Even DQ4 ~ 6 are only thematically connected by Zenithia, there is not a direct throughline like DQ1 through 3 have. Rest easy, friend, the mystery is safe for now. Also, welcome to the wonderful worlds of Dragon Quest!
  8. I would dearly love a Dragon Quest tactics game, proper, with human armies battling monsters in a solid DQ world. Dragon Quest Wars was a cute game and all, like DQ chess, basically. We deserve more though. They seem to have a rich string of spinoffs nowadays. the sky looks like the limit for DQ finally.
  9. Been a fan of DQ ever since renting the NES original at my video store (remember those?) Fell immediately in love with RPGs and DQ since!
  10. Final art piece to upload, and a confession. I am a furry, and my character of choice in other online arenas is an otter with a fondness for cosplay as video game characters. Here, then, is my character dolled up as the hero of DQMJ-2.
  11. And here we have some assets from teh game itself. Top Left, Archdemon Mugar, endboss of the first chapter, of which there were to be 4, including a prequel. Top Right: A being of nature known only as The Rage, composed of all four elements, a trial for heroes. Bottom Left: Phantor, a ghostlyknight, once a hero, corrupted by death. Bottom Right, General Kandora, the leading human in Mugar's army, and later to become Lord Kandora the Novademon, adjacent.
  12. Here is art from my 11 year old self, regarding my DQ inspired game, Line of Heroes, showing a valiant party against the Archdemon Mugar.
  13. Was using a figure of speech, but the point of encouragement is well taken! Will do shortly!
  14. Do you ever get to use tools and weapons besides your hammer? I'd have figured you'd pick up a sword when fighting, but use tools for everything else. Also, just watched a bit of one of the Japanese videos: the part where the hero recruits three burly guys (the leather masked, cockney blokes). It seems you can have some townsfolk join you? Details on this, too please?
  15. I have a few pieces of fanart of DQ, as well as a nice (for the time ) image of a DQesque bad guy I designed for a knock-off fan-made board game when I was a pup. Shall I post submit them for thy approval here, my fellow questers?
  16. I'd be so down for helping with this, with donations or even design help. I'm no pro designer, but as a child I made an attempt at a knock-off of DQ in board game form. I had the tropes of the series down pat, but the actual mechanics and math I floundered at. Still.. you have to forgive the fumbling of my pup self. I WAS 11 at the time.
  17. No sir, that is a preload. the game can be downloaded in full as early as today for 3DS on eShop, but it's locked. Nintendo will start issuing small updates to the game to unlock it on launchday.
  18. Now, that, right there, is what I'd be talking about, if I didn't waste my post-vote message being cute. To elaborate on my own voting rationale, I chose the Erdrick / Loto Trilogy, because while the games themselves are, compared to the rest of the series, primitive and simple, the overarching story is strong and wondrous. The idea that a being came to a fantasy world from Earth, like DQ3, is not unique (Ultima, the game's spiritual inspiration, did the same), the idea is still brilliant. However, simpler than that, the thematic thread that generations of heroes rose from that one p
  19. I must say that "Adventure", the DQ3 Overworld theme, is my all time fave for DQ games. I love every time it appears, especially in DQ Heroes, where they use the orchestral version.
  20. @ErdrickTheHero * High fives for digital releases * Woot! Can't wait for it either. I just HAD to have the game in digital format for my 3DS, I love the idea of having my favorite games on there, despite the slight risks and inconveniences of memory space and transfers to new systems. Yeah, this is going to be great. I'm going to lose another 130-140 hours to DQ7, with no regrets.
  21. Not to make Megalosaro feel like they are being ganged on, but there's also DQ7 on PS1, where if you bring a monster's heart to Dharma Shrine, you cn become that monster, like any other job class, AND, there's a separate set of job class trees for monster classes! I never did this myself, but reading about it in the strat guide, it was an amazing concept, and just made that game balloon out to be that much more epic in scope.
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