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  1. Earlier today, I met Rab and Jade at the ruins of Dundrasil. No spoilers without the go ahead, but let me say I don't think I've ever actually cried at a DQ game before now. Sure the overture always gets me a little misty at the final swell, but no DQ ever quite hit me in the feels as hard as all this Dundrasil business. DQ5 came DAMN close.... but yeah... this was the one that actually produced an episode of ocular leakage. Okay, I just remembered there's a spoiler tag option so... Can't wait to see what comes next. Also, any tips on forging with the Fun-size Forge, i
  2. Nope. Still in the first half of the game. About to go to ruined Dundrasil I just the Rainbough yoinked by Rab and Jade, after the Vince Vanquish spider venom doping debacle. I had a busy day yesterday, will get back on track tonight.
  3. Just finished the main event in Octagonia, am about to do sidequests there before progressing with main stuff. This is a fantastic game, I always knew it was, and I'm glad I'm finally making the time for it now. Better late than never!
  4. I am just leaving Octagonia after the things that have gone on there, and am loving pretty much everything I'm seeing!
  5. What it is, big man? Mama didn' raise no dummies, I dig it!
  6. 1: Atelier: The Dusk Trilogy. I have them preloaded on the Switch for launch day. 2: Langrisser 1 & 2. I preordered the special edition as soon as it was announced. I've been wanting this one for a long time. 3: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore. I'm least excited for this one but excited nevertheless. Also this is a hoped for, not a guarantee, I've heard nothing for or against... but Blaster Master Zero 3 would be nice.
  7. Blaster Master Zero 2 was an amazing ninja launch, and was EXACTLY what I needed to cheer me up on an otherwise frustrating day. I 100%'d that game within days, and loved every minute of it from it's secret launch to it's fantastic finale. I'm also very very happy with Shovel Knight Showdown, and I hope in the coming year I can find, among my friends, some worthy competition. Sadly, I'm only casually into fighting games to begin with, and my friends and husband like fighting games even less than I do. Our roommate loves smash-type games... but he's entirely too good at them and no one
  8. One of my gaming goals is in line with a real life goal of shedding some of my belly fat, so I want to put more time into my workout games: Fitness Boxing and Ring Fit Adventure. I have a generous space in the bedroom for doing these things, thankfully. Another goal I have in 2020 is to clean a few specific games off my backlog. DQ11S is top priority now. In summer, I plan to resume Atelier Ryza and the other Atelier games I've downloaded. I'm waiting til the warmer weather hits, for proper theming. In the meantime, I'd also like to give Caligula Effect Overdose another chance to wo
  9. After Goddess knows how many years of wanting to hear an 8-bit rendering of DQ8's War Cry, the Youtube postings of the DQ11 OST have granted my wish! That was good for me.
  10. Oh, I'm finding that out, as I just got the Pastwords for Moonahan (DQ2) and the Observatory (DQ9). This means when I get a pastword for DQ8 I'll FINALLY hear the 8-bit rendition of "War Cry" I've been waiting for! As far as main game progress, I just got Sylvando, the fabulous fighting entertainer, love him to bits, and am about to explore Gondolia. I took a detour to DQ9's Observatory, only to find that the quest needs more exploration in the main world to complete. I'm sure I'll get it all done. Also, riding Midnight Hornets in Laguna di Gondolia is just the bee's knees.
  11. You are correct, my good bandit. Actually, found the Switch version's new content just before crossing the Gallopolitan border, so will elaborate now. I just got Veronica and Serena, and on the road to Gallopolis, I'm pulled aside by one of those owl-looking critters, and finally learned their name, a few hours early. From there, they saved my game for me, and then took me to a strange place: Tickington! Once there, they tell me of their trouble: The Adventure Logs of past heroes of other worlds are being vanadalized by unknown troublemakers. If I can find their friends in Erdrea
  12. I've just seen an interesting video about DW / DQ game prices in the US. I'm proud to say I'm sitting on a gold mine. Or rather, more like a dragon's hoard, as there's VERY little chance I'll sell any of mine, except in extremely dire circumstances. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0zEM1WSiB8
  13. Reading mostly philosophy these days, trying to shape up my emotional life while I still have time. Though my favorite philosophy texts are the "________ and Philosophy books" of pop-culture essays (like "Star Wars and Philosophy" for one), I am reading the classic stoic text, "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius. He's one of the best emperors ancient Rome ever had, especially in terms of ethics, and ever since reading how much Star Wars' Yoda had in common with classic stoics has me pursuing a more stable and less turbulent emotional life. Fun fact: True Stoics are not unmoveable, ston
  14. Just got through the Manglegrove on my playthrough. Christmas plans stood in my way for a while, but am now back on track. On PS4 I left off at Gallopolis before getting sidetracked. Will likely report more often when I get back there.
  15. Just returned to Cobblestone via Manglegrove in DQ11S on my Switch. I'll likely have more to report once I hit new territory for me. When I first played on PS4 I got as far as arriving in Gallopolis before my SO outpaced me and I surrendered the PS4 to him. Now that I have DQ11 on Switch and he's moved on to The Outer Worlds on PS4, I can finish the game on my own time, without having to share that particular TV. I'm just too nice regarding the TV the PS4 is hooked to... I've not finished a LOT of games because I yielded the living room TV to my mate's PS4 games. This makes me very g
  16. Both are awesome in their way! Which of the 3 Houses are you playing first?
  17. He IS pretty amazing! Erik's a good 2nd place runner. Erik's accent reminds me of my father-in-law, who's a born and bred New Yorker. I love Erik's new costume in 11S, the Wolf Wear is very striking.
  18. I DO so hope we can get a complete and competently managed Dragon Quest anime in the West through some official channels for once. "Dragon Warrior" on TV at 6 in the morning in the 90s on saturdays was a good lark, but we need some serious mass media love over here for this sort of thing! Heck, if we're in a pop culture climate that welcomes so many eastern properties, now more than ever is the time we stand a chance to get Dragon Quest anime over here.
  19. Excellent game. Well worth playing it and Bravely Second, as well. Hope you find enjoyment there, and wouldn't you know it, the next game in the series is due for Switch in the coming year!
  20. I received this 30 years ago as well. I had rented it before, but my wise and loving parents renewed my Nintendo Power subscription just to get me the free copy of this Though I've lost all but the game cartridge itself, and the Dungeon Map, I still have my original cartridge, and those of the 3 the games that followed, to this day. Merry Christmas, Denizens, and may the Dragon Quests that unite us continue for years to come!
  21. X4 is a fine one, voice acting aside! First time Zero and X were fully playable in their own campaigns! MM5GB is a great step sideways out of the normal naming conventions and introduced a neat mechanic in the Mega Arm that took the series out of it's established comfort zone, and I respected the Heck out of it! MM10 and 11 are my favorite non-NES titles in the series. MM11 did a GREAT job picking up the ball and making Mega Man viable again! As far as Kid Icarus Uprising goes, my top weapons are the Aquarius Sword and the Phosphora Bow.
  22. Wow... there's WAY too many RPGs on the Switch! It's a problem we should feel lucky to have, but dang! I'm playing DQ11S finally, but after that, who knows? TMS#FE? Space Wolf? Golf Story? Ni No Kuni? Langrisser? Fallen Legion? The Tenth Line? I have or want most of the above, and that's not even half of it! I may have gone a little crazy during eShop sales, and using my gold points. I preordered the Special Edition Langrisser from NISA as well, 'cause I've been a fan since the first game was called Warsong on Genesis.
  23. What do I love on Netflix? Three words: Carole And Tuesday.
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