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  1. I had the twist at the end spoiled for me, and still enjoyed the movie, twist and all. Even shared the movie with a couple of friends on the 14th. (Happy Birthday to me!) I was still on board with the movie with it's virus final bad guy, and Luca spouting about the power of the story over him and all... but something in my brain just tuned out when Gootrude revealed himself as an anti-virus measure. I don't care that he turned into Erdrick's sword in a pivotal moment of triumph. His reveal at end made me do a mental eye-roll and think "Okay, the virtual world twist I could take... th
  2. Reviving my topic a year later, to tell the great news: My husband and I went to a retro-style arcade and bar for the afternoon today! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Smash TV! Q*Bert! We set lots of high scores today... show these kids how it's done. I got photos
  3. You really do have to lean hard into the pairing mechanics of Awakening, especially early on, and MOST especially in Hard Mode. Even more so in FE:Fates.Three Houses, not as much. It still helps to have allies nearby, but it's not nearly as necessary. In Three Houses the new gimmicks are having a hub world to walk around in between missions, and more flexible, customizable characters. That second part is the best in the whole game. With enough patience and work, maybe a little planning (if you're into metagaming), you can make almost anyone into almost anything in the game. Most cla
  4. Ah, was curious. I would be curious to know how that plays out. Can you let me know what results are? Also, no judgement whatsoever on having a family plan for Awakening or not. I half-and-halfed it. I went in with a plan for my Robin, but pretty much let all others fall into place where they did. It's meant to be played in any way you want. Lots to be said for personal choice.
  5. Awakening is amazing! I played it and enjoyed it very much! Also one of the most important games in the entire series, as it was very nearly the very last. A lady Robin who resembles Eirika sounds fantastic! go for it, play what you want! I was getting back to Three Houses personally, but I JUST read that if you want maximum benefit from the DLC, you gotta play it before Part 2 of the main story, so you can recruit the characters then. And I was ALMOST at the turning point too. Now I want to wait 'til thursday to play it more... but I also don't 'cause it's awesome and I love it
  6. I'll tell you how I DON'T like them: I DON'T like them when you can put in all the effort to get them, and only see one or two stats level up. Hi, can anyone here tell I'm obviously playing Fire Emblem again? In that game, level-ups are given like candy on Halloween: frequently small and each individual one is usually unsatisfying, but you get lots of them. Also like Halloween, the process of accruing them has side benefits, like being able to put on new costumes and use new props when you go out for them next time.
  7. I will throw a bone and submit a somewhat long-winded list of my favorite games of the past 9-10 years and why. I'm putting each game in it's own paragraph, so I'm going to keep it down to five. Here goes! Arf! ---Shin Megami Tensei IV: God's plan for Tokyo: pave it over and convince everyone he puts on top that it's the 15th century. Devil's plan for Tokyo: Put a Yakuza protection racket in charge. Literal mob rule. MY plan for Tokyo: Bring back an old god, level the playing field, literally, and make peace. Not only is the game well built on it's massive ar
  8. I've just played and finished the indie game 198X. It's a coming-of-age drama in the 80s with a twist - key moments and thoughts in the protag's life take the form of retro-style video games you play. Kinda like "Retro Game Challenge" meets "The Wall". The game can be completed in under 2 hours (that's TWO hours), and is well worth the investment. I recommend one play it in as close to total solitude as possible, and go in as blind as possible. I will say no more, for fear of spoilers.
  9. I admit I slept on this one, but in hindsight, I should immediately have been on board with a fighting game where you can be Tekkaman Blade! Maybe I can find it sometime!
  10. Just finished Chapter 2 today, I love how the photographer's mirage puppet master was rendered without eyes. Almost intentional, I think. He had no true vision, after all, not compared to the party who freed his human host from him. This game does have an endearing charm to it. I like how poor flustered Tsubasa mixes her syllables frequently. "I've got what it takes, I'm po-ing to groove it to you!" Also, yes the sidequests are clever and cute as well. I did enjoy the "Tiki=waifu" quest as well, especially the ending of that quest. I also find it interesting how Performa can be
  11. For those who don't know, there's also a passive ability that the hero Itsuki learns early on that lets Sessions overflow, so if one move in the combo defeats it's target, the next lands on another foe in the mob. The end of one enemy can be the start of finishing another. If that enemy was also whittled down some, you can conceivably defeat several foes in one move, and it doesn't even necessarily have to be your best one that kicks it off. After all, the only thing better than one-shotting an enemy is one-shotting multiple enemies. The only thing better than THAT is to do so as efficientl
  12. Nice! What chapter are you on? I'm partway into Chapter 2 myself. I love the Session Chains, too. Skill inheritance from weapons is a nice touch, too. Slightly easier than that done in SMT4 or SMT4A. The use of the weapon triangle as an extra set of weaknesses is fitting as well. Heck I love a lot of how the combat mechanics play out in this game.
  13. I got me some Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and will be beating that before I hope to return to DQ11. As far as DQ11 goes, I was just about to do a pastword quest before attending business in Lonalulu.
  14. Dog Of Zahan casts Zing on this topic! A game-by-game list of my favorites and least favorites in DO history! Starting with the favorites: DQ1: Dragonlord. The villain has, hands down, the most character of the entire game. I mean, he introduces himself as "King of Kings" and "offers" you half the world, so he can murder you and delete your saved game. Gotta say, I like his ambitions and gotta shout out to his cleverness. He knows you fought your way to him and he knows you're the descendant of Erdrick that can hand him his tail in tail in a bloody bag in a one-on-one combat.
  15. I know it's late, but hope you, the goo'd lady wife, and the droplets had a day on your happy birthday!
  16. It is. I don't mind telling anyone, I'm touched by this in two ways, neither good. The first is the obvious feelings that one has for a passing celebrity -- condolences and sympathies towards their friends, families and bandmates, and of course, the sad realization that they shall never perform again. The second is more personal and complicated. The short version is that the friend I once had who is most responsible for my introduction to Rush passed away 4 years ago. With Neil's passing away, it reopens old wounds. I feel like I've lost not only Neil, but a part of that old de
  17. Yeah, official statement on Twitter is Neil had been secretly fighting cancer since his retirement about 3 years ago. All my information on Neil, from reluctant interviews and his own lyrics, points to a very private guy who wouldn't have wanted a big production made out of his private battle. Keeping it quiet was very much "him", and I'm glad he and his bandmates kept it quiet. I know he had a rather strained relationship with fame, and I also imagine the last thing he'd want is for strangers to give their sympathy or condolences until after he'd actually passed. Well, he has, and so, now
  18. My favorite band lost their best friend today.  Neil Peart of Rush, drummer virtuoso and lyricist extraordinaire, passed away at 67.

  19. I'm posting this today in honor of the passing of the legendary Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart today. I feel that this, the last song off their last album is the last message Neil ever wanted to give his fans. I pass it along in hopes that it inspires all my denizens to live with love and kindness for others always. Life's too short to squabble with others.
  20. Welcome back! I won't fuss over spoilers for this game, I know some smaller spoilery details already about each character anyway.
  21. Thank you very much! Only other thing I suppose I can do to forge better stuff is never fail to find a sparkle and level myself up.
  22. Sounds plausible to me. I DO wish DQH 1+2 were out in the states already. Still, whether that happens or not, the prospect of a Direct sounds lovely to me.
  23. #1: For the future, that sounds good, given the restrictions are lifted, but I never have a problem with making a lesser upgraded item so far. I always sell or hand down the lesser items when I get a +3. I'd imagine, though, when I get to more advanced recipes that require materials I can't buy from the Forge directly (great QOL adjustment there, as well), THEN Save-summing will become more important. I shall save-scum the heck out of my crafting then. #2: How many Sizzly-puffs should I go for? Too many and I won't have enough focus for actual forging, too little and my strikes won't
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