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  1. Arf! Hello fellow hunters! I'll be joining the hunt tomorrow night after work, I've had work and a visiting out-of-state friend to keep me busy. I took a practice stab at the game last friday, and found myself severely wanting, but I won't give up yet!
  2. Going to start fresh, try to make myself competent in it. I have no current plans to go multiplayer, having no PS+ subscription, but if you have any advice, 'cause I know it's one of your favorite games, I'd love to hear it. I've tried the game with the Saw Cleaver and Threaded Cane, and I hear a beginner shouldn't try the Cane, but I found I preferred it to the Cleaver, at least at first. There's something about it that makes me feel more Awesome when I win. One of my biggest problems was those hulking brutes by the gates. They seem to have an answer to everything I can do to them.
  3. Oi, Yangus! Odin Sphere is awesome. Get the Leifthrasir edition for PS4. I also saw this article you might be interested in. http://www.gamerevolution.com/features/373813-bloodborne-greatest-game-generation Nioh, plus this, got me thinking.. maybe I should give Bloodborne another try? Got any pointers so this potential hunting dog can git gud for once at this game?
  4. Got a lot to catch you lot up on, as I haven't been up on the forum, relegating myself to lurker status until I had some really meaty content to feed you folks. Firstly, some bad news of varying degrees. Around February 12, two days before my 39th birthday, I learn my mother has passed away. Before the waterworks begin, know that I myself made my peace with the idea some 2 years ago when she went into a care facility for her COPD, the result of years of smoking. What tears I would cry, I shed then. I am saddened, but also relieved, now that she isn't struggling to breathe in a bed any
  5. Mario: "Let's never look ourselves up on DeviantArt again." Luigi: "Agreed."
  6. I know, it stings. That was one of the best parts of the original game. Also, the attacks can be done in any direction now, not just the cardinal four. This takes a bit of getting used to as you're no longer locked into 8 directions for moving and 4 for attacking, but it functions.
  7. Been splitting my gametime between this and Radiant Perfect. I like it. It's not a perfect remake, and I can see a few fair points on why it doesn't do as well as hoped by some. I still enjoy it though, especially playing with my SO. I bought a third controller for it for another friend to join as well. This is important 'cause the AI partners are just as - or even more quirky than - ever.
  8. At about the 7 hour mark so far, and so far the new content has barely made a dent in the game. I expect this to ramp up gradually. A lot of the original version consisted of some "temporal backtracking" to get powers needed to progress, so that's what I've been doing. I can't say I mind, as I've been juggling this and Secret of Mana on PS4, so it helps that anytime I want I can go back in time to refresh myself on cutscenes.
  9. Eep...? See? That one test cast, misfired so drastically. I think I found your brother though...? He was stuck trying to stowaway on a ferry back home from Osterfair or somesuch. I'd try to dig up the arm for you, but I suggest a priest reattach it, I'm afraid to make things worse.
  10. * wags * Thanks fellas! At this level I've finally learned Kazapple! I think there's just enough of us here in this thread to cast it! Wanna try? I've also learned Hocus-Pocus, but I think I'll sit on that one for a while. I don't want any unfortunate accidents around here
  11. Haven't seen any Radiant Historia topics in the RPG section, tut-tut. I made one. :D

  12. Haven't found a topic for this game yet, even with the 3DS remaster coming today, so I'm starting one. Anyone up for this one? I seem to be getting all the RPGs the rest of my fellow questers do not, except of course for the DQ games. Anyway, that wont stop me doing me, and being the eternal underdog of the Den, enjoying this revisit to one of my favorite games of the past few years. The game is a re-release of the old DS game, where a spy among two warring nations travels through time and among two parallel histories, trying to save his world. there's a "Perfect Mode", w
  13. Getting the physical copy on launch day, and finally investing in a 3rd Dualshock 4 the next day.
  14. I played it, and I loved it, too! Very nice! Speaking of DS games not a lot of people played, I'm getting Radiant Historia Perfect Crhonology today. Husbando paid for it, as an early birthday gift. Birthday tomorrow. Hope we're both sufficiently over the cold we've been sharing to enjoy it. I'm on the mend, but poor husband caught it.
  15. Thank you. My cough is weakening, and it seems I might be in better shape by wednesday after all.
  16. Well, turns out I got sick just days before my birthday. Bleh.
  17. this old arcade game song is stuck in my head for the time being:
  18. Okay, I just heard a little late about SpaceX launching a Tesla Roadster into space on their new heavy rocket, and this is all I could think about:
  19. I'm almost done with Hero of Ages, and then I'm going to finish Ready Player One before the movie comes out next month. I was halfway through it when I sidetracked.
  20. Yes, this is exactly why I have pro sports, as outlined in my prior post. Sorry for sports fans here that cross over to DQ fanhood, you do you, I just ... I do not hate all sports fans. In street talk, I don't hate the player I hate the GAME. It's all so.. wasteful. Yes, others can say that about the video game industry, hell even I say that at times.. just... * sighs * Sorry for ranting again.
  21. I just got a shiny new forum avatar from an artist friend I have! I think she did a great job.
  22. A kind friend of mine from another corner of the internet just made a nice new profile pic for me! I think she did an awesome job!

  23. I work in a home improvement store. Despite my inherent nerdiness, it was the only job I could find at the time, and given how bad the job markets are, I've held onto it for 12 years. I work the weekend closing shifts every week. Which includes every "Super Bowl Sunday". The store dies business-wise when I start on these days. My typical shift on such a day is 3-7:30. I expect the store to be a wasteland at 4. Still, I won't be able to escape "the big game". There's a TV in the break room, and God forbid I just want to spend my break quietly reading the book I'm on or watchi
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