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  1. Yes, but -- and Yangus can correct me if I'm wrong -- if you finish Story mode before Classic mode,you can make Highlanders in Classic mode from then on. That being said, I doubt you would go through the game twice at this point. Especially not when there's so many other games in the series to enjoy! Each one a worthy time investment. (Says the guy who's only actually beaten part 4... I'm a bad dog. )
  2. Going digital on this one, since it lacks a special edition, and I lack a way to get out to the physical copies in stores that day.
  3. Under my furry alias of Iffy Jottere, I have published my first Youtube Video! ...and it's a Simpsons gag meme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt3vPJWiaDk
  4. Been enjoying Battletech, and a bit of EO5 again, but now is time to prepare for SMT Strange Journey Redux. Seeing how there's no special edition, there's no reason not to download it directly at midnight the 15th, and a very compelling reason to do so: Husbando works all morning, and we have to meet his father and stepmother for dinner that night.
  5. Yeah, forgot this was a thing.. I'm gonna have to pick it up! Also have to pick up the pace on a few of my other games and get them off the slate before this hits the ground!
  6. Yeah, and TRU was also destroyed by greed, in addition to low foot traffic. The latter could be fed into by the internet, but also a declining birth rate in this nation and the prevalence of cheaper alternatives like Target and Wal-Mart. As far as corporate greed and TRU, I believe the nail in the coffin was a leveraged buyout of it's parent company. More details can be found here: History of ToysRUs, by Toy Galaxy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL0L8fWXIxc Arcades, in the US, yeah, once home consoles and PCs could provide equivalent or greater graphical experiences, the
  7. I've been going to Barnes and Noble stores in my area for months, they're my best book buying option since we lost Borders. I've got 3 of 'em! I'm even going today, later. Come to CT, booklovers!
  8. I for one won't knock it. After all, Primrose is a great character. The day I played her in the demo, the next day I reserved this game.
  9. Arf! I too am a huge fan of DW4, even though my profile name is of an NPC from DW2. Something about the way DQ4 brings together such varied stories and characters in one huge ensemble. In addition, Battle for Glory is one of the best NES music tracks I've ever heard.
  10. The game Battletech on PC, which I kickstarted at the $25 level, just came out. I love it so far. Opened a thread about it in RPG.
  11. Arf! * wags and runs around in a circle * Battletech by Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes is finally coming out tomorrow! Been waiting for this since I backed the Kickstarter in 2016. Looks like an awesome Turn-based Strategy game. Wasn't sure if I should put my mention of it in the RPG thread, but did so anyway because of the RPG elements of the game. Can't wait to Alpha Strike some fools. No Guts, No Galaxy!
  12. I usually play one, maybe two games, at a time, for a month or two, then I try to find the next thing for me, be it off my backlog, or some new acquisition. Problems occur when I have to share a game on the same system with my husband. He usually gets ahead of me as I get distracted by whatever I'm playing to fill the time while waiting for him to finish his game time. It happened with Horizon Zero Dawn, Disgaea 5, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 among others. It can be months before I'll go back to playing any such game, if at all, sadly. Oddly enough however, the reverse can happen, as I bea
  13. Awesomeness. Hope I didn't step on your toes or anything. I agree, the mobile version has awful controls, which is why I don't play them as much as I'd like. When I feel like DQ3, I myself go all the way back to the NES version, but the SNES on an SNES Classic sounds awesome. Slightly off topic, but if I had the NES Classic, I'd add the Dragon Quest games and the fan translation of the Konami Sci-fi RPG Lagrange Point, and that's just for RPGs.
  14. Furthermore, as to Topic Creator, I understand the disappointment in DQ1 after UIV. The NES port of it IS awful though, I agree. Only good thing about it is the graphics, and maybe the title theme. The original Apple II / DOS version has it beat by leaps and bounds, in most other categories. I do recommend doing the SNES ports of 1,2, and 3. Hard to say if one should do it 3-1-2 or 1-2-3. Still, they are great games, and the SNES or Mobile ports are the best ways to play them today, if you didn't grow up loving the original NES/ Famicom versions as I did. The warts have only gotten
  15. Which one? He has several Ultima games, many of which still on their original floppies. The most playable member of the old collection is VII and The Serpent Isles. We've also found good DOSBOX versions of Martian Dreams and IV. Martian Dreams is a spinoff using the VI engine, that takes several prominent figures of the 19th century and launches them to Mars in a cannon-propelled rocket. I gotta say, personally The Serpent Isles is my favorite Ultima game, but I give major props to IV and V. We even have the Dungeon Siege 2 mod "Lazarus" which is a ground-up remake of Ultima V in tha
  16. Damn right! 'bout time some love was shown for DQ2's characters after so long.
  17. Arf! Welcome to the Den! I too had the first Dragon Quest game (As Dragon Warrior ) in the 80's, but I loved it. My user name comes from a prominent NPC in Dragon Warrior 2, the dog who digs up the Golden Key for the heroes in that game. My avatar is a hand-drawn comission from an artist friend reflecting this. As Jaybird said, we've got a wide crowd here. I'm 39 this year. Enough about me though. Glad to find another older gamer, and another fan of Ultima. My husband is the bigger Ultima fan than I, but I'm glad DQ8 lured you back to the Dragon Quest franchise. It's a great se
  18. Ahh, I was just confused by the move away from the dying 3DS. I'm very glad to hear the series will resume elsewhere! Probably the Switch, which would be fine by me. Very glad I got one this time last year. Still excited for Etrian Cross, no matter what it's status as far as the series swan song, or just that of it's tenure on the 3DS. My one and only complaint so far is the lack of the Bushi from 4, or the Therian classes from 5. I realize including them would be doubling up roles in a weird way, but, well, just look at my avatar, for cryin' out loud! I need some fuzzy allies! I
  19. * wags * Once more unto the breach, Denners! I'm really happy about this, too! I gotta finish PArt5 soon too. I'm WAY past the depression that took me out of that game (I didn't want to spoil the game by playing it when I had such thoughts on my mind as I did back last holiday season). I do hope this game rounds out the series and gives us a satisfying sendoff to the main story. Was kinda hoping to see this "Midgard" that the Untold series has hinted at, for the final release, but the locale the went with is absolutely amazing. Flying city? The final labyrinth rising out of a sinkhol
  20. Nearly 10 hours in, and the challenge has slightly improved, now that I have a party of 5 characters. I usually fight 5-on-4, and feel like there's a little bit of peril now, as opposed to simply wiping the floor with 1-2 weak scrubs per battle, when I had parties of 2 or 3. Getting very close to having all the ensemble together, I think.
  21. I just got this game this week, and thought I'd revive the topic to clarify a few things for folks here: 1) With battle wins come Talent Points that, when you grind for enough of them, allow you to buy perks such as increased rates for awakening new skills, and decreased SP costs for skills you have. So far I'm earning a pittance for money and Talent points in battle, but I expect that to change somewhere around the 10 hour mark. So far I'm only 5-6 hours in. 2) The game comes in chapters with different parties, a la DQ4, with the whole party coming together later in the game, from
  22. When you say "Kirkhammer" and mention Captain Kirk, I think of how he would double-up his fists to bash someone on the back to knock them out. So, in a couple minutes, I have to leave the house for errands and fun, 'cause I'm getting snowed in tomorrow. Before I go, however, I'm going to open my account to the public and invite you all to add me there. The name, again, is IffyJottere, and exact spelling will come in an edit to this post in a few minutes. The avatar is a rabbit in military gear. While I'm out, I plan to get some PS+ time for the event, and will be online as much
  23. @ignasia i'm quite sure no slight was intended, I feel bad having brought this up in the "What're you playihg" thread now. @YangustheLegendaryBandit Yes, I forgot I have my profile set private. I'll add you when i get playtime on the PS4 again, tomorrow morning. I share the PS4 with my husband and he is playing Wolfenstein for a while as I type. @Sword_of_Dusk Mind iff I add you too? If you agree, look for an add from Iffy Jottere. Talk to you all in the morning, I'm a sleepy dog, after work tonight.
  24. It turns out I need some PS+ power to participate in Bloodborne's network game. I'm considering upping for one month for the purpose of the event. Why not, I figure? I did the same with Live Gold for Mass Effect 3 Multi when that game was new. I'll update later tonight, when I've gotten home from work. For now though, the character of Hound of Zahan has been created. A lone survivor of his ruined town, he wears the key to his family manor on his neck... * chuckles * I suppose my best move right now, is to practice my combat skills, and learn my moveset by repeatedly going against th
  25. I will be starting a new character as of today, and although I have no PS+, I'll try the online mode. I don't know what is possible or not without PS+ however. In case I'm mistaken and there's no need for PS+ to use the game's online features, look for PS ID "IffyJottere" or the character "Hound of Zahan", a Lone Survivor with a Threaded Cane. Let the hunt begin! Awoo!
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