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  1. I'm going to be keeping close watch over this one. It may be by an eastern history game by a western developer, but that developer is Sucker Punch. I have faith in them. I'm going to call this here: This is going to play underdog to From Software's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but for my money, it could be the better game for players like me. Similarly to how Horizon: Zero Dawn launched against Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Two different-playing but thematically similar games that share market space like this, one always falls behind another. Horizon vs. BotW, Battleborn vs. Overwatch...
  2. Here's a few links to it. I went to a brick-and-mortar location to preorder mine, but here's the online linkage. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/octopath-traveler-wayfarers-edition-switch https://www.gamestop.com/nintendo-switch/games/octopath-traveler-wayfarers-edition/159800 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/octopath-traveler-wayfarers-edition-nintendo-switch/6219502.p?skuId=6219502 Note: Best Buy is discontinuing it's "Gamer's Club Unlocked" 20% discount on new software. You can't order or re-up it, but if you already have it, you can use it until it expires.
  3. I am going to start with Primrose. Who knows if I'll ever find time to play as anyone else as a main? Probably not, but she's definetely going to be my go-to to start with. Only Olberic has debatably lost more in his life, and she's in a much more dangerous position, but equally deadly in her way. Primrose best girl, fite me
  4. I've collected 3 new Gundam series from the UC on DVD, 08 MS Team, War in the Pocket, and Stardust Memory, in keeping with my plan to watch the entire UC in chronololgical order. Impatient to watch, given my slow progress with the SO in 0079, I watched the first episode of 08 MS tonight. Looks awesome so far!
  5. Best you believe I'll be getting that tomorrow! It'll help me decide once and for all who I main, though odds are incredibly strong it'll be Primrose.
  6. That's so cool! I'm not near any personal milestones enough to get it as a gift, except from myself to myself, but I had the money for it. It's very very cool. S-E's entire show was pretty lackluster, including the Octopath trailer, but the game speaks for itself, to fans like us. As does DQ11.
  7. Digging up this old topic like a good dog! I got my special edition preordered last week, and it all looks awesome!
  8. Can my husband and I come down there for a few rounds when it's done? I LOVE The Simpsons arcade game... still have it for my PS3. As I understand it, you just can't get the best brawlers on PS3 on the PlayStation store anymore.. Simpsons, X-men, Scott Pilgrim.. all delisted for licensing reasons years ago. Video games, as a medium, are horrible at preserving their own history. You can still see George Melies' work from the silent era of film, but good luck finding an authentic repilcation of GORF or STUN Runner or TMNT this day and age. Dead video games tend to stay dead, e
  9. Heavy, and powerful stuff. I can see why whiny spoiled people like Maribel, born with all they'll ever need and still wanting more, put you off so much.
  10. Ahh, you understand my original intent in making this thread correctly. I was hoping to build a place in the Den where Denners could discuss, with hopefully only light-hearted jibing, the girls( or guys) they love from fiction. I want to clear the air a bit on this for a moment. If I misspoke by naming it waifu / husbando and abused the trope name, I apologize. I know the terms imply a sexual relationship, but if it turns into something tamer, by all means, let it be so. Also, yes @JaybirdC, I totally understand the need for actual physical and emotional companions, as does, I th
  11. I wasn't joking, peoples. Your favorite girls from any game or anime. Husbandos too, for those to whom they apply. I'll go first. Maya / Mara from DQ4, for starters. I also married Deborah in DQ5 on my first playthrough, for the laughs. Wasn't quite as funny as I expected, but there's always replays! In anime, I'm going to go and say anyone from the Iczelion OVA series from 1994. It exists subtitled on Youtube, if anyone wants to know what the heck I'm talking about, but it's somewhat NSFW, so I won't embed. I only ask that participants keep the fighting to a hum
  12. Bunnygirl barmaids. More seriously, does Empyrea / Ramia count? The Godbird was a mode of transit in DQ3 and her son was the same in DQ8, both accompanied by gorgeous music. Also Orwick and his girlfriend in DW1. Even when the land was saved, they never did get the place right for their rendezvous. Hilarious.
  13. We've got a pet ferret named Molly. She's a cinnamon sable, which means she's not as dark brown as most ferrets. Used to have an albino male named Casper until about a year and a half ago as well, he passed. Fondly remembered. I'm linking a youtube video from my husband, of the two ferrets in their heyday. You can see my feet in the first few seconds there.
  14. Waifu topic? I'm down. I'll do it. Where should I put it?
  15. Don't feel bad... feel bad if you teased me by saying that DQSwords 2 would be out for Switch 2019.
  16. I should've known: There was no alliteration in that title, like there has been the past dozen or so.
  17. wow... now that's how you make a good song even better.
  18. I generally ignore people like him. Paying him attention is just letting him win. I'd rather not fund that toxic drama-y side of YouTube anymore than I have to. Same for the Pauls...I'll get my news of them from DeFranco but wouldn't ever dare darken the doorstep of their channels. I first heard of the Pauls through an angry reaction by Gaijin Goombah, and have little to no desire to visit the Pauls' channels after what I heard. Bummed about TotalBiscuit's passing. I didn't even realize he was so seriously ill, or I just plain forgot, it'd been that long ago. Feels like only y
  19. Coolness! I downloaded Ocarina of Time to my 3DS and may play that soon. Personally, whenever I'm RPG's out, I take a break for retro gaming. My retro jam of choice 90% of the time is a Megaman game. I have both Legacy Collections on PS4, and the first 6 on original hardware / software. The other 10% of my retro gaming is usually hidden NES gems like Guardian Legend, Air Fortress, KickMaster or Burai Fighter. I'm open to questions about those games, if anyone is interested in retro anymore
  20. Good to have you on board for the Strange Journey, Boris! Yangus, go right on taking your time, friend. It'll still be there. I for one couldn't wait. to each their own. You two are still awesome! * wags * As for SMT experience, my first SMT game was SMT Digital Devil Saga on PS2. This duology remains my husband's favorite in the whole metaseries. I'm partial to the two SMT4 games, though it feels good to revisit Strange Journey this way.
  21. Not such a big problem. I'm still running a lot of games on my 3DS lately, so, I'm used to 30-ish FPS anyway. Not going to complain either way. The game is the game, what can be done?
  22. Oof... timesinks galore. Worthy ones, though! EO1Untold, or EO1 for original DS?
  23. See, @YangustheLegendaryBandit? That there, this is exactly why I called you in, my older EO brother, on this. I haven't fully experienced most of the series, and am not as familiar with it's ins and outs, but the respect is there! I'm still in the 3rd stratum of part 5, chipping away every week or so. SMT SJR is going to be a signifigant distraction, but I WILL get to Stratum 5!
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