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  1. How 'bout GameXplain? 'cause I just found this snippet. Hasn't told me much I couldn'tve guessed for myself, but here it is!
  2. All fascinating stuff! I'm so hyped for this game, you've got no idea. The idea of this game being inspired by FF6 is interesting, and very fitting. The feel of the game as an ensemble piece like FF6 is very potent. Also very glad the Switch is getting this, and I actually have one to play it on. Switch needs more killer games all it's own like this.
  3. Glad you're willing to keep on trucking. I know you want badly to like the game, and I hope I can help you get into it, friend. I know the feeling of wanting to like a "good game", and not quite being into it. I've tried a few well received games in other genres that I just couldn't feel happy with, you know? I don't know much about Tressa's story, having not met her, but my SO played Alfyn and I played Primrose, and I've recruited Alfyn and Therion. Those three are the ones I know best, and I'm most captivated with Primrose. It's for good reasons though, those which I outlined befo
  4. If you want greenery, try Alfyn's starting area. the Riverlands are very lush and green. If you miss fluffy white snow, try Ophilia. There WILL be more ecological diversity in the main game, I'm sure. You just got a bad draw. As far as which character to play besides Tressa? If Tressa didn't appeal to you, maybe Alfyn would? He's got a somewhat tropey "save the village child by going to the local forbidden zone" opening, but damn if it isn't well played. Alfyn is also very peppy and warm as a character. He genuinely wants to save lives one at a time, instead of the entire
  5. Damn Bloodborne pathogens. Always terminal. Severely and repetitively terminal.
  6. Great find, Dakhil! I have no doubt Octopath will be a hit. I'm getting the Wayfarer edition for myself, and a standard edition for a friend, for a birthday. ...even though her birthday is in November. Couldn't help it, I've had a major windfall lately, and I want the game to have as much success and publicity as possible!
  7. I've reached the time limit of the demo and made my final save on the demo days ago, but that hardly matters anymore, now that the game itself is launching in a little under 2 weeks! Awesome!
  8. I caught your comment, Hawkeye, around the 39 minute mark. This really is fascinating!
  9. I picked it up on Switch today. I see a few typos here and there so far, nothing game breaking yet. I have seen in video reviews some of the more hilarious editing gaffes, but I will continue to enjoy as much as I can. also, the Switch version has all 18 costumes and over-shoulder pets unlockable right away. I like Adol's classic silver armor costume!
  10. I'm back to re-reading Dune, this summer. What's better than Game of Thrones? Game of Thrones in space, with psychotropic drugs!
  11. I've acquired both DVD volumes of Z Gundam, in my seemingly unending quest to watch the Universal Century series in chronological order. I'm afraid I cheated a bit though, and watched the first 2 episodes of 0083 before finishing anything before it, just 'cause "The Winner" is an awesome theme song.
  12. From your keyboard to the internet's ears... Anyway, I went with Therion first, and then I hit the last 6 minutes of my time limit with the demo and stopped there. I'm inside the manor he's trying to loot, but can go no further without the full game. It's been a great demo,and can't wait to pick up where I left off next month!
  13. I've been playing the Prologue Demo sparingly, to the point where I have a save file of Primrose 2 hours in. I just recruited Alfyn to start with. Fighting the Blotted Viper with the two of them was very fun. The battles scale up nicely with the party size. I think I'll recruit H'aanit next, then I'll have command of both men and beasts.
  14. I have all four Dragon Warrior games, out-of-box, in great condition. DW1 was my original copy from the Nintendo Power giveaway, and I still have one of the maps floating around. The rest I bought off Amazon resellers years back, for about $30-$50 a piece without boxes. They are all contained in good hard plastic clamshells authentic from the 80's, from my original NES collection. If anyone's interested, here's an eBay search page for these things. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.Xdragon+warrior+nes.TRS0&_nkw=dra
  15. Given the other online communities I belong to, I know exactly what you mean. I wouldn't be surprised.
  16. I know, right? Now if only Primrose could temporarily become a dragon...
  17. It's cool, Demo, we all know she's beautiful. She knows it too. Not in any particularly vain way, either. I've said the reasons I love Primrose's story in other threads but here I go again, raving about her. The severe adult themes appeal to me for some reason. Lots of JRPGs tiptoe over this sort of stuff, or play sexy for laughs, like DQ ( which I love BTW), but to see the dirty unpleasant side of such things played so bald-faced like this is refreshing. I can't even repeat half the things Master Helgenish calls her or says to her in this thread ( I like to keep my posts neat).
  18. Switch version of Ys VIII is out next week, June 26th. I might pick it up to hold me over 'til I get Octopath next month. Just reviving the topic as a reminder to other Ys fans out there.
  19. Actually, in the video from Gaijin Goombah I watched, it's his opinion, which I can kinda make a case for, that Ghost of Tsushima is about a samurai who gradually lets go of his honor and becomes a ninja to confront the Mongol menace. The game shifts subtly away from one-on-one swordplay and emphasizes the stealth elements gradually, just like Japanese warfare shifted away from honorable combat and towards, bloodier, messier versions of warfare, after the Mongols invaded and brought gunpowder with them. the Mongol horde would also use their numbers to great advantage. Instead of each soldie
  20. Sounds like SquEnix has a new wunderkind in Asano, seeing how they've done so far. Asano's Octopath is to SaGa as Bravely games are to Final Fantasy, it seems to me. i also love how the game is designed as a complete-in-box experience. That's a signifigant idea in today's world. Who would've thought a complete game with no add-ons would become a "retro" idea? With the same company publishing years worth of add-ons for it's flagship franchise, seems SquEnix has it's foot in both the realms that made them excel in the past and what they feel they must do to modernize. It's odd, but whe
  21. I've been hinting this in other boards, particularly the game's thread here in the den, but Primrose is best girl of Octopath Traveler. Primrose has lost everything, even her shame, in the murder of her father 10 years prior. Her status as a victim of violent loss and her femme fatale schtick appeal to me as a player seeking a compelling story. She makes no apologies for doing what she must to survive, hunt for clues, and seek revenge for her family's demise. The epitome of grace under pressure. Her beauty and nimbleness is matched by her keen wit and driven purpose.
  22. Eagerly awaiting Octopath Traveler, going to main Primrose first. Primrose is Best Girl!

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