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  1. Does this mean that Pepped Up characters remain so if you bench them while they are Pepped? IT wears of not over real time buyt by the number of rounds they spend pepped in battle (or after using Pep Powers)? anyway, I'm in the middle of the BIG turning point after collecting the Orbs. Just... Wow. I knew things were going to go south and result in much more game, but... never expected this level of bad luck!
  2. When do new episodes go live? I want to catch one live sometime, if possible. Otherwise, where's the best place to see / hear it?
  3. Feels like it's been a slow couple of days around here. Ah well. I'll keep sniffing around
  4. Did the RP Discord group proposed here ever get off the ground? I'm curious and would love a look at it sometime.
  5. Good point. I suppose it'd be best to think in terms of which characters work best for my current goals, and instead ask "what skills should they have first?" I made Sylv learn Hustle Dance as early as possible, and even though his MP pool is pitiful at present, it's been worth the investment. I would guess there's all manner of supportive and conflicting reports on which builds are optimal goals at which points of the game, but I say Sylv with Hustle Dance is best healer if you get it early, and I'll die on that hill. He can learn it way before anyone else learns Multiheal for equiva
  6. Currently at Phonm Nohn, just arrived, saved there, and will explore it very soon. Still trying to work out who my favorite party members are! Sylvando is a must, trying to work out who fills in the other 2 spots and when.
  7. Okay, I'll get in on this. Here's my top 9 in no particular order, and reasons why. I put these games on this list not because they are the best in their franchises, but because they are the most memorable and / or most-often-played games in my collection. To no one's surprise, expect a lot of old games on this list. Here goes: 1 - Megaman 2: NES - My first experience with this franchise, which is my favorite action platformer series of all, on a console chockablock with great specimens of the genus, it remains my benchmark for the performance of retro rehashes - if a retro clone
  8. Currently revolving around 3 RPGs on Switch, playing them as my mood decides: Fire Emblem Three Houses - I've done the Blue Lion's route to completion, and finished the DLC, and am currently on the first half of a Golden Deer New Game+ Hard Classic, almost going into the timeskip. Dragon Quest 11S - Just reached Phnom Nohn last night, am in the process of scoping the place out on arrival. Also, L'academie is a fun place. SO. MUCH. FRENCH. Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus - I find the characters in this game of grim darkness have a surprising amount of levity in their personalities.
  9. That's a very interesting fact about my namesake's game in the series! Great detective work @Sackchief! If this forum were a police station, they ought to transfer you to the Missing Persons Division! I'm obviously in the K-9 unit. lol
  10. Congratulations, Platty! Now you can play your own games while Plattette and the droplets do their things! Let me know what you end up getting for yourself down the road!
  11. It certainly is. I just left Nautica with the Green Orb, and arrived at La Academie de Notre Maitre des Medailles, where I left off last night. I'm pressing further forward very shortly. I like the game, and I like the Tickington Chronicles too.
  12. Finishing up Carole and Tuesday lately, only 5 more episodes and this sweet saga comes to a close for me. I love that one. Also been watching My Hero Academia with my husband, currently partway through season 3 of that.
  13. The DQ7 3DS version's town of L'arca, which is "The Ark" in Italian, 'cause it's an Italian-accented region where people are turned into / dressed like animals.
  14. Sorry 'bout that. And just my luck, it's due to rain tomorrow. *tucks tail between legs, mopes and whines*
  15. I certainly hope this game gets a release date soon. I loved playing the fanslation 10 years ago, and I wish the game hadn't had the artist licensing issues that kept it from being localized 25 years ago when it was new. It was and is a good game with unique ideas, even if not every chapter delivers on the same level. I remember the Robot chapter being a bit of a dry slog, and the modern-day Prize Fighter arc was a tough one, but I love the game in general, and absorbed the full experience. Can't wait to do it again!
  16. I've been playing it off and on over the past year, to the point where I've spent over 130 gaming hours on it! I've completed the Blue Lions route and the DLC, and am over halfway through a Golden Deer NG+. I did Normal Classic for Lions, Hard Classic for DLC and Deer. I intend to do all the paths available over time. I love this game to bits, if you couldn't figure from my playtimes.
  17. Ironically, of all the things I've been doing to stay sane as my husband, our roommate, and myself all hunker down and take medical leaves to stay home because 2/3 of us are diabetic (an underlying condition that elevates our risk of dying of COVID), the one thing I could have done more of, posting here, I've done so little of. It certainly couldn't hurt me to post here more regularly. I like this crowd, and wish you all well... hope everyone is managing well enough, regardless of medical situation and give thanks to all who are still working their jobs.
  18. Hmm... maybe it's finally time for me to beat DQ11S. I'm just leaving Lonalulu if I recall. Poor Michelle. I've skimmed the topic and seen very interesting things. Erik's accent is Scandinavian? Who knew. His accent always reminded me of my New Yorker father-in-law. *shrugs* Learn something new every day.
  19. "I've traveled now for many miles It feels so good to see the smiles Of friends who never left your mind When you were far away" ~Rivendell, by Rush, off the "Fly by night" album. Relaxed so hard I did another Rip Van Winkle and haven't been here in a few months, but I'm going to try to resume my activity here. I always think of this as a fun and accepting place to talk of just about anything game-related. I fall on and off the posting wagon ever now and then. Looking forward to resuming chasing the slimes around playfully and digging up golden keys for questing roya
  20. Ahh. Any particular reason why not? I dragged in quite a few Eagles for my playthrough.
  21. I've forgotten which house you joined, and also who's in your roster? I've recently finished a Blue route, and will go back to the game for FE's 30th anniversary towards the end of April. I'd love to discuss it!
  22. Okay! About a year and a half later, I finally have the Collector's Edition of this game's US release! I haven't kept up with this topic in a while, but I figure I might resurrect it in celebration of it being delivered yesterday. The scale of the battles is slightly downgraded, but it still has dozens of units (heroes and their mercenary squads) on the field at any given time. what changes they made to the systems of the games make it easier to parse, and easier to learn. Less cumbersome than the original versions. Being one who prefers Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon for DS by miles
  23. I am currently playing Langrisser I as well. The game is much more refined and more true to the original than the USA Sega Genesis version, Warsong. Information is made easier to understand as well, so I can actually enjoy the game on it's many merits instead of struggling with the Genesis' limitations. The Warsong version also altered some art, content, and names. Rocking soundtrack in both versions though, plus the Genesis OST is included in the remaster, so... yeah! I actually sprung for the collector's edition because I wanted the huge amount of bonus materials included. It ships
  24. Oh come now, do you really need to ask ME if I like DQ2?! My hometown is there! Seriously though, I DO like the game. It brought a multiple-member party to the franchise where I had no prior experience with such things and it flipped my mind. THREE characters at once? Unheard of to me at 10! And they were all grandchildren of the first game's hero? AND they were royalty?! This was amazing to young me, and the mindboggling size of the world... had I not had extensive information thanks to Nintendo Power and GamePro, I never would have seen the end of it, but I muscled through the pa
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