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  1. Totally chomping at the bit for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D tomorrow!

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    2. gooieooie


      I'm planning to once I grab myself a New 3DS. Never played Xenoblade Chronicles, so I'm looking forward to it.

    3. RyuKisargi
    4. ignasia


      Gooieooie...a tip about the game.


      Play the first time through with minimal quests done. Just do colony 6. On the New Game+, I suggest doing the exact opposite. Do EVERY quest. I don't mean 70~90%, I mean 100%. You see, the XBC fans have learned something over the years, both ourselves and commentary from others.


      1~30% of quests = fun.


      31~85% of quests = hellish misery


      86~99% = epiphany


      100% = You are there...I cannot explain it,...

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