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  1. My favorite band lost their best friend today.  Neil Peart of Rush, drummer virtuoso and lyricist extraordinaire, passed away at 67.

  2. Back from a long absence, and feels good to come back.

  3. Got bad news.. my diabetes is leading to kidney damage.  Yeah, I needed THIS 2 days before my birthday, and on the 3rd anniversary of a friend's death to kidney failure...  😕

    1. DarknessYami


      sad to hear that. take care of your health and do regular checkups. kidney failure can lead to dialysis and it's very expensive

  4. How did we get a spam post to the Chit-chat board?  looks dangerous.

  5. Finally returned to Arcania to get my guild out of the Fetid Necropolis.  They've got to be bored, maybe a little batty, after several months chilling with Jenetta...

  6. I've done it, Denizens!  I've posted some anthropomorphic fanart of the Octopath cast (tasteful, of course) in the Art forums!


  7. Eagerly awaiting Octopath Traveler, going to main Primrose first. Primrose is Best Girl!

  8. Haven't seen any Radiant Historia topics in the RPG section, tut-tut. I made one. :D

  9. A kind friend of mine from another corner of the internet just made a nice new profile pic for me! I think she did an awesome job!

  10. Got a crazy fan theory for Etrian Odyssey 5 I want to share in PMs with my peeps here

  11. Anyone here got, or getting, Culdcept Revolt on 3DS?

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    2. The Dog of Zahan

      The Dog of Zahan

      It's like Fortune Street and Magic the Gathering mated and produced a video battlespace that has you collecting magic coins to buy magic booster packs for your 50 card deck. the deck contains creatures, items to boost them, and spells to help you win or hurt other's chances.

    3. The Dog of Zahan
    4. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Yeah, it's gonna be a pass. I'll stick with my Superstar Saga remake.

  12. Even in the Dragon's Den, F.O.E.!

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    2. jay


      Don't worry, Yangus. As a high level Alchemist, I can safely return you to the Geomagnetic Pole

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Your alchemy is no match for the terrible squirrel of the Lagaardian Labyrinth.

    4. jay


      Oh....yes. that squirrel made off with a fair few of my Ariande Threads, and a fuzzy caterpillar fell on me. But a hedgehog friend gave em some nectar so we're fine.

  13. Anyon eout there play Dragon Ball Fusions on 3DS? I'm interested in multi with questers.

    1. Rory


      Gonna start it soon

  14. My 38th birthday today! Will be out celebrating with my hubby most of it :D

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    2. ignasia


      Happy birthday! Have fun!

    3. gooieooie


      Happy birthday! :) I hope it's a great one!

    4. The Dog of Zahan

      The Dog of Zahan

      Thank you all! It's been great so far!

  15. Do they eat paella at Maella?

    1. Plattym3


      If not, they should. It's delicious!

  16. Been around here almost 2 years now, figured I'd update my av. Meet the mobile version of the Dog of Zahan!

    1. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      This is hilarious! Did you make it?

    2. The Dog of Zahan

      The Dog of Zahan

      Yep. Website in teh watermark makes it easy :D

      Going to use it in my sig from now on

    3. Liamland
  17. T - 02:08:12:15

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    2. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Donald Trump's inauguration.

    3. The Dog of Zahan

      The Dog of Zahan

      Dear Frith and Inle, no! DQ8 on 3DS!


    4. The Dog of Zahan

      The Dog of Zahan

      I can't believe those are on the same day. Tha'ts a major downer

  18. T - 03:02:48:00

    1. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      The anticipation is killing me.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Your hospital bill will be outrageous if that's true.

    3. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Eh, my doctor is used to it at this point.

  19. time for another countdown?

  20. Past midnight on the eastern seaboard, and finally get to officially say Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, Jolly Yule, and that's all the ones I know, but...no matter what, make it happy!

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