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  1. Ahh. Any particular reason why not? I dragged in quite a few Eagles for my playthrough.
  2. I've forgotten which house you joined, and also who's in your roster? I've recently finished a Blue route, and will go back to the game for FE's 30th anniversary towards the end of April. I'd love to discuss it!
  3. Okay! About a year and a half later, I finally have the Collector's Edition of this game's US release! I haven't kept up with this topic in a while, but I figure I might resurrect it in celebration of it being delivered yesterday. The scale of the battles is slightly downgraded, but it still has dozens of units (heroes and their mercenary squads) on the field at any given time. what changes they made to the systems of the games make it easier to parse, and easier to learn. Less cumbersome than the original versions. Being one who prefers Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon for DS by miles over the Famicom original for the same reason, I approve. Old games are awesome, and I love popping them in for a nostalgia hit, but I appreciate when a remaster that sands off the roughness appears as well. I love the remasters of the soundtrack for the most part, and the inclusion of classic and redone art is a great plus, as is the inclusion of the original Mega Drive versions of the music in the game as a toggle option in the settings.
  4. I am currently playing Langrisser I as well. The game is much more refined and more true to the original than the USA Sega Genesis version, Warsong. Information is made easier to understand as well, so I can actually enjoy the game on it's many merits instead of struggling with the Genesis' limitations. The Warsong version also altered some art, content, and names. Rocking soundtrack in both versions though, plus the Genesis OST is included in the remaster, so... yeah! I actually sprung for the collector's edition because I wanted the huge amount of bonus materials included. It ships with 5 CDs of music from the franchise, an artbook, a dozen prints, and the games themselves on a Switch card.
  5. Oh come now, do you really need to ask ME if I like DQ2?! My hometown is there! Seriously though, I DO like the game. It brought a multiple-member party to the franchise where I had no prior experience with such things and it flipped my mind. THREE characters at once? Unheard of to me at 10! And they were all grandchildren of the first game's hero? AND they were royalty?! This was amazing to young me, and the mindboggling size of the world... had I not had extensive information thanks to Nintendo Power and GamePro, I never would have seen the end of it, but I muscled through the passage to Rhone (Sorry, I guess that's Rendarak now? ) and farmed XP in it's snowy fields and taiga for hours to beat Hargon and Malroth. I believe I was an average level of 26 when I arrived, and average level of 35 when I won! Will gladly do so again on the Switch, after beating DQ3 and DQ1 again on same.
  6. I had the twist at the end spoiled for me, and still enjoyed the movie, twist and all. Even shared the movie with a couple of friends on the 14th. (Happy Birthday to me!) I was still on board with the movie with it's virus final bad guy, and Luca spouting about the power of the story over him and all... but something in my brain just tuned out when Gootrude revealed himself as an anti-virus measure. I don't care that he turned into Erdrick's sword in a pivotal moment of triumph. His reveal at end made me do a mental eye-roll and think "Okay, the virtual world twist I could take... the power of story and friendship, Etc. That's half the reason I watch anime in the first place... but something about this final twist is a touch too much even for me!" Oh well. I still loved the voyage, and even the cheesy reveal of Doctor Agon I would have seen a mile away even if I had NOT played DQ6. Pluses to the movie include the generous and wise use of many iconic music pieces from DQ history, and the splendid render of the Zenithian Sword. Also the comical reveal that the protag is not the true wielder of the sword. *wah-wah trumpet*
  7. Reviving my topic a year later, to tell the great news: My husband and I went to a retro-style arcade and bar for the afternoon today! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Smash TV! Q*Bert! We set lots of high scores today... show these kids how it's done. I got photos
  8. You really do have to lean hard into the pairing mechanics of Awakening, especially early on, and MOST especially in Hard Mode. Even more so in FE:Fates.Three Houses, not as much. It still helps to have allies nearby, but it's not nearly as necessary. In Three Houses the new gimmicks are having a hub world to walk around in between missions, and more flexible, customizable characters. That second part is the best in the whole game. With enough patience and work, maybe a little planning (if you're into metagaming), you can make almost anyone into almost anything in the game. Most classes need to specifically allow you to use magic spells, but if you want a heavy armor knight with a bow and arrows(why), or a calvalryman with knuckle weapons, go nuts! Also, the ability to attach battalions of generics for added benefits and new tactics is good as well. If you feel like giving Three Houses another chance, this week is perfect for it! Cindered Shadows is now a thing, and with it 4 new characters and new classes to go with them.
  9. Ah, was curious. I would be curious to know how that plays out. Can you let me know what results are? Also, no judgement whatsoever on having a family plan for Awakening or not. I half-and-halfed it. I went in with a plan for my Robin, but pretty much let all others fall into place where they did. It's meant to be played in any way you want. Lots to be said for personal choice.
  10. Awakening is amazing! I played it and enjoyed it very much! Also one of the most important games in the entire series, as it was very nearly the very last. A lady Robin who resembles Eirika sounds fantastic! go for it, play what you want! I was getting back to Three Houses personally, but I JUST read that if you want maximum benefit from the DLC, you gotta play it before Part 2 of the main story, so you can recruit the characters then. And I was ALMOST at the turning point too. Now I want to wait 'til thursday to play it more... but I also don't 'cause it's awesome and I love it and I want some more! I'll think of something! Bottom line: enjoy Awakening! PS: Who's going to be her husbando? Just gonna let it happen naturally, or got one in mind for her?
  11. I'll tell you how I DON'T like them: I DON'T like them when you can put in all the effort to get them, and only see one or two stats level up. Hi, can anyone here tell I'm obviously playing Fire Emblem again? In that game, level-ups are given like candy on Halloween: frequently small and each individual one is usually unsatisfying, but you get lots of them. Also like Halloween, the process of accruing them has side benefits, like being able to put on new costumes and use new props when you go out for them next time.
  12. I will throw a bone and submit a somewhat long-winded list of my favorite games of the past 9-10 years and why. I'm putting each game in it's own paragraph, so I'm going to keep it down to five. Here goes! Arf! ---Shin Megami Tensei IV: God's plan for Tokyo: pave it over and convince everyone he puts on top that it's the 15th century. Devil's plan for Tokyo: Put a Yakuza protection racket in charge. Literal mob rule. MY plan for Tokyo: Bring back an old god, level the playing field, literally, and make peace. Not only is the game well built on it's massive army of mythical creatures and gods and demons to contract with, like it's predecessors, you can side with either or none as you wish. Most refined entry in the series to date... until V appears this decade. ---Octopath Traveler: Eight travelers on personal missions across a small continent that contains every land biome on Earth in walking distance of each other. Love letter to, and improvement upon, turn-based JRPGs in the retro style which looks like the old SNES graphics FELT like they looked. Beautiful music, some wonderful stories. Interactions could have used more.. substance, but... great game. Faith! Mystery! Money! Bravery! Human Trafficking! Medicine! Thievery! Outdoorsmanship! By your powers combined, you make a heckuva good game! ---Fire Emblem Awakening: THE Most Important entry in the series, because it was quite nearly the LAST, but turned a winning trick and saved the franchise! It caught fire in the western market with it's "kitchen sink", "greatest hits" collection of gameplay hooks from previous entries in an attractive package. Several, in fact. Some more so than others. Each eligible for a discerning player self-insert to marry, while others pair off with the rest of the army... and then their kids join the same force. Time shenanigans! Love 'em! Mock it if you will as "Waifu Emblem", it literally saved the franchise, and taught the west what Japan has known for 30 years: Fire Emblem is awesome. ---Shovel Knight: What an idea! Give a powerful video game character a seemingly innocuous garden/farm tool and send him to the knight in the belfry of a harbor town church to learn to fight with it by leaping into the air and digging out the skulls of his foes! This is a finely tuned, well balanced game, indie darling and success story of the last decade, it's character nearly ubiquitous in independent game projects,and even industry titans are taking notes! ---Dragon Quest XI S - Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition: As I CANNOT deny that which unites us on this forum, and DQ9 missed the boat by one single year, let me gush praise on DQ11. I'm only partway through the first half of the game, but I LOVE how it's turning the "chosen one" story on it's ear and making you a hunted heretic instead of a lauded legend. The characters who join him, and the side arcs in each town are compelling as well. LOTS of things to do, and that's not even including the Pastwords that link the chapters of this iconic series' shared universe across multiple eras and worlds in perfect tribute! Crafting systems! Skill trees! Tributes to the past! Trope subversion! It's AMAZING!
  13. I've just played and finished the indie game 198X. It's a coming-of-age drama in the 80s with a twist - key moments and thoughts in the protag's life take the form of retro-style video games you play. Kinda like "Retro Game Challenge" meets "The Wall". The game can be completed in under 2 hours (that's TWO hours), and is well worth the investment. I recommend one play it in as close to total solitude as possible, and go in as blind as possible. I will say no more, for fear of spoilers.
  14. I admit I slept on this one, but in hindsight, I should immediately have been on board with a fighting game where you can be Tekkaman Blade! Maybe I can find it sometime!
  15. Just finished Chapter 2 today, I love how the photographer's mirage puppet master was rendered without eyes. Almost intentional, I think. He had no true vision, after all, not compared to the party who freed his human host from him. This game does have an endearing charm to it. I like how poor flustered Tsubasa mixes her syllables frequently. "I've got what it takes, I'm po-ing to groove it to you!" Also, yes the sidequests are clever and cute as well. I did enjoy the "Tiki=waifu" quest as well, especially the ending of that quest. I also find it interesting how Performa can be gleaned from not just public singing, but even the presentation of still images. If a human epxresses themselves with confidence and will, that's Performa. I'm sure this will tie into the final boss' goals and why they want or need it. Charisma is power, in life. Also, I read a snippet of an interview with the creators about the odd apperances of thye Fire Emblem mirages the party uses. Apparently, the creative direction was, their lifetimes in turbulent, war-torn worlds left a mark on them that informs their apperance when they manifest in ours. They intentionally look almost monstrous, having been shaped by the things they did in their homeworlds for their ideals and people. Thought-provoking stuff.
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