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  1. Does this mean that Pepped Up characters remain so if you bench them while they are Pepped? IT wears of not over real time buyt by the number of rounds they spend pepped in battle (or after using Pep Powers)? anyway, I'm in the middle of the BIG turning point after collecting the Orbs. Just... Wow. I knew things were going to go south and result in much more game, but... never expected this level of bad luck!
  2. When do new episodes go live? I want to catch one live sometime, if possible. Otherwise, where's the best place to see / hear it?
  3. Feels like it's been a slow couple of days around here. Ah well. I'll keep sniffing around
  4. Did the RP Discord group proposed here ever get off the ground? I'm curious and would love a look at it sometime.
  5. Good point. I suppose it'd be best to think in terms of which characters work best for my current goals, and instead ask "what skills should they have first?" I made Sylv learn Hustle Dance as early as possible, and even though his MP pool is pitiful at present, it's been worth the investment. I would guess there's all manner of supportive and conflicting reports on which builds are optimal goals at which points of the game, but I say Sylv with Hustle Dance is best healer if you get it early, and I'll die on that hill. He can learn it way before anyone else learns Multiheal for equivalent effect. Having Single Phials and Magic Waters on hand helps him keep up with the party's HP needs, if care is taken to use them between battles.
  6. Currently at Phonm Nohn, just arrived, saved there, and will explore it very soon. Still trying to work out who my favorite party members are! Sylvando is a must, trying to work out who fills in the other 2 spots and when.
  7. Okay, I'll get in on this. Here's my top 9 in no particular order, and reasons why. I put these games on this list not because they are the best in their franchises, but because they are the most memorable and / or most-often-played games in my collection. To no one's surprise, expect a lot of old games on this list. Here goes: 1 - Megaman 2: NES - My first experience with this franchise, which is my favorite action platformer series of all, on a console chockablock with great specimens of the genus, it remains my benchmark for the performance of retro rehashes - if a retro clone system or compilation with MM2 allows me to make it through Metal Man's stage without a hitch, a stage I have memorized to pixel-perfect degrees, it's a solid retro experience. The game is simply awesome. 2 - Dragon Warrior (Quest) 4: NES/DS - A close call between this and it's siblings, but this barely edges out even my debut game (2) for my favorite 8-bit RPG of all time, thanks to it's rich cast and lengthy story, which I have played through multiple times on original hardware and software. 3 - Chrono Trigger: SNES / DS - Possibly the best SNES RPG, full stop, I have played through this game multiple times as well. I even started over from scratch multiple times, NG+ be damned. I've earned most of the NG+ endings, including the "Dream Room" ending for solo-ing the endboss in the first act. 4 - Fire Emblem Three Houses: Switch - The most modern addition to my best games ever list, I cannot deny it a spot in my top 9, given I've already sunk over 140 hours into it over it's year of life, and still have no signs of stopping, until I've cleared every path once. The cast is remarkable, the gameplay is solid and thrilling for the most part, and all the moving parts and mechanics make any effort spent on the game feel like progress, including the more menial tasks of fishing or the non-interactive elements like Support cutscenes. Everything in game adds up to improve another aspect, so no time ever in game is truly a waste in regards to the game's momentum. In my humble canine view, the distillation of all that came before in the franchise, honed to near perfection. 5 - Metroid: NES - I am keenly aware that superior games exist in the franchise, but this is the one I keep coming back to to sharpen my skills most frequently. I beat this moody and fun game within an hour with no deaths, once. Not a world record, and I've only done this once or twice to date, but I remain committed to reaching that performance level consistently, coming back every few months to try again. 6 - Grandia: PSOne / Switch - How could I call myself a fan of 80s / 90s era RPGs and not include this masterpiece? This shows what a Game Arts Studio game can be like, without the baggage of having a Working Designs translation. The voice acting is not great, but the music and gameplay remain sturdy, and few games before or since have such a grand ( lol ) Sense of true wonder and joy to them as this triumphant little gem. 7 - Final Fantasy: NES - The game hardly holds water on a technical standpoint, with mechanics that simply do not function as planned, but this was a seed from which a mighty oak of a franchise grew. IT was between this and FF9 or FF10 as my pick for this list ( trying to hold to one per franchise), but this takes it simply for nostalgia's sake. This was the game that was my favorite RPG on NES for quite a while before DQ4 (see above) came along. 8 - Blaster Master: NES - Another non-linear action masterpiece, this game had the wierdest excuse for a story in the 80s, and though it makes no sense to modern ears, 10 year old me did not question, when the result was I get to drive a leaping tank through caves and dungeons and annihilate swaths of monsters on the way to saving the world - and my pet frog- from disaster. By the end of the game, the vehicle does everything except drive itself, and the finale is truly amazing. I had to give the slot to the original, even though I adore the Blaster Master Zero series that exists on modern systems. 9 - Super Mario Brothers 3: NES - I played the game, I watched the cartoon, I read the Nintendo Power strategy guide cover-to-cover again and again, I grabbed an issue of the comic book, and I salivated over the preview shown in the infamous 80s feature-length game ad "The Wizard". I grew up in a time when this was not just a game, but an obsession, back when the hobby of video games was folded into the most prominent brand in the business. Like Kleenex or Q-tips or Band-aids, when I was a child, playing video games was playing NINTENDO, and this game, well-honed after years of experimentation with the series and characters, was the ultimate distillation of Mario Mania in the 80s, the zenith of his popularity. the commercial in the 80s that showed the entire United States in red, white, blue and black shirts, covering the nation in a giant Mario likeness did not feel far from the truth, and this game, with it's dozens of courses, containing hundreds of tasks and secrets to perform, felt like perfection itself growing up, and shinier, better Mario games exist, but none have as much personal impact for me, as for so many others, as this one. I've played hundreds of games in my time, some good some bad, some great, and these are the most memorable and amazing to me even after all that time. Simply put, I'm a nostalgia fiend, and these are the fondest memories I have in all my gaming life so far. It's hard to pin down just 9 games I fondly remember, but, for the sake of the meme, I'll stop here.
  8. Currently revolving around 3 RPGs on Switch, playing them as my mood decides: Fire Emblem Three Houses - I've done the Blue Lion's route to completion, and finished the DLC, and am currently on the first half of a Golden Deer New Game+ Hard Classic, almost going into the timeskip. Dragon Quest 11S - Just reached Phnom Nohn last night, am in the process of scoping the place out on arrival. Also, L'academie is a fun place. SO. MUCH. FRENCH. Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus - I find the characters in this game of grim darkness have a surprising amount of levity in their personalities. Game's hard as a Golem's head, but very fun. All the above are games on my Switch, in game card format.
  9. That's a very interesting fact about my namesake's game in the series! Great detective work @Sackchief! If this forum were a police station, they ought to transfer you to the Missing Persons Division! I'm obviously in the K-9 unit. lol
  10. Congratulations, Platty! Now you can play your own games while Plattette and the droplets do their things! Let me know what you end up getting for yourself down the road!
  11. It certainly is. I just left Nautica with the Green Orb, and arrived at La Academie de Notre Maitre des Medailles, where I left off last night. I'm pressing further forward very shortly. I like the game, and I like the Tickington Chronicles too.
  12. Finishing up Carole and Tuesday lately, only 5 more episodes and this sweet saga comes to a close for me. I love that one. Also been watching My Hero Academia with my husband, currently partway through season 3 of that.
  13. The DQ7 3DS version's town of L'arca, which is "The Ark" in Italian, 'cause it's an Italian-accented region where people are turned into / dressed like animals.
  14. Sorry 'bout that. And just my luck, it's due to rain tomorrow. *tucks tail between legs, mopes and whines*
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