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  1. Some bite. Not me though. I wag. Also hope you won't find me rude in asking, but when you say "since 5 years", do you mean since five years ago, or since you were five years old? No matter which way you meant, I welcome you!
  2. I know it's not a Ghibli film by any means, but if we're talking about anime in american movie theaters, I'd LOVE to go to a screening of Summer Wars. Hands down, that's my favorite feature length anime movie. A dear, late friend of mine showed it to me one fateful summer, and I loved every minute. That's not just furry bias towards King Kazma, either. It's a vividly animated, well written story that has a lot in it I love. It chokes me up more and more every time I watch it, I swear. I break down happily during the climactic moments. Not ashamed to admit it!
  3. Oh yay! Thank you all! I've been out most of the day with my husband, and came back to all these well wishes! * wags * Time for more EOX!
  4. Got bad news.. my diabetes is leading to kidney damage.  Yeah, I needed THIS 2 days before my birthday, and on the 3rd anniversary of a friend's death to kidney failure...  😕

    1. DarknessYami


      sad to hear that. take care of your health and do regular checkups. kidney failure can lead to dialysis and it's very expensive

  5. Thank you very much. I was hoping to make this a denial team, as you suggest, but I didn't understand fully the downsides of my frontliners. Guard Order is always my Sovereign's first move these days, and Nerve Circle is my Arcanist's go-to for now. I like how my Imperial goes last sometimes, as it ensures the Attack Orders go through, but mobs are my biggest problem because I lack fast, efficient damage for now until the Pugilist and Gunner get higher in level. Medic Bullet is in there at Lv 2 so far. Arm and Leg Snipe shots are lv 2, Rapid Fire at LV 3. Pugi has Lv 2 in the binding punches, a point in Double Punch and one in One-Two. I'll ignore training in One-Two until the binding punches reach lv 4 from now on. Impy is my biggest liability, he hits like a truck, but he goes last and gets hammered early. I'll give him better armor from now on. His Assault Drive, under Ignition, really wailed on the first boss, which was a challenge, but we managed to keep it denied for most of the battle. My plan was to sub him as Hero later in the game, which worked thematically 'cause A) I left off in EO4 with my main character reclassed as an Impy, and B) I figure nobody simply "starts off a hero"... it's a title applied by others. it's hurting me game wise, but I will persist. Have any words on equipment? I think I should prioritize my Impy's armor until he can stand on his feet, then get him better Drive Blades. I suppose my gear priorities depend on the party I'm using. And I will give the Sov my Mracule Ring right now. thank you for all the help! I'll be a good boy and keep plugging away. * wags * PS, when I get guild card access I'll add my QR here, and add your guild to my game,as well. Is it the same kind of goodies that were offered in EO5?
  6. How's your playthrough going? TBH, could be better. Personal issues slowed me down, but I'm still in the fight! Im averaging Lv 7, and I've got an Imperial and a Pugilist in the front, and a Gunner, Sovereign and Arcanist in back. The big problem we seem to have is the squishiness of my front line, coupled with little dedicated healing. My heaviest hitter is also my slowest (the Impy). This leads to a collapse of at least one frontliner before I can win the fight. I may have to do more grinding to make the team stand viably on it's merits, it seems. Also I agree with Yangus: the rancid fluid trap in C2 grid (or is it B2) of the first laby sucks. As soon as I cleared it I limped back to the start with 2 casualties, IIRC. I'm on Expert difficulty with this party, BTW. My progress is up to the 2nd Laby and the first small maze, but I'm grinding on 2nd laby, B1F, before I take on the real training in the small maze. My frontliners and my gunner all have at least +3, if not +5 weapons, but I think this team wants to try to prioritize armor for the front, especially the Impy. Any further advice would be welcome, from you or Yangus, or anyone really.
  7. I believe I shall reserve judgement on the Hero as sub-class for now until I know what I'm doing with the 5th member, in terms of filling out rows. If I decide on a 3rd support class (likely) then Afterimage will work fine. If i choose a 3rd frontliner, instead, then I will sub the Pugilist as something else. I'll do more homework when I have the game in paw tomorrow.
  8. I was going to subclass my Pugilist as Hero, and make that my primary source of physical damage, with the Afterimage power I've read about. Gunner sounds good. I'm also supposing that Sovereign is the opposite of Arcanist. One gives "orders" that buff and heal, where Arcanist does "circles" that debuff enemies and heal allies. Nightseeker seems to be Dark Hunter 2.0, which is nice. I think I may actually try a Pugilist, an Imperial up front, and a Sovereign and Arcanist, in the back. The 5th slot I could use another idea for.
  9. * blinks * Pardon me, did you say 7th or 8th Labyrinth? Are they all 4-6 floors like the labyrinths in EO4? My, but won't I have my work cut out for me. EO4 was the first EO I actually completed the main story of, so maybe if Nexus is similarly structured, I've got a good shot at sticking to it this time. I really hope I do. I don't know why I'm so easily distracted from my awesome games. I really gotta actually finish one that's not retro once in a while! I'll do my best! Curious, Platty, what party build have you used for your review? Maybe I'll get a solid idea beyond my Pugilist as my self-insert. I liked Harbingers, so I'm thinking of bringing one of them, and I HAVE to have a Zodiac in there somewhere. Just feels wrong to have an adventure party with no mage. I understand that, until post-game, nearly any combo is viable as long as the party is diverse (not, for example, 5 Medics) .
  10. Review lineup for Etrian Nexus, although I'm quite sure I know who in this thread is getting the game already (looking specifically at the twinsies, @YangustheLegendaryBanditand @Plattym3). Firstly, one of my favorite review sites, Nintendo Life. NL has hardly ever steered me wrong with regard to good Switch and 3DS titles, and here's their glowing praise for Nexus: http://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/3ds/etrian_odyssey_nexus A wonderful review written by our very own gloopy friend, @Plattym3. Feels like a local boy hit big time with him on this site! https://rpgamer.com/2019/01/etrian-odyssey-nexus-impression/ I don't typically agree with Destructoid, but for the sake of content, here's what they had to say: https://www.destructoid.com/review-etrian-odyssey-nexus-541408.phtml So basically I'm being a poor-man's Metacritic for this page, I know. Also preaching to the choir. Still so excited I had to wag and yap over this one a little louder than usual. Can't wait to spend a good hour just deciding what my party's gonna be tomorrow! Brawler in the lead is a definite, and I'll subclass him a Hero later. I love me some barehanded fighters in games. "Omae wa mo shindeiru, F.O.E.!" ( Monsters probably can't shout "Nani?!" though )
  11. it's not just Atlus, it's NIS, Squenix, Capcom, practically everyone. E.G. : Squenix didn't want to spring for higher capacity carts for the Switch release of FF10/10-2, nor did Capcom for Okami HD, inspiring me to import both. Then there's Squenix's poor handling of the release of DQ12 we all are painfully aware of already. NIS doesn't even do dubs on half their work anymore (looking at you, Princess Guide), and the list goes on.
  12. Taking my husband through My Hero Academia on Blu-ray. He's really invested in it! I'm staying ahead of the show with the manga. Read 2 out of the 11 volumes I have collected.
  13. Siliconera is a good site. Only one I read more often is Nintendo Life. I'm not surprised you found an awesome article for the game there. I'm only surprised you said "would" make a good Etrian Hype Man. You totally are already.
  14. I caught sight of your preview text on RPGamer tonight. A fit tribute to the game, and a fine comment on the bittersweet nature of the game. It IS sad that the 3DS is being put to pasture, and the most unique feature of EO along with it. I truly don't know what will be done with the series now, but I intend to milk this final 3DS entry for all it's worth. Also took a moment to lightly poke well-meaning fun at your twinsie's new form av on his status update. Dusting off an oldie to tease him with. Just to remind y'all I'm still wagging.
  15. There is, as usual, a free 3DS theme for Etrian Nexus, and I just got it tonight, then set the favorites shuffle for all 5 Etrian themes. Gonna try to stick to my guns on this one this time, given it's the last one on the system. I've got plenty of games to wiggle through during the next 2 weeks, but I'm excited for this swan song (for the 3DS, not necessarily the Etrian games). I mean, a new Etrian 9 days before my birthday? Aww, Atlus, ya shouldn've. I know I'm not half the hardcore fan of it Yangus is, but I DO try! P.S.: Any word on the viability of a Pugilist-sub-Hero? I GOTTA insist on it for my self-insert, but just curious.
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