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  1. I’m getting rather attached to how they look the more I play DQ 2. I like the way the game looks and plays on my Switch Lite. I don’t think I’ll ever touch the mobile versions of 1-3 again lol. I’ll probably delete them off my phone now. I still like the way the NES and the SNES versions look the best (NES for nostalgia and SNES for 16bit goodness). I installed those versions on my NES Classic and SNES Classic respectively for when I feel like a nostalgia trip but generally speaking I’ll be playing these versions mainly. At least for DQ 2 and 3. I don’t really like playing DQ 1 anymore but I still have a lot of fun with the sequels.
  2. Like I said it’s pretty jarring but it’s still fun to play. I think the mobile versions looked better but honestly I think the best versions of DQ 1-3 are the SNES remakes. I went ahead an bit the bullet on DQ 1 and 3 during lunch so I got them all now. I haven’t played the original trilogy since they first came out for mobile so it will be nice to revisit them again. At least this time they will have actual buttons lol.
  3. Man I loved these versions on mobile. I bought DQ 2 yesterday and I plan on buying DQ 1 and 3 (and DQ 11S 😛) on Friday when I get paid. I loved the translations of the mobile versions and just what little time I played of DQ 2 (about an hour) it’s so much nicer on the Switch than on my phone. I’m so happy that we finally have versions of DQ 1-3 on a modern console. The enemy art style was a bit jarring at first but I got over it pretty quickly. All the changes to the mobile version of DQ 2 (and the Switch version as a result) make DQ 2 more fun than it’s ever been.
  4. If it was closer to triple I think we would have been told "almost triple the previous DQ opening in terms of dollars." It's probably closer to 2x than 3x. Another thing to consider is the "Edition of Lost Time" from the Square-Enix store. That version was $150, which costs as much as more than four copies of DQ 9 (which was $35). 1 sale of the Edition of Lost Time is equal to 4.2 copies sold of DQ 9 on the DS. It's great that revenue is more than double but I would like to know the actual sales figures. It doesn't seem like DQ 11 sold much better than DQ 9 all things considered. Still as long as it sales about the same amount as DQ 9 I think SE will be happy (given their "even if it just sales a certain amount" talk).
  5. Yeah it's something they started not too long ago. I can't remember when exactly but it was sometime in the last year or so.
  6. Digital sales were included, as well as PC sales. https://www.google.com/amp/s/venturebeat.com/2018/10/23/september-2018-npd/amp/ Note that there wasn’t an * or ** by DQ 11, meaning it’s digital (*) and PC digital (**) numbers were factored in already.
  7. The way NPD does things now (compared to a few years ago) is that they determine the rank based on dollars spent. Say you have a $30 3DS game and a $60 PS4 game. If the 3DS game sold 100,000 but the PS4 game sold 80,000 when the NPD numbers come out the PS4 game would be ranked higher than the 3DS game even though it sold 20,000 less copies. The PS4 game brought it $4.8 million while the 3DS game, that sold more copies, only brought in $3 million. DQ 9 sold 132,000 units back in 2010 at $35 each copy. That means the total dollars spent $4.62 million. DQ 11 more than doubled the dollars spent so we can say that $9.24 million or somewhere around that. When you divide that by $60 you end up with 154,000 copies. So DQ 11 would have barely outsold DQ 9's opening even though it more than doubled its revenue during launch month.
  8. In the September NPD thread over at Reset Era (don't know if we can link to it; I think I kinda got told not to like to RE last time lol) it sounds like it did outstanding. Post #501 said that DQ 11 set a new record for a DQ opening and more than doubled the previous DQ opening, which I assume was DQ 9 back in 2010. DQ 9 did 132k opening month so we are looking at over 264k for DQ 11's opening. Note that it's not official. Just assuming that whoever posted that has the actual NPD data him/herself. [Edit] Oh yeah! Chart rankings lol. DQ 11 was #11 overall (that is across all platforms) and #7 on the PS4 Top Ten. [Edit 2] I forgot that the NPD is stupid now and posts on dollars spent these days and not units purchased. DQ 9 was a $35 DS game and DQ 11 was a $60 PS4 game. It's not that DQ 11 sold more than twice was DQ 9 sold, but rather the dollars spent on DQ 11 were more than double the dollars spent on DQ 9. They probably sold a similar amount but DQ 11 was $25 more expensive so it drove up the overall "dollars spent" amount.
  9. Aw jeez. Didn’t read about that second week drop in the UK. I guess it reaffirms my suspicions that DQ 11 is largely selling to existing DQ fans instead of bringing in a large number of new fans. If the existing fans all got the game week one it would explain debuting at number 2 and then falling to 29 would indicate that most people who want the game already have it. We’ll see though. [EDIT] Just Googled and the game fell down to 34 in the UK during week three: http://ukie.org.uk/news/2018/09/marvels-spider-man-sticks-top-spot-third-week I have to admit this is making me sad. Maybe digital sales on PSN and Steam are picking up the slack. Spider-Man has been the #1 game for three straight weeks in both the UK and Japan; I would assume in many other markets too. Launching against Spidey was a mistake. I wish SE would have pushed the game up a couple of weeks after the Spidey release date announcement. A mid-August release might have been better.
  10. NPD is the North American market only (basically USA+Canada). Reset Era always has monthly topics about it but a lot of gaming-related sites will post NPD data when available. Just Google "September 2018 NPD" and it's easy to find, although I'm sure someone will likely post here when the data is released. I can't remember the tracking service that most of Europe uses. I just know the game debuted at number 2 in the UK so it sounds like it's doing pretty good (and the UK is the biggest gaming market in Europe, so that's a good sign). I'm pretty confident that Dragon Quest 11's Western performance is going to be good enough for Square-Enix to consider it successful. I just don't think it's going to reach record-breaking status. But being on the PS4 and Steam was smart and we will likely get the Switch version sometime next year (shouldn't be that big of a delay from the Japanese release given that the game is already localized). I don't know if it will happen but I would really love to see the game break two million sales in the West. I think that would be incredible.
  11. ^ I think NPD is the second Thursday of every month. For October that would be the 11th.
  12. Yeah it sold poorly in Japan by comparison because SE bet on the Western markets for the game. The same thing happened with Monster Hunter World. It sold poorly in Japan (sold a little under 3 million for a franchise that has been selling 4-5 million or so), but both games killed it overseas. It sucks they declined in their homeland but Square-Enix and Capcom were chasing the North American and European markets and clearly they succeeded. I think had FF 15 been more traditional (I guess Japanese aren't too fond of open world games) it probably would have done better. Also the PS4 isn't the powerhouse in Japan that is outside of Japan. I'm sure if the PS4 was more popular it would have done better. At any rate the updated numbers come from their FF 15 Tokyo Game Show website: https://www.jp.square-enix.com/tgs18/lineup/ff15/ It states the 8.1 million figure there. The game is still selling (it hit 7 million in February, it was at 7.7 million in the beginning of August, and hit 8.1 sometime in September). It’s going to be the second best selling FF by the end of the year easily at that rate and chances are it’s going to break 10 million, which is a feat only FF 7 has done. And all that with abysmal Japanese sales, which makes the Western sales even more impressive. That was my point. As for Tomb Raider, I see a lot of adds for it but I think SE ultimately hurt the brand. The Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusive fiasco and the poorer reviews for Shadow of the Tomb Raider are hurting the game's potential. I know sales in Europe, the IP's strongest market if I am not mistaken, are down severely from the reboot's opening. Regarding Dragon Quest, it seems to be doing good in the UK (and I assume the rest of Euroland) from what we know so far. I think strong reviews are going to help it out over the first couple of months and again it was incredibly smart to make a Steam version. Games have long lifecycles on Steam. I can't wait to hear how well it did in the September NPD release. I'm hoping it's number four. I don't see it beating out Spider-Man, Madden, or Tomb Raider for the first, second, or third slot lol.
  13. I don't want to turn this into a FF15 thread so I'll just say I adore the game. It's a top five FF for me. FF 6, 7, 9, 12, and 15 are my top five but not in that order (FF 7 is my least liked of those plus I like the 6, 9, 12, and 15 scheme; it implies every third FF is legendary to me starting with the SNES games lol). Anyway I was just pointing out that FF 15 and Monster Hunter World are the two biggest success stories this gen when talking about Japanese third-party offerings. I don't think DQ 11 is going to substantially grow in the West like those two games did but I think it should at least do as well as DQ 9, if not a little more. If they are happy with DQ 9's sales and DQ 11 gets within the same ballpark I don't think SE will be disappointed. I brought up FF 15 and MH World because Square-Enix and Capcom really put their marketing muscle behind those games and it really paid off. True they both were below average in Japan but more than made up for it in oversea sales. With DQ 11, SE is probably fine with what it sold in Japan and just considers Western sales extra, assuming it can get in the same ballpark as the last game. Obviously the ideal situation would be to outsell DQ 9 considerably but I don't think SE expects that given the modest marketing push DQ 11 had.
  14. FF 15 has sold 8.1 million worldwide, with only 1.1 million or so coming from Japan. It's actually the worst-selling numbered FF in Japan since FF 2, which sold about 740,000 on the Famicom back in 1988/1989. On the flip side it's the best-selling FF game in the West by a large margin (it's a million ahead of FF 7 right now). https://www.dsogaming.com/news/final-fantasy-xv-has-sold-8-1-million-copies-worldwide/ When you look at FF 7, 4 million of its 10 million sales came from Japan, meaning it sold 6 million outside Japan. Only FF 7 and FF 8 sold better than FF 15 and those games were multi-million sellers in Japan. FF 8 sold 3.7 million in Japan and again FF 7 sold 4 million.
  15. Hope you’re right. I’m the only person I know in real life that even knew it was out lol. I showed it off to several people so I hope they decide to jump in. I think making a Steam version was incredibly smart though. That version will likely sell much longer than the PS4 version.
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