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  1. Yeah I feel you on that one. It gets harder as you get older. I struggle to finish over half of my games even once and most of them aren't massive RPGs lol. Between work, kids, and things around the house it's hard to find the time and when I do I'm usually tired and would rather just watch something on YouTube or Netflix than sit down and play something that requires effort lol. I think I'd be content with just playing games I have a real attachment with going forward. Like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Super Mario. I pretty much given up on RPGs in general because of the time investment needed. The only exceptions are DQ and FF because I've been playing them for over two decades now. On the subjects of remakes, I generally like the original versions better because that's how I originally experienced them but I tend to play the remakes more because of the "Quality of Life" improvements that make them more accessible (easier, less grindy, better pacing, and so on). I've never played a remake first and then the original version so I wonder if I had played say DQ 6 DS first and then DQ 6 SNES if I would like the DS version more.
  2. I recall that now that you mention it. Still prior to this I don't think he's ever gone into much detail regarding Dragon Warrior/Quest. I don't think he was much of a RPG guy. He mentions Final Fantasy 6 more than anything (and often calling it Final Fantasy 3 still lol) and occasionally says something about the other Squaresoft SNES games (Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG) or Earthbound. Seems like Castlevania, Mega Man, Contra, TMNT, and Ninja Gaiden where the non-Nintendo games he seems the most familiar with. To be fair those were like the main NES games for a most people (outside Mario and Zelda obviously).
  3. I watched this last night. I was surprised to see James do a DQ video since he never really commented on DQ before (that I can recall anyway) but it was fun to watch. It was cool to see the website get a little love in the video as well. I like a lot of his non-AJVN stuff. It’s a bit funny that Angry Video Game Nerd made him famous but films, not games, are his true passion. He doesn’t seem to care much for modern games and just seems to care for the games of his youth which is something I can relate to more and more.
  4. Oh yeah I totally agree. Each version feels like a different experience. I have fond memories of the PS1 version and the visuals on that version have a very nostalgic quality for me so it’s my favorite version between the two. But the 3DS version is easier to play. The QoL improvements are really helpful to help the game’s pacing. Both versions are fantastic games though. I just have a deep fondness of the original just like the NES versions of DQ1-4 and FF 1-3 are more special to me over and their various (and I mean various lol) remakes and releases.
  5. I'm (finally) getting around to playing the 3DS version right now. I'm almost at the 40 hour mark and I am really happy for the most part. The PS1 version is an amazing experience and I've managed to slog through it two or three times over the years but man it's probably the worst-paced JRPG I have ever played. As much as I love DQ I still feel it's biggest fault is the pacing is just terrible. Starting with DQ 6 the games just feel overly long and you really have to be committed to see them through to the end (and DQ 7 is the most extreme example of this). Compare that to FF which are generally faster paced and I feel most people can see the main stories through to the end at least. Every DQ starting with 6 and up to 11 honestly feels like they should have ended 30% sooner and would have been better games for it (and again DQ 7 PS1 is the biggest offender in this regard). The 3DS version makes the game somewhat more modern (it's still a long beast of a game, although to me it feels much easier than the PS1 version). It's easier to play because of that but I'm not entirely convinced it's the "definitive" experience. It has a lot of charm true but I don't know... I feel like it's missing something that made the PS1 version special. I know it sounds like I've been dogging on the PS1 game but there's something about the PS1 game that sets it apart. I think the PS1's graphic style serves the game more. I never thought DW 7 was a bad looking game, just a poor looking PS1 game. It looked like a nice progression from DQ 6 however the problem is that DQ 6 was a SNES game and DQ 7 was a PS1 game. The monster animations and spell effects were great and the overworld map was nice I thought. The graphics gave the game a distinctive feel with the PS1 original that I kinda feel was lost some in the 3DS version (even though I still think the 3DS version looks nice). I don't really care about all the DLC/download/WiFi stuff that SE puts in a lot of their DS/3DS games (FF 3 DS, FF 4 DS, DQ 9 DS, DQ7-8 3DS). To me it feels like pointless filler that's fun to mess around with at first but gets old/annoying quick. I don't know what the fascination with it is but it is what it is. I have zero desire to really jump into any of that other than an easy map for vocation skill grinding lol. If I had to sum it up Dragon Warrior 7 on the PS1 feels like a more classic experience and the one that I would WANT to experience again but Dragon Quest 7 on the 3DS is the more practical experience and the one that ultimately I would play because it addresses a lot of the faults of the original release even it overall it isn't as compelling an experience. I probably just like DW 7 more for nostalgic reasons but DQ 7 is clearly the more playable experience. That said each version was their own charm - I just prefer the charm of the original more, warts and all. Again I recognize this is solely due to nostalgia and nothing more. It's the same reason why I still love the NES and SNES DQ and FF games' style more than their various remakes which admittedly are easier on the eyes but nostalgia is a hell of a drug.
  6. Yeah that always makes me feel better lol. I’m playing the PS2 version right now and I think I’ll go with Nera just for a change of pace. I do really like how different all three are. Each potential wife is unique and has her own personality traits. I still love Debora because she is absolutely hilarious. Bianca is sweet and Nera can get suggestive. All three are awesome in my book. The wives are one of the reasons why DQ 5 remains my overall favorite DQ and one of my top three JRPGs. Seeing Bianca and Nera in DQ Heroes was awesome. Wish Debora had showed up to complete the trifecta.
  7. I think it’s going to be a mix of both. Mobile is too big to pass up so there’s also going to be a focus there. I wish they would go with more paid apps though. After sinking God knows how much money into Final Fantasy Record Keepers and Dragon Age Heroes (pretty sure that was the time) I have completely sworn off “gacha” games. They are just too shallow of an experience and a waste of money. I’ll gladly pay $20-30 for high quality ports/remakes with none of that mobile garbage in it but getting back on topic... I don’t think we have anything to worry about when it comes to spin-offs on traditional consoles. The Switch is basically guaranteed more DQ games based off its massive sales success alone. I don’t know if PlayStation and PC are really that important going forward. I would hope so because I like better graphics and frame rates over portability but I wouldn’t blame SE if the Switch became the main DQ platform. We are supposed to be getting DQ announcements this year to celebrate its 35th anniversary so I would expect to hear of some new spin-offs soon. I don’t know if we will get another Heroes or Builders game though. At the very least we are do a new Monsters game and I think the Switch is the perfect platform for that. Heck I’d be happy if they just ported all the 3DS games over to the Switch since they would be new to us.
  8. I like Debora the best. She is hilarious and I think has the best character growth with the hero. I like how over time she changes and begins to truly love the hero and becomes respectful instead of being a spoiled brat. There’s a lot of good moments with her. She is by far the best choice for the DS/mobile version. I go with Bianca while playing the SNES or PS2 version. She seems like the “canon” choice since they were so close as kids. I always feel bad for Nera though. It’s hard to break her heart but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  9. I am thankful for the mobile versions as well. I have played DQ 1-6 and 8 at least two times each on my iPhone/iPad. I would buy DQ 7 the second it even though I have my 3DS version. It’s just convenient having them on my phone and not needing to bring a second device. I do wish DQ 1-3 had cloud saves though. I typically play on my iPad at home because it’s more comfortable compared to my iPhone (a little cramped because of the forced portrait mode). With 4-6 and 8 it’s easy to play on my phone away from the house and transfer the save to the iPad when I get home and vice-versa. I’m actually in the middle of two DQ 2 games because I started one of my iPad first and then again on my iPhone because I was bored at work one day lol. I still wish the old Enix forums were kept alive but I understand the reason for nuking them. All things considered the merger between Square and Enix was still a great call and having FF and DQ under the same roof still floors me. It was getting bad for both companies because their stocks would always fall the years a mainline DQ or FF didn’t launch (not to mention the money Square lost on the movie). It’s just too bad we never got a Chrono 3 after the merger lol.
  10. Oh nice I didn't miss the boat then lol. I don't know how much Enix of America would know about Dragon Quest 5 but I'm sure it had to be in some sort of planning I would imagine. It launched in Japan in March 2004. The Dragon Quest 4 PS1 remake was November 2001. That's only a two and a half year gap. I know we didn't get DW 4 PS1 because of issues beyond Enix of America's control but I always wondered if we would have gotten a Dragon Warrior 5 if Enix of America had remained it's own thing. I mean it's something that we can't really answer so I guess it's pointless to ponder. At any rate I am looking forward to the interview. Nob was always straight with us when he was a moderator and I always respected him for that. He's good people in my book.
  11. I probably answered already because this topic is over a decade old now but Dragon Warrior 1 was my first experience with the game. I played it in 1998. I was talking with one of my friends in high school about Final Fantasy 7 in January of 1998. I had just beaten it and I was telling him what I thought about it and my love for the series (having played FF 1, FF 4, FF 6, FF 7, and all the "spin-offs" like Mystic Quest, FF Legends 1-3, and FF Adventure). He told me that Final Fantasy sounded a lot like Dragon Warrior and that I should play them. He lent me his copy of Dragon Warrior 1 and I beat it and gave it back and then lent me Dragon Warrior 2, which I loved even more. I spent much of 1998 and 1999 going through DW 1-4 on the NES and shortly after that the Game Boy Color games (DQ 1-3, DQ Monsters 1 and 2) started coming out so I bought a GBC and purchased all the Game Boy Color games as they were coming out. It was a pretty awesome time. Discovering DW 1-4 right before the "revival" period (the GBC games, the Enix forums, and the upcoming DW 7). Not only did I have all the official stuff coming out but the ROM fan translation scene was really taking off during that time. Final Fantasy 5 was fan translated in 1998 I believe and that was like the flood gates being blasted open. Soon all of the SNES Dragon Quest titles had translations in the works (among virtually every other 16bit JRPG that never made it outside Japan) and it just seemed like excitement was everywhere. As for as being a gamer I would have to say that was probably my favorite era of the hobby.
  12. Dragon Quest 9 is my least favorite as well. 2010 was a disappointing year for me as a Square-Enix fan coming off both Final Fantasy 13 and Dragon Quest 9, which happen to be my least favorite games in each of the franchises (and yes I am saying I like Final Fantasy 2 and Dragon Quest 2 more than both of them LOL). I still like both but they were the first FF and DQ games that left me underwhelmed at the end of the day (as far as main series anyway). Dragon Quest 7 can be a slog to get through, especially in the beginning, but man once everything starts to fall into place it feels like it redeems it to me - like the second half is so good that it makes for the somewhat boring beginning and some parts of the middle. Dragon Quest 9, on the other hand, never really had that "turning point" moment to me. I'd still say it was a good game and had some great moments but even when it was new I didn't like it as much as the rest (and as a follow-up to DQ 8 it was heartbreaking lol). My personal favorite is still Dragon Quest 5 with Dragon Quest 8 as a close second. Those two games just seem like they did everything expertly and they don't fall into the bad pacing that plagued parts of DQ 6, 7, and 9 in my opinion. I really enjoy the PS2 version of DQ 5 the most but all three versions (SNES, PS2, and DS/mobile) are damn near perfect role-playing games in my opinion.
  13. Aw man I wish I would have checked back sooner as I would have liked to participate (I'm a single parent of two daughters and I work full-time so I don't play games as much as I used to and don't visit as much as I used to). I absolutely loved the old Enix forums. To this day it remains my favorite time on the internet. The wait for Dragon Warrior 7 was painful lol. It was such a great time to see the Dragon Warrior brand revitalized in the West with the Game Boy Color remakes, the DQ Monsters titles getting released, and the anticipation for Dragon Warrior 7. I would like to know what future plans Enix had for the series had Enix of America not closed and if the merger with Square had anything to do with that. I would have loved to know if Dragon Quest 5 PS2 was in the planning stages at all. It's still my favorite version of DQ 5 and it's a shame we never got that version (as well as DW 4 on the PS1 obviously). It's such a shame that during the area of the Dragon Warrior revival in America we still missed out on so many games in the early 2000's. DQ 4 PS1, DQ 5 PS2, the DQ Monsters 1 and 2 PS1 remake, DQM 3 on GBA... I wonder if Enix and Square had remained separate if that would have changed. I can understand DW 4 PS1 with Heartbeat taking their ball and going home after losing the DQ 8 contract but man I still want the DQM 1 and 2 PS1 remake. One question that I would have liked to ask is what Nob's thoughts on the current translation method are. I mean a lot of use grew up with spell names like Blaze and Inferno that are now names like Woosh and Crackle. Not only that but the newer translations have a lot of puns, bad jokes, and the accents. Those were awkward at first but it's been over a decade now (almost two at that). In fact we've had the "new" spell names for basically as long as the original names prior to Square-Enix retranslating them. I'd just like to hear an old translator's thoughts on the "new age" of Dragon Quest localizations. I don't think we've ever had a bad Dragon Warrior/Quest localization (outside of things being censored as was common during the NES era) but I really have grown to love the modern translations. The mobile/Switch versions of Dragon Quest 1-3 have glorious text as do the DQ 4-6 remakes on mobile and DS. DQ 7 remake's translation was better than the PS1's in my opinion and DQ 8, 9, and 11 are all outstanding. I'm sure Square-Enix has more resources at their disposal and likely a larger staff as well which I'm sure plays a lot into it. Still I'm really fond of the GameBoy Color games and the quality of their localization.
  14. I’m getting rather attached to how they look the more I play DQ 2. I like the way the game looks and plays on my Switch Lite. I don’t think I’ll ever touch the mobile versions of 1-3 again lol. I’ll probably delete them off my phone now. I still like the way the NES and the SNES versions look the best (NES for nostalgia and SNES for 16bit goodness). I installed those versions on my NES Classic and SNES Classic respectively for when I feel like a nostalgia trip but generally speaking I’ll be playing these versions mainly. At least for DQ 2 and 3. I don’t really like playing DQ 1 anymore but I still have a lot of fun with the sequels.
  15. Like I said it’s pretty jarring but it’s still fun to play. I think the mobile versions looked better but honestly I think the best versions of DQ 1-3 are the SNES remakes. I went ahead an bit the bullet on DQ 1 and 3 during lunch so I got them all now. I haven’t played the original trilogy since they first came out for mobile so it will be nice to revisit them again. At least this time they will have actual buttons lol.
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