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  1. Wow, I <3 this avatar. Thanks so much, Jay
  2. I want my avatar to be DQ IX's Morag. Where and how do I go about in finding one for this site? I like how she's pretty and a demon.
  3. I would like to see a database on all the female monsters and enemies in the Dragon Quest series. This is avatar related.
  4. Yes, both login and display, please.
  5. Woodus, when you have the time, Could you change my username to HellQueen please?
  6. Does this site offer up any pre-established Dragon Quest related avatars for the profiles of registered members? Is it possible in real life to pull off a plan like DQ 4's Taloon, and acquire a business and to make it successful and yourself rich? To any other members in Illinois, If I asked you for help in relocating to a large city, would you agree to help?
  7. Are there any female characters in the Dragon Quest series that are pirated, sailors, mariners, or have their own boats? I want such a character as my avatar, please.
  8. When I asked this question, I was hoping to learn and hear if Square-Enix has made any new Dragon Quest games for the 3DS and/or PlayStation 4, or has any future plans to. And Dwainie, why did you troll my question with that embedded video clip? That wasn't nice or respectful.
  9. I'm a happy site member

    1. ignasia


      Cool, and welcome back.

  10. It has been some time, since Dragon Quest 9 was considered to be the brand newest game in the DQ series. Has Square-Enix made any new game for the 3DS since then? Or for any game console, that is ready to play now?
  11. Thank you, a thousand happy blessings to you, Woodus.
  12. The reason I asked this, is because I want to change my avatar to a DQ water element based monster enemy, that is feminine looking.
  13. I'm so glad I found this thread by happy chance. I want my username changed to Bryght Kane, in both the name display and in the account's log in.
  14. Are there any water type enemies/monsters in any of the Dragon Quest games?
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