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  1. Got a few questions here. I'm thinking about getting back into DQX after being gone for about 7 years. I'm still on the Ver 1+2 All in One along with Version 3, and I want to know what's the easiest/cheapest way to get versions 4 & 5, and also what is currently the most hassle-free way to pay for subscriptions and load up on Crysta if I want to buy something off the shop?
  2. I decided to start putting together a translated quest guide based on the guides here: http://ドラクエ10.jp/dq10_quest.html Here's a sample of one of the entries: 098: Wisdom of the Paladin 43 Fame/2580 EXP Gartlant Castle Reward: Paladin job unlocked Replay: Ulbea Silver Piece -Speak to Captain Strong in Gartlant Castle 1F (H-4) to start quest -Protect party members from enemy attacks 10 times while in the Gartlant Region using the Cover skill *Cover is learned from the Warrior skill tree, and can only be used as a Warrior. The count for this objective increases by 1 PER BATTLE. In other words, you will have to successfully cover an attack at least once in 10 separate battles to proceed -Use the "Pray" emote at the monument in Zama Pass (B-8) *You will see a message if you did this at the correct location -Return to Captain Strong to receive reward Let me know what you think.
  3. My brother made an alt that needs an invite: Name: Sheri Romaji: シェーリ ID: PC410-788
  4. Name: メラク Romaji: Merak ID: GJ770-447 Name: ケーリ Romaji: Keri ID: AE677-823 The first one is my fifth character, and the second one is my brother's character.
  5. I always thought of them as: Ogreed: ランガーオæ‘=Langao Village グレン=Glen ガートラント=Gartlant Wena Islands: レーンã®æ‘=Rein Village ジュレット= Julette ヴェリナード= Vellinard Pukuland: プクレットã®æ‘= Pukulett Village オルフェア=Orphea メギストリス=Megistris Eltona: ツスクルã®æ‘=Tuskul Village (pronounced like two-school) アズラン=Azlan カミãƒãƒ«ãƒ イ=Kamiharumui Dwachakka: アグラニã®ç”º= Agrani Village ガタラ=Gatara ドルワーム=Dolwarm
  6. Do you think there will be another bundle for v3? My brother decided he wants to play, and I'm trying to find the cheapest way to get a standalone v3 for me, and all 3 versions for him.
  7. Thanks, I'll look into that problem. I probably put the ID in wrong. And sorry to the person who tried to welcome me when I immediately logged off, I was letting my brother play. Edit: I checked my info on Wendi, and it's exactly the same as I posted. I used the little 'エ' and 'イ' in the name, ェ and ィ.
  8. Hello, I'm new to the forums and I'm excited to finally have someone else to play this great game with! Here's the info for the character I'm currently playing the most. Name: キラリ Romaji: Kirari ID: TH210-865 I actually have multiple characters so I could have all the different crafts, but if you want to add those too, that would be nice. Name: ウェンディ Romaji: Wendi ID: LN727-119 Name: マリア Romaji: Maria ID: MZ428-237 Name: フェイフェイ Romaji: Feifei ID: WS296-330
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