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  1. Of course. I've also edited the first post with some extra info - basically, just mentioning that for the most part side A of these records contain orchestral arrangements, while side B (C for DQ III) contains the game soundtrack with some sound effects. The exception is Dragon Quest in Brass, which is fully brass arrangements on both sides.
  2. Erdrick, if you're still interested in the DQ 2 record shoot me a message. I can't seem to message you for some reason. :x
  3. Yes, these cover music from the first three games. There is actually a vinyl release of the DQ soundtrack but it is ungodly rare and expensive, and I never shelled out for it.
  4. Been collecting VGM on vinyl for a few years now, but I'm getting ready to move overseas and this stuff isn't coming with me. ENIX suggested this as a place people might be interested in my DQ vinyls. Dragon Quest II pic $55 (side B includes game soundtrack) Dragon Quest III (2 discs, gatefold) pic, inside $60 (2nd disc includes game soundtrack) Dragon Quest in Brass pic $85 Dragon Quest Suite pic $75 (side B includes DQ1 game music and synth arrangements) Dragon Quest Suite's sleeve is slightly dirty. Otherwise, these are all in great condition and have their obi strips and inserts. Fun trivia about the DQII vinyl - they designed the sleeve before the game was finalized, and one of the screenshots shows a preliminary location for Cannock Castle. Prices include media mail shipping in the US. Paypal preferred. Ebay feedback. (Note: I've got some non-DQ related stuff as well. See my vgmdb sales page for details)
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