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  1. 30 hours in and the boats "sturdyness" was tested (again)
  2. 15 hours in on pc, just got the last 2 party members(assuming the trailers didn't hide any extra characters :p ). Playing at 1440p resolution, 6700k/GTX1070Ti, 16GB RAM. Everything maxed out and never drops below 60fps. Loving the look of the towns. The little stories being told through each of time. All of the times feel very distinct from each other not only in looks but also thanks to the different accents people have. There's been a great variety of monsters and bosses. While the pacing of the bosses is somewhat predictable, the game/story does throw a nice curveball at
  3. Got my GMG key yesterday and the CE was just delivered to my mom's adress. Good Squenix, second time I've used the store and now it's one day early instead of 3 days late.
  4. I ordered from the EU store and still no shipping comfirmation. 4 business-days away... Not holding out hope now for getting it on/before launch. At least I'll have my GMG-key ready in time.
  5. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion... Not going to mock the 60/70-reviewers. If they have negatives like "I find bunny girls awkward/uncomfortable" and "this free-movement battle thing should have cover and dodge-mechanics" a reasonable person can just say "Ooh, that doesn't bother me in the slightest" and go on with buying the game if they're interested. I'm guessing most people nowadays check multiple reviews anyways if they bother with looking at reviews to begin with Edit for clarification: a reasonable person -> a person who is interested in buying this game and is
  6. Play how you wanna play, I guess. It's more grating to me when publishers/consolemakers keep focusing on high fidelity and gorgeous graphics while most of these machines can barely manage 1080p/60fps. Then those same people who eat up that marketing-talk call pc-gamer elitists or "master racers" just because we are willing to pay for better visuals? I'm not questioning whether pc offers worse value for money than console. Also: "modestly better"... This is dragon quest with a cell-shaded look, but most modern AAA-games (Witcher 3, Far cry 5, the division, ...) look significantly better wi
  7. Facts are facts yo. Let's not forget PC will likely be the only platform to have 60fps. I'll be playing on a 27 ips 1440p monitor (because comfort). If people prefer to play on console, great for them if they just wanna sit on their couch and play a game on a simple system. Pretending however that there's isn't a notable difference between a (well-optimized) pc-version and consoles "FauxK" is just silly. Yes I know a JRPG is slower-paced in general. I still enjoy these games more when everything is moving far smoother in 60fps.
  8. That sounds pretty annoying... Are people still reporting many crashes as of the latest update?
  9. If it wasn't for DQ being my favourite gaming series and my pc being pretty beefy, I never would put down a pre-order for a pc game. Download-speeds in my country are "decent" and I'm sure a ton of people will have metrics posted on the pc-version the day it comes out. Also got the whole mindset going on that I want every possible (good) JRPG on pc. Bought trails of cold steel, berseria, Trails in the sky, Valkyria Chronicles. All these games run well on most hardware. :p I heard Chrono Trigger is finally somewhat decent on steam, but I've spend most of my "play-money" on DQ11 this
  10. Welp, I got my E-mail stating they're gonna start shipping soon + an E-mail saying payment processing wasn't working properly... ...even though I updated my credit card info like a week ago, because I got a new credit card like two months ago... Updated it again. I hope to God, I quickly get a confirmation mail saying everything is in order.
  11. I hecking love this. DQ8 is my favourite game in the series. This being free day1 is an awesome bonus.
  12. €130 from Squenix's EU store + €12 for the only shipping option available... Feel kinda silly, cuz I already bought the symphonic suite, but DQ is like one 2/3 series I love enough to spend that kind of money on it. I'm also very glad it's not like the DQ Heroes CE where all we got was a cheaply made treasure box a tiny plushy, some dlc codes and...that was it? Thick artbook, full(not just some sample-ost or digital download) soundtrack and a steelcase that looks far better than the standard cover-art... for that reason I'm in
  13. You have to make the stone chairs (round with yellow tops) Like in this image @Michster - Sorry, I got to that point in the Japanese version, but forgot how I did it, and I am still on Ch1 in the English version. Apparantly, you need to use the sewing station to create advanced armour and weaponry... The sewing station I had almost the entire time and didn't think of using once. Seriously, if chapter one teaches you to make weapons and armour and furnace.... WHY SWITCH TO SEWING STATION?!
  14. I'm in chapter 2, got a lvl 5 town, yet I still have no clue how to get a forge or furnace, please help, monsters are killing me.
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