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  1. Nope. Some of the things that weren't in older games were developed to have representation for all different Mario game variants. This^ I used the airship theme so it didn't have the distracting mario music. But I might switch it back and change it to silence and use the normal overworld since they won't let us use our own sound clips.
  2. I'll try to make a version that sucks less and is bug free and I'll reupload and post the address.
  3. My comments were supposed to show up as text in the game but I'm not sure if that is working properly. I'm probably going to revise the fight to drop fire flowers and exchange the pipes back to rimildar for another town and possibly a dungeon. Nice strategy for shooting bowser jr up close though. I never thought to do that. Gonna fix a few bugs as well and put the revision here. Thanks for taking the footage Woodus.
  4. I don't have a way to record but I'm using Sheik and Metaknight costumes for Erdrick's descendant. I'll probably switch Sheik to Marth for the revision where I bug fix it up a bit.
  5. If anyone has it feel free to try it out. It's a little rough around the edges and I had to take liberties with the story due to door and pipe limits and working with the engine. I hope this is the right place to put this since I think it fits under "all things Dragon Quest" Make sure you are small mario when getting the "rainbow drop". I have spikes in tantegal castle for that. 934C-0000-003E-0FF5
  6. This blew my mind a bit. Which version are you playing?
  7. Very cool. It's interesting to see how faithful Toriyama stayed to Horii's original sketches.
  8. We don't make them any money... Like less than 100,000 copies of the DS games sold. It sucks. But I understand why we don't have the games. I'm more pissed off at all the stupid people in the mid to late 80's that didn't give the games a chance. Dragon Quest had more depth than most other NES games at the time.
  9. Yeah I want it to be completely portable with ability to play it through an HD TV as well. 4k capability would be cool but I doubt it will happen.
  10. As much as it hurts I think Mattcraft and Tesla are correct about DQX
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