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  1. Sorry I haven't responded in a bit. Not sure why that was happening on my end, as the next time I tried one or two days ago, it was working fine. I probably should have restarted my browser or something before posting about it, so sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. If you go to the main site and click on any one of the lists of Music and Sounds for a certain title, you'll go to the right link, but the page will only display the first page of MP3s for the DQ I NES soundtrack. Also, if you click on the numbers in "Page(s): 1 2 3 [...]", it will go to the correct link with the right offset for DQ I NES, but again will only show the first page.
  3. How much stuff can you squash in to a single-cycle? Surprisingly, it's actually possible to beat the final boss in the first cycle after learning the Song of Time without performing any glitches. It's very difficult as you need Epona to access Great Bay and Ikana Canyon, but you can only learn Epona's Song at Romani Ranch before 6 PM on day 1. That requires some sequence breaking, and you still have to beat all four temples. Without glitches, it's only possible on the Nintendo 64 version since the Inverted Song of Time slows time to a third on N64, but only to a half on 3DS.
  4. For the past few years, I've played Luigi's Mansion around Halloween while dressed up as Mario, and I joke about playing it as going on a journey of self-discovery in my brother's mansion. I also play Majora's Mask all the way through in one three-day cycle. I don't really watch Halloween movies, but I'm thinking of rewatching the first Hitchcock film I ever saw, Psycho.
  5. I just bought a CIB copy of Golden Sun for $30! But according to PriceCharting, that price seems typical.

    1. Neofrodo


      Golden Sun is the spiritual successor to one of my under-rated gems on the PS1. Beyond the Beyond.


      I like the series alot.


      Just wish the 3rd game in the series was better.

    2. BorisTheWizard


      I'm still bitter about Dark Dawn. They had a bajillion years to give the series closure, but they decided instead to make it end on a cliffhanger despite not knowing if they'd ever be given funding for the 4th (and presumably final) entry.

  6. It only took me a decade or so, but I finally got all superstars in Mario Superstar Baseball last night. Glad I no longer have to deal with booted balls, clamber, laser beam throws, or hitting music blocks in Peach's Garden.

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Wow. Congrats on completing that goal! I tried getting as many of the superstars as I could in that game, but I just couldn't figure out how to do a few things.


      Fine work, But Thou Must.


    2. But Thou Must

      But Thou Must

      Thanks, Yangus! Yeah, Baby Mario, Dixie and Toadette were my final three superstars last night. When I hit the music block, Peach got a triple play on me, ha ha.


      Now I just need 9999 on Barrel Batter (I got around 9300 once last night) and the last three MVPs on Exhibition.

  7. I don't know of too many DQ fan covers myself, but one channel I found a couple years ago was that of hyadain (Wikipedia page). He's done covers of several other game series, but most of his DQ covers are of IV. There are subbed videos of his work on YouTube: Ragnar and Healie (Ch. 1 overworld) A Musical of Chapter 2 (Ch. 2 overworld) Royal Straight Flush (casino theme) Torneko's Song (Ch. 3 overworld, town) Feelings for Cynthia (Ch. 5 overworld; Homeland) Journey to Tomorrow (the comments say it's a remix of Hairspray's "You Can't Stop the Beat!")
  8. Since you said you're on Windows 10, this actually reminded me of something. When I updated Windows 10 to the anniversary update, it would refuse to cooperate with the NDS Adapter Plus. I was only able to get it working again by reverting the update since I was still in the period I could do so. Is your Windows 10 machine on the anniversary update?
  9. I just noticed an online offer for a complete copy of DW III on GBC (game, box, manual, map) for about $60. Good deal?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Bururian


      I bought mine for $15 new on clearance at Best Buy back in 2001. What has used game sales become

    3. ignasia


      No photo is a MAJOR red flag. I'm rather shocked nothing was put up as a comparison with known photos of real versions.


      One thing about counterfeit copies, they almost always (like 95+% of the time) fail to make them look identical. Wrong numbers, wrong positions, wrong fonts, plastic case, etc.

    4. But Thou Must

      But Thou Must

      Unfortunately, not having pictures of the item is quite normal for used games on Amazon. I remember two bad experiences with it when trying to get Smash Bros Melee (disc wouldn't read) and GCN Viewtiful Joe 2 (was claimed to be a CIB copy but came in a DVD case without the manual).

  10. Happy 31st, Dragon Quest! Going to celebrate by beating VI and VIII and getting to Disc 2 of VII, all for the first time.

    1. But Thou Must

      But Thou Must

      Just beat VIII, going on to VII Disc 2.

    2. But Thou Must

      But Thou Must

      Didn't get to beating VI, but I got to Disc 2 of VII.

    3. Liamland


      I'm going to try to find time to play DQX while I'm still in Japan. Enjoy VI. It's so non-linear that it's not everyone's favorite, but I really liked it for character design, music composition and overall plot.

  11. Just got a message from Liamland saying that I may, so here it is. He specifically said to include the part about the quicksave:
  12. If you have a 3DS, I know of a homebrew application for it called the TWL Save Tool (GBAtemp page). I personally haven't used it before but know about it because my brother has used it. Functionally, it's the same thing as the NDS Adapter Plus in that it backs up/restores the data from the DS cart; it just does it to the 3DS's SD card rather than to your hard drive. From there, you should be able to connect the SD card to a computer, mess around with your save file as you like with the DQ IX Save Editor and restore it to the cart. However you get your save file, open it up in the Save Editor. I had the pleasure of being able to meet Liamland in the Nintendo World Store and got my quests and some MKS and gem slime maps from him. When I got the NDS Adapter Plus to work on my computer, he sent me a guide on what to do. Currently awaiting permission from him to post the guide in full, but here are the parts you're interested in: Inn tab: Inn grade to 6, check off all the Historical Characters. Quest tab: Choose the DLC box, hit "Unacquired" and select "Go" to unlock the DLC quests.
  13. I actually already have VI on DS and just wanted to point out the DQ games I noticed in the store. Since I already spent $50 on games yesterday, I'd rather hold off on that III GBC until later. Fun fact: nobody has bought that copy of III NES since I first noticed it about a year ago. Hopefully, that'll also be true of the GBC copy... I'm glad I got VI when I did because it's gone up in price since then. I got it new for Christmas 2014 for $25 or so. I also got IV and V the same time for $45 and $50, both CIB. I didn't think either would drop to about $25 new now. Oh well. I try to get CIB games for every system I own except for GB/GBC/GBA and N64. I don't think those carts need a case like discs do, and I think CIB for those systems is generally too uncommon and expensive. I had to make an exception for that cheap copy of I&II, and I now really want to make another exception for III GBC. Having a CIB copy of all nine main series DQ games will be the highlight of my gaming collection.
  14. There's a used gaming store that's really close to my college campus. There, I was able to get a loose cart of Mario vs. Donkey Kong for $20 and a CIB copy of this game for $30: They also had III (GBC) in the box sans manual for $40, III (NES) loose for $80 and two complete copies of VI for $40.
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