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  1. This doesn't really count as "unlocalized," but I'm kind of disappointed that the DQ Heroes games haven't been released on Switch outside of Japan. That being said, my brother recently got a PS5, and I decided to just piggyback off of it for PS4 games. In terms of actually unlocalized games, I guess I'd pick the GBA Slime Morimori game, since it's the only untranslated entry in that spinoff series.
  2. If you like top-down Zelda games, I think you'd like the Slime Morimori/Rocket Slime games. The tank/ship battles in the second and third games are pretty fun and incorporate an alchemy system for combining items together. Only the second one on DS actually got released outside Japan. A fan translation exists for the one on 3DS and requires a system with custom firmware. The one on GBA doesn't have a translation, but it's still perfectly playable in Japanese.
  3. Oh, I'm sure other people knew about this before me. I had imported a cheap copy months ago and found out about this when I loaded the disc in a PS1 emulator. I thought other people would like to know.
  4. If you leave the game alone on the title screen through the end of the Overture, the attract mode is seven minutes of cutscenes showing Ragnar, Alena/Kiryl/Borya, Torneko, and Maya/Meena before (?) their respective chapters begin. The DS and mobile remakes don't have this and only loop the title screen! I recorded a video since there doesn't seem to be a YouTube video of it: The general idea of each story goes like this according to Google Translate (a natural translation would be greatly appreciated!). Ragnar: Alena/Kiryl/Borya: Torneko (unfortunately,
  5. In my quest to import Japanese DQ games and scan their manuals, I discovered that there are two different versions of the original DQ Monsters in Japan! One is for the original Game Boy, and the other is for the Game Boy Color. Apparently, the game had released before the GBC system was actually available for purchase, and there was a second printing to emphasize GBC compatibility. I recently got both versions together to compare (each cost me $1 before shipping, lol), and here's a breakdown of my findings: Fronts of the boxes: Backs of the boxes: The other four faces of the
  6. Collection of my pictures uploaded to Dragon's Den
  7. When I actually get around to scanning the rest of my manuals: Even More Dragon Quest Japanese Manuals Added.
  8. I really must apologize for being so lazy with the ones I haven't scanned yet... Scanning the manuals in the quality I want is kind of tedious. You can see how sporadically I've uploaded them if you view the folder as a list. In any case, since the last update, I also uploaded the manuals for DQ XI 3DS, Monsters 2 3DS, Itadaki Street DS, and Torneko no Daibouken on Super Famicom. Still next to my printer: V on DS, IX, and Joker 1 and 2. Coming in the mail around next week: Joker 2 Pro. I had to get creative with scanning the 3DS ones since they're narrowly too big for my printer to s
  9. For me, the earworm songs were Moon Revenge from the Sailor Moon R film and the theme song of Sailor Stars.
  10. I started watching the original Sailor Moon anime around March and finally finished it last night. Overall, I enjoyed it and would rank the five seasons as S > Stars = season 1 > R >> SuperS.
  11. During the past half year of lockdown, I've gotten into importing Japanese games, including several boxed DQ games. Besides getting them for my DQ collection, I scanned most of their manuals and uploaded them to a dummy Google Drive folder (I don't want to put them on my Google account with my real name): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EvblbX9BAQVFQlzUBwstvBMFDKvhx6b3?usp=sharing Right now, it has manual scans for DQ IV and VII on PS1, Slime Morimori/Rocket Slime 3 on 3DS, and Monsters 1, Cobi, and Tara on GBC. I had contributed a scan for Slime Morimori on GBA to here some
  12. I had just about completely ignored PC gaming my whole life until I made a Steam account a month and a half ago. What changed my mind? I saw NiGHTS into Dreams, Jet Set Radio, and later Shenmue I & II on sale, and I also found out I could use a Switch Pro Controller for Steam. As much as I like those games, I'd really love to get some JRPGs from Steam. Any particular recommendations for someone who knows very little about the platform?
  13. I noticed that the Den's page for Slime Morimori didn't have a PDF of its manual. Would anyone be interested in taking a look at it and possibly translating parts of it? Slime Morimori Manual Scan.pdf
  14. Sorry for the late reply, but I'm glad to hear you liked it! Those two moments were lucky enough for me to put my live reaction in the video!
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