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  1. Since DQB's soundtrack seems to be primarily (if not completely) made up of re-used tracks from previous games, I thought I'd make a post labelling each of the tracks I recognized so far and linking some of their NES versions. This list is very incomplete since I haven't even finished the game yet and couldn't find a couple of the town themes, so if you know one I'm missing feel free to let me know and I'll edit the list, or if any of the themes are a direct rip of a previous remake. I'll be updating the post as I find more information. Here's what I have so far, skipping the title and main menu themes since they're pretty much the same in every game: Opening Cutscene = Dragonlord theme [DQI] - Tutorial "Dungeon" = Underground/Dungeon [DQ3] - Chapter 1 Overworld = Unknown World [DQI] - nes version Chapter 1 Town = Various town themes from DQ4 (I know both the day/night themes are used but I don't remember when. one of them sounds more or less directly ripped from .)Chapter 2 Overworld = Homeland [DQ4] - Chapter 2 Town = ??? Haven't been able to figure this one out yet Chapter 3 Overworld = Overworld [DQ2] Chapter 3 Town = ??? Night Theme = Cave/Dungeon [DQ1] Battle Event Theme = Battle [DQ1] haven't played chapter 4 or free build yet and I'm pretty sure I recognized some other tracks too that I'm missing here... again this is a work in progress.
  2. I was talking about the part where you wake up in the grave at the beginning and it tells you how to craft the white flowers into medicine-- the DQ4 night theme sounds more like the chapter 1 town early on. Listening to that particular song though-- it does sound like the that night town theme is a direct rip of the one from the mobile phone remake of DQ4 though... I thought they actually made new versions of the themes but I guess they don't have time for that EDIT: Aha, turns out the song I was talking about is the dungeon theme from Dragon Quest III (NES original: https://youtu.be/x8VDpp8rnnA?)
  3. Actually the overworld for Chapter 2 is a remix of "Homeland" from Dragon Quest IV. I think after you finish the town in chapter 1 it changes to the DQ4 town theme, too. I'm actually really enjoying the music myself and it's bringing my attention to a lot of tracks from the NES games that I hadn't really noticed before. I love that the night theme is the DQ1 cave theme, and whenever the battle theme plays it scares me like it did when I was 5 years old playing Dragon Warrior EDIT: I think the song that plays during the tutorial is actually a brand new one, but I could definitely be wrong. If it's not I'd be interested to find out where it came from.
  4. Whoa, this thread actually got used after I left, lol. I recently picked up Dragon Quest Builders for my old neglected PS3 and have been loving it to death for the past few days, then figured I'd come back here and see if anyone's talking about it. Just like the other Japanese DQ games Google Translate doesn't help much thanks to its use of slang and writing certain words in kana instead of kanji, which confuses google for some reason... just one example I took last night: ãŠãŠï¼ãªã‚“ã¨ã„ã†ã“ã¨ã§ã—ょã†ï¼ã“ã‚“ãªã¨ã“ã‚ã«ã‚‚患者様ãŒã„らã—ãŸãªã‚“ã¦ï¼ oo! nanto iu koto deshou! kon'na tokoro ni mo kanja-sama ga irashita nante! My best guess is that she's saying "Oh! Oh my goodness! A patient even in a place like this? What do you need?" but I'm confused about nante, whether it's a question or a statement, or something closer to "what are you doing here", etc. EDIT: Just realized it might mean "Patients are needed in this place" ? EDIT 2: actually apparently irashita can just be the past tense honorific form of 'iru' and since she uses 'sama' that seems like the right choice. Based on that I'm now thinking that she was just saying "There was a patient here too!?" and the nante is an intensifier.
  5. College senior, hence my schedule being hectic. I don't even care if the game is coming or not, if they announce it then we can stop, if not we've got a head start. Now that we've made so much hacking progress it's not a question of whether the game will be translated, it's a matter of who's going to do it first
  6. Yes, but as far as I know the flashcard won't load without the browser or profile exploits. It just shows up as an empty cartridge like an out-of-region rom until you use the gateway exploit to boot it, and that exploit doesn't work on N3DS. EDIT: apparently they're working on supporting it next, according to their site, so maybe it's less difficult than I thought
  7. Definitely not I'm afraid, nobody's hacked N3DS yet... it might happen someday but I'm sure the browser exploit et al will not work on the new system.
  8. Probably what we'd do is come up with some sort of patch tool that people can apply to their own personally-extracted roms, then provide a guide on how to do it. The patched roms would have to be loaded via a gateway 3ds card. I don't think there's a way to dynamically patch a normal rom on launch so we're stuck using modded roms and a gateway card-- though I'd have to figure out more about how gateway exploits like regionthree work-- there's a chance that memory can be altered after loading but it's probably pretty unlikely. EDIT: but yes, it should work on american systems via gateway 3ds which is region-unlocked.
  9. Whoa! I leave for a week and suddenly a ton of progress starts happening! Great job everyone-- I guess judging by the screenshot of the english text the 4 weird bytes in the fpt files didn't mess anything up?
  10. Yeah that's what I was thinking-- but if it's just a general archive format that they may or may not have designed specifically for this purpose they *might* just be a byproduct of storing the files inside the archive, like a timestamp or something. Either way I'll need to figure out makerom, but I'll be travelling for this next week with my college chorus so I won't be back to hack at it until next Saturday... till then I guess we can work on actually doing some translation
  11. unless the game doesn't actually check the hashes-- or unless somebody can step through execution with citra. I'm pretty good at reverse engineering assembly so I may try that at some point, I just need to get citra compiled... I might end up rebooting for the first time in 6 months and doing it in linux (my windows partition is lagging really badly lately), at least there I don't have to worry about mingw and cmake as much.
  12. Aha! I wonder if the game actually checks the hashes or if they're just part of the file container... I guess the only way to know is to change part of the file and see if it still loads. Problem is it's really tough to rebuild a rom, I'll have to spend another couple days figuring it out -_-
  13. So since several of us are trying to learn Japanese I thought I'd make a thread where we could post bits of Japanese and try to analyze them together and see what the best translation would be. I'll be posting pieces of text from Dragon Quest VII 3ds and my best guesses as to what they say, with the pieces split apart etc., and anybody else is free to post bits of text from any other japanese source if they want help translating it. So let's start out with the first thing keifer says at the beginning: キーファー「ã•ã¦ã¨â€¦ 今日も ã“ã“ã«æ¥ã‚‹ã“ã¨ã¯ 誰ã«ã‚‚ 言ã£ã¦ãªã„ã ã‚ã†ãª アルス。 キーファー = Kifaa (Keifer) ã•ã¦ = sate (interjection meaning "now then" or "well then"), 㨠- not sure how the 'to' particle fits with sate here. http://japanese.about.com/library/weekly/aa121601a.htm one of these maybe? ã•ã¦ã¨â€¦ is probably just saying "now then" or "well then" to introduce the next sentence 今日 = kyou (today), ã‚‚ = add topic...? adds "today" as a topic to the sentence ã“ã“ = koko (here), ã« = context particle, æ¥ã‚‹ = kuru (to come), ã“㨠= koto, gerund particle (?), 㯠= topic particle ã“ã“ã«æ¥ã‚‹ã“ã¨ã¯ together seems to define "the coming here" as the main topic. 誰 = dare (anyone), ã« = context particle, ã‚‚ = add topic...? I think this adds "to anyone" to the topic 言ã£ã¦ = itte (to say-- te form, I don't fully understand te forms yet), ãªã„ = nai (negative verb ending), ã ã‚ㆠ= darou (colloq of deshou, meaning probably) 言ã£ã¦ãªã„ã ã‚ㆠtogether I suppose means "probably won't say" 㪠= masculine "right?" particle アルス = Arus, of course. So together my best guess for what Keifer is saying: "Well then... You won't tell anyone about coming here today, right Arus?" Which definitely makes sense in context. I'm not sure how ã‚‚ is used here since I thought it was supposed to be used for adding *additional* topics, not chaining together ideas into a single topic, but I suppose to a japanese mind "today" "to anyone" and "the coming here" could actually be three separate topics that are all being integrated into the idea of "probably won't say". I also took out the 'probably' in the final translation since while it makes sense logically it would sound weird in english. I'm also not sure how te forms work yet, so I might have missed something in the verb. Anyway, feel free to post more japanese and try to dissect it, ask for help translating things, or critique my translation of this message from dq7.
  14. Yeah, I was thinking that too. Though it doesn't make sense in a text file it might be slightly less unusual as part of a ROM where memory management is much less dynamic-- could be the target memory location, but I really hope it's not because that would make translating it REALLY difficult because we'd have to move around the game's memory allocations. If it's just a regular file container it could technically also be a timestamp but it doesn't really look like any timestamp I've seen. EDIT: Whoa. I just found a folder full of 'dat' files... with a readme.txt that says 出力ã—ãŸãƒã‚¤ãƒŠãƒªãƒ‡ãƒ¼ã‚¿ã‚’ä¿ç®¡ã™ã‚‹å ´æ‰€ in shift-jis. Maybe there's some other clues in here... EDIT2: No idea what this is http://i.imgur.com/rPxAbjB.pngbut it was in that folder with the readme. Maybe it's somehow referencing the fpt's or the txt files? EDIT3: Interesting. I just opened up #000000.fpt which seems like it should be the beginning, right? Well as I expected the very first entry is #3 {KEAFA}「ã•ã¦ã¨â€¦ã€€ä»Šæ—¥{2ãょã†}ã‚‚   ã“ã“ã«æ¥{1ã}ã‚‹ã“ã¨ã¯ã€€èª°{1ã ã‚Œ}ã«ã‚‚   言{1ã„}ã£ã¦ãªã„ã ã‚ã†ãªã€€{HERO}。 Which is the first message Keifer says at the beginning of the game (I recognized it). The {2...} and {1...} tags are apparently the Furigana-- basically 今日{2ãょã†} is saying "print these two kanji-- then above these 2 characters write kyou". What doesn't make as much sense is why it's numbered #3 or why the first txt file in #000000.fpt is called #000004.txt. Maybe I can find the corresponding leveldata file and see if any numbers match up.
  15. oops, I forgot to delete that... that was actually me cutting pieces out of the larger ones to see if they loaded right in notepad... EDIT: actually test is just a copy of #522000.fpt -- I was *going* to cut pieces out of it but didn't re-save it or something, idk even EDIT2: #001000.fpt is puzzling me right now-- it starts with 0bff96ea, then the next one is 0bca0ec6 and it increases from there. Other than that though it does look like it increases for the most part. Perhaps it could be some sort of ID number that the game uses to refer to each file? I guess the only real way to see for sure is to painstakingly step through the rom with Citra and see how it loads the first message file... sigh...
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