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  1. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CtVGKdAXgAAfW_L.jpg:large Does this count? ^^' I can't seem to post the photo itself... :/
  2. Guess it's my turn, huh? 1- "Here! How about this odd piece of seemingly useless stone tablet! Yes perfect!" -Said by Gracos V after he's spared by the heroes who were promised a valuable reward 2- "Animals can always tell when something's going to happen, you know. (sniff sniff) Yup! Something's definitely going to happen!" -Spoken by Ruff in party chat after talking to a farmer in Providence(Past) 3- "No creature is more powerful than the lion. And yet the puny tortoise lives longer than any other beast." -Spoken by an elder in Al-balad(Past) when shown the seal 4- "
  3. Finally saved the world in DQVII! Whew, that was just amazing! Guess it's on to the post-game content now!

    1. Toonadri


      Yep,DQVII is an amazing game and it's really a bless to have a DQ this god when DQIX was the last one

    2. ignasia


      Awesome, have fun taking on the bonus bosses.

  4. "Did you get the picture yet? This is really uncomfortab-ack!" *Thud*
  5. "What're you looking at? Never seen a gigantic dragon made entirely out of blocks before?"
  6. Yeah, I just wish they would've even acknowledged it at all, though right now Nintendo seems to be pretending it doesn't exist. Oh yeah, I think I saw something like that at some point too actually... though I was unaware that it was Arby's. Kind of bizarre. I guess that's true, that would've been kind of fun! Really anything would've been nice.
  7. Yeah, I do know that. And honestly, I think the main reason Nintendo didn't release a Samus 8-Bit Amiibo is because it wouldn't have much functionality with any Metroid games. The only Metroid game that's been released in the Amiibo's lifetime is Federation Force and it doesn't really have much you can do with Amiibo...
  8. Yeah, but that's still the only thing they did for Metroid's anniversary... comparing that to every Mario and Zelda anniversary is just... really unimpressive. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but that doesn't change the fact that for the most part Nintendo completely ignores the Metroid series. And that goes for Amiibo functionality too... the Metroid series has two Amiibo for Smash Bros and that's it.
  9. I was thinking it was because Nintendo seems to have forgotten she still exists.
  10. (Oh my gosh! Kudos to you! That definitely got a laugh from me!) "Ooh! I finally get my own game! And I even get to defeat Bowser all by myself! ...Or... apparently I can only defeat Bowser when he's already dead. Bummer."
  11. Ooh, nice one, Woodus! Thank you for ripping basically the only reason I actually watched the Nintendo Direct! Seriously though, thanks!
  12. "I wonder how my cowardliness can screw over me and big bro this time!"
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