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  1. So i went ahead and change my thief girl to sage. I put Spectacles on to make her a Wit personality to get good message during transformation. But now I'm not sure i should build her up with Wit, Vamp (Garter), or Princess (Golden Tiara)? Still want to know how books take effect in changing personality, since reading them doesn't change the personality title in the reader's status screen.
  2. Thank you much. I also would like to ask another question. I find Personality changing a bit complicated. Should i use books or accessories? I notice that when i use a book, the Personality in status screen doesn't change. Why? If i use accessories, the new Personality title is visible, but the thing is the accessories that gives the Personailty i want (like Garter for Vamp), only has little stat improvements compared to other accessories i could use, (which may make my characters end up in undesirable Personality instead). So which way should i do???
  3. I wonder when should i change my preist's and mage's class? Should i wait until i got all spells at 40? Or should i change at around 30 to other class first then change back later? I plan to change my thief to sage at around level 25 (very soon).
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