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  1. 20 is definitely not enough for the base game story. I don't remember exactly what the restrictions are on f2p are but I doubt there's any way to cheese through it with high level AI either.
  2. Version codes are definitely exclusive to each console. PC codes shouldn't work on any other platform.
  3. Dungeons are mostly done throughout the story and they aren't like traditional mmo dungeons where you go in kill a few bosses and get out. Think of them more like the dungeons you'd find in a single player JRPG. Also no raids. There are 8 man bosses but those are mostly related to the story as well, and they aren't that terribly difficult.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by the google translate bookmark thing but it would be insane for them to end support for Dragon Quest X with version 4, unless it's seriously dying at this point which I don't think it is. I mean they're bringing it to two new consoles this summer.. Version 4 definitely isn't the end of the story.
  5. No idea where or what it is, but it looks really cool.
  6. Doing a bit of grinding outside of town before I head into the waterfall cave.
  7. The fact that they are developing X for the PS4 seems like a good sign to me. The PS4 userbase is much much bigger in the west right? It seems like it wouldn't be worth it to throw it on the PS4 just in Japan. There is not and never was a doubt in my mind that we're getting XI.
  8. Only 1 mil my first time.. good thing I can do it again. Can you actually make alts in order to compete again or is it account bound?
  9. I'm still a bit confused about how it works. So you only get 12 total entries. Do you not get anymore after that? If so how can you make so much money.
  10. Quickness does have an impact on how fast your turns come.
  11. I thought the Slime race(9/14/16-9/29/16) at the Casino was an easy way to make gold(you get the gold after the event is over). No gold needed to enter the race. If you have 5 characters in your account you can enter 5 times. Within an hour or so I made 1500K in average. The next Slime race starts at (1/5/17-1/16/17) You will need Version 3 installed to enter the Slime Race. Is that 1500k as in 1.5 mil or did you mean to type 150k?
  12. I haven't seen anything recent discussing this, most of the posts are from two years ago. Obviously strong bosses and gate quests are one way, but what else can you do? Does crafting net you a decent amount of gold? In a lot of games crafting is more of a gold sink than something that makes you good money, at least until you've leveled it up quite a bit anyway. You can play the lotto, I got 500k from a slime general coin a few weeks ago, but obviously that's not very consistent and getting lots of lottery tickets is tough to do without an organized party. As it stands I can make about 50k a day between a few of the strong bosses and my gate quest but gear can cost quite a bit and you usually need more than one set, so gearing up at that pace would be very tough especially since I don't really play every day and when I do it's usually for two or three hours at a time.
  13. I believe you get a hat? It's not useful though. Someone else would have to confirm this it's been awhile.
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