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  1. The switch version is good. I like to use it while lying down in bed and grinding. The keyboard on the PC version is a plus although, awkwardly, you can add one to the switch. For easier VPN connectivity look up “open vpn router” on Amazon. For about $30 you can buy a wireless router which runs the vpn on it so you don’t have to mess with PC hotspots and the like. You just attach it to your primary router and you are set.
  2. Though I don't understand your applocal problems (I just set my whole system to Japanese) if I want to use the config, menu's etc., there are now 2 devices out that turn a PS4 dual shock or switch pro controller or switch joycons to x-input. The one I am using is called the Mayflash Magic NS adapter. I paired my Switch Pro controller to it and use it on my pc. The PC sees it as an Xbox controller. The other adapter is called the 8bitdo adapter. I recommend the mayflash one since people say there is no lag. I haven't tested a PS4 controller on it but it'll probably work without issues. B
  3. Unless you have a japanese 3ds, the switch eshop just takes japanese credit cards. You can buy the physical package if you can wait. It contains a download code for the japanese eshop. There is no physical catridge. Note to pay the monthly fee per month, most people pay with Japanese webmoney so you still have to deal with the transfer of digital currency. Square-enix only accepts Japanese credit cards.
  4. To check if the vpn is working. Connect via a phone or tablet, and google something like "where is my ip." If you are connected to a true Japanese vpn, geolocation should show you are in Japan.
  5. This is why I gave up on mhotspot. I don't even know if it's kept up to date with the latest Windows 10 releases. I remember running into similar issues. You just have to hope that someone who successfully uses it sees your post.
  6. A lot of people buy them digitally from play asia. If you do, use PayPal or another 3rd party billing service since I had an issue that was attributed to them by directly entering my credit card number. That tutorial looks okay if you have one of the routers mentioned. I love the mini-open vpn router I bought though. If you go the router route, I doubt you can use AWS. The way I have my open vpn router is that it connects directly with a wire to my main router but I only connect to it wireless when I want to use the vpn. Very convenient.
  7. I don't think there is a free trial going on now. It's 1000 yen a month. The good thing is that the PC and switch subscriptions are joined so you can use either of them freely. I like to play on the Switch while lying in bed. AWS is abt 12 bucks a month for me. VPN's are around $10 but are heavily discounted if you buy a contract. You will go online after the initial portion of the game at which point you will have to pay.
  8. The switch uses a wireless connection so if you buy an open vpn router, the vpn client runs on the router so you don’t have to use the pc as a hotspot with mhotspot. Those mini open vpn routers are like $35 so it isn’t too bad. It’s just that you need a subscription that can run $10 a month without a contract or alot cheaper if you do it yearly or the like. There is a tutorial here using AWS on the PC but it really isn’t suited for using with mhotspot since proxycap is used to route the connections to individual programs like dqx and doesn’t act like a vpn for the whole computer. If you tr
  9. You can use a program like mhotspot on a windows pc and redirect it to a vpn connection. This can be a little complicated. A bit easier solution is search Amazon for a "open-vpn router". The vpn software runs on the router and you don't need your PC on. It is pretty simple. And you can take these mini routers with you on your trips. You do need to buy a compatible vpn subscription for the router and load a config file for it. The one I have works with about 20 vpn companies. I just plug the router into my main router an away you go. For PC playing, I got used to using AWS so I use tha
  10. I put in a japanese address and use an American credit card on Amazon.co.jp for downloading DQ X and its upgrades. I never had an issue. But its possible if you do this, it can trigger an alert that you do not live in Japan but I never received one.
  11. The reason I got a one-time password dongle was to avoid password changing when on different networks. My switch version runs on a different VPN than my PC version. It would spam me with password change requests if I didn’t have a one-time password. My issue before was just dumb since I don’t type in my normal password much, I just forgot it.
  12. Never mind. Even though I use a one time password, I think my regular password was incorrect.
  13. I didn’t get any notices from squeare-enix but I can’t login now. It says everywhere that my password is incorrect. Even from the app.
  14. Yeah I don’t think they even sell the boxed version with the codes inside anymore. You just download for free from the online store and pay the monthly fee.
  15. If you want to use a one time password, the English smartphone app or a Final Fantasy 14 dongle will both work. They're universal for the games.
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