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  1. I'm okay with them experimenting with mobile releases to see if that increases their profit margin. I'm enjoying playing through the Loto/Erdrick trilogy on my older Android phone. I hate that they've skirted over some of the juicier Japanese releases of the past few years, like the Monsters remakes and DQVII for 3DS. However, I'm learning to live with it.
  2. Hi! I'm new to the Den! My friends call me K-Mart. I've been a Dragon Warrior fan since around Christmas of 1989, when my cousin got Dragon Warrior but didn't really get how to play it (I think he chucked the guide), so he loaned it to me. Despite seeing Dragon Warrior II and III in video stores, as well as print ads in EGM and Gamepro for III and IV, I didn't return to the series until I played Dragon Warrior I & II for Game Boy Color in 2000. Since then, I've acquired and played all of the main series games which have been localized. I have fond memories of visiting a lot of st
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