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  1. Sure. I'm curious if they rival Democrobot's suit. Demo: that came out pretty nice! For a while I wasn't paying attention to exactly what you were duct taping. Got it! Here are the photos I have at the moment. I still haven't gotten on of my pauldrons or with the whole suit together.
  2. I have just finished my female warrior armor cosplay for Anime North. I have pics of the painted armor if anyone wants to see them.
  3. This is correctIn Ontario about an hour from Toronto.
  4. Where you living?I live in Canada. I was from the states, but married a Canadian
  5. Wow, I'm so sorry. Haha no worries. Life just gets in the way sometimes.
  6. I just was approved to finally become an official permanent resident of Canada. I already have a job offer as soon as I have been given the ok to work. (Been in the process for almost 2 years) Then going to save up to move into our own place and hopefully pick up my cosplaying hobby a bit more when life slows down. (BTW almost finished with my DQ III female warrior costume) Other than that been missing playing dragon quest X...my sub ran out
  7. This has already been debunked several times. I don't see why people keep holding onto it. [emoji14]
  8. At this point I am unsure since I haven't been able to set up home pass, but from somewhere that I have read it let's you use other people's characters as party members when they are offline. No proof of this though yet
  9. That's friggin sweet! Thanks for letting me know that. I still would like to play the original version just have to find a copy that isn't outrageously priced
  10. Can anyone join? Even 3ds users?
  11. I love that game! I am a legendary wizard in it
  12. All my characters were hero class in end game. Godhand is a good class too. With hero class in the 3ds version when you master it you regen HP after every turn not sure about the psx one though.
  13. I will probably get the PC version next, but I like the 3ds version as well.
  14. I have had no issue with the 3ds version, but it may be because of where I live (Ontario, Canada) I haven't had to set my router to anything or had to get a vpn. Although, that doesn't seem to be the case for some people which is unfortunate.
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