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  1. Reading this thread now, Gabo is Ruff? I don't like this one bit, I might warm up to it tho (I may of not gotten too far in my DQ7 PS1 playthru but I felt attached to Gabo)
  2. I thought that was DQH2 there for a sec. But those demos have been there for pre-release DQH1. GS and Best Buy has them
  3. The king kinda looks like an a average DQ King but he has a charm to him so I like him. Looking at the protagonists tho, .... They look weird but I've warming up to them.
  4. The demo for me was verrrry fun. It's the funnest thing I've done so far this year. I did all the basic quests and thought that the abandoned houses in the 1st quest is a neat idea, something that Minecraft doesn't really have. Beating the dragon was hard tho since the hitbox on the dragon was terribly small. I'm working on a 2nd layer for my town. I don't really wanna do anymore work tho in case it gets announced for the west. Guess my guess of this getting localized announcement a day before Japan's release was wrong (aka how Heroes was announced for localization)
  5. I have to pay of my n3DS Pokemon bundle preorder 1st but I'll preorder any DQ and be Day 1 for any DQ to show support. Fav series of all time although I've put more time into Pokemon
  6. I have high hopes for an announcement at PSX this year since DQ7/8 are actually coming to the west. Builders/Heroes2 localization are prob my minimum expectations since they will have a low amount of text and Verendus on NeoGAF had said 5 DQ PS games are coming to the west. Heroes1 is one of them and Builders/Heroes2/10/11 are all the upcoming DQ PS games. Gio Corsi also does the 3rd Party Productions, so if SE is too lazy to localize like 7/8, TTP will most certainly step in. Yazuka 5 is coming this month to PSN thanks to him and Yazuka is way more niche than DQ. IColor me surprised if at lea
  7. I hope it's a May/June release so it can fill in that slot of the release schedule so it isn't a barebones summer.
  8. http://m.imgur.com/nbl7ldT Hopefully that wasn't just a robot sent email and someone actually read it.....
  9. I have emailed Phil Rogers at least 2 times in the past, but yesterday, I emailed him again and all of those in the Quest for the West campaign thread in the SE section. Took me probably half an hour to an hour to write up, but not too bad. I told him to get on the marketing marketing teams butts about DQ in the west and it not selling well, with referencing Nintendo's failure to market DQ6/Joker2 and them succeeding with western DQ9 sales. If SE wants to replicate DQ9 with DQ11 sales, then actually market the game.
  10. Can you get a picture with your username written somewhere on there? Sure http://m.imgur.com/ns6yUTK
  11. Hopefully I can still enter although I may be too late. http://m.imgur.com/CCsVWSz
  12. That's what builders 2 is probably gonna be if this does good
  13. Looks wayy better than minecraft and more cool
  14. He looks boring to me. DQ5-8 protagonist's were the better ones for me.
  15. I have no doubts that the PS4 version will come to the west, but not the 3DS version cuz the other 5 released games haven't come over. Hopefully Square realizes Nintendo can't do their dirty work for them and they have to localize themselves. Anyways........ Dragon Quest XI is a huge GOTY contender for me! It'll probably take the cake, but Uncharted 4, Horizon, Zelda U say otherwise. 2015 is the year of announcements and 2016 is the year of games. Next year is going to be good.
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